Born in a small town in South Carolina, Nick Grant discovered his passion for rapping early on in life and never looked back. The young MC isn’t like the new wave of Southern rappers that are finding success at the moment. There is no weird Auto-Tune effects or exaggerated drums in his music; it’s just straight bars. The 27-year-old lyricist takes his work seriously and it’s paying off in a big way.

“I might just have an idea or be inspired by something I saw, whether on TV or experience I seen someone else go through or I got through and I might write it,” Grant tells XXL. “Depends on what happens first. If I write it first and the beat comes or the beat comes and I write it. I might just have an idea and I write it in my phone or just open up a page and write it right there. I’m very technical with the rhymes, I like to write it down, and I’m a pen and pad type person.”

With his recent mixtape, 88, getting some major buzz, XXL got Nick Grant on the phone to talk about what he grew up listening to, meeting the CEO of Grand Hustle Jason Geter and his dream of being the best rapper of all-time.

Name: Nick Grant

Age: 27

Hometown: Walterboro, S.C.


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