Your a lightweight and OutSouth Kooley is heavy. Understand Mississippi is demanding respect right now. The intro to the tape is crazy and demands respect. “Everywhere” is really beating down the block and his flow is rapid fire migo. The next record “Double Up” sounds like something PeeWee Longway should be on. A lot of people are saying this record should be the single. One of my favorites are “Came In” talks about real life situations. Everyone loves that from the bottom come up. “Dying Breed” should motivate the real. Talking bout living that fast life is no joke. OutSouth Kooley has a radio banger I belive. The record is called “Simple” and its radio friendly. Shows OutSouth Kooley can create hits if needed. The females could vibe out to “All Day” featuring Underdog. Lets a female understand the risk a hustler takes everyday. Botom line this project is hands down good work. Deserves a lot more attention. How could I foget the record “Not The Same” sheesh its a banger. That beat makes you want to ride out. Let me stop, check out the entire project below.

“Fuck The Extras” is a green light as well.

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