Toronto, Canada rapper Kofi is putting on for his city in a major way. Coming off the release of his “IMY” single, he is taking his career to another dimension. Being one of the hottest rising stars in his city, he is making sure that his music survives outside of his hometown. This is by far Kofi’s best music to date as he showcases a more melodic side to his music.
On his latest single, the Toronto native unapologetically changes the current musical narrative while boasting a lyrical layup that’s uniquely reflects his signature sound. His unique tone of voice is reminiscent of the new aged rap craze sweeping the nation. “IMY” boasts a sonically inviting, and authentic sound, that speaks to Kofi’s inarguable talents. Some lyrics that stand out the most on this song include “girl ain’t nobody know what we been through, and I cant even front I miss you too, so when I’m running through these groupies I still think of you”.
One thing that give him an edge over the other rising rappers in Canada is his confidence. He let’s his fans know that he never has a problem with telling someone that he misses them. As Kofi continues to show the world why he is up next to blow, one thing that is for certain is that he is a superstar in the making.
Be sure to click here to stream his latest material “IMY”.

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