Shlick Smit and Joule$ sound hungrier than ever on this summer banger produced by the mastermind, whoisDRO. The track, called “iWantaChain”, is sure make you lose all your shame, drop everything and chase the money as fast as you can. Keep your eyes peeled for the video coming soon, shot by Evan Croker.

Shlick Smit:

Shlick Smit began his performing career in NYC, before relocating to the LA area in 2014. His versatile sound runs the gamut from soulful singing and catchy hooks to aggressive raps and high energy show tracks. He is currently touring to support the release of his debut LP, Together Alone. He has performed on stages in cities across the United States, including tour support in various cities on the west and east coast for The Palmer Squares. In addition to this, he has also been directly involved in booking and promoting shows since 2013, such as The Palmer Squares’ 2015 LA show which sold 300+ and their 2016 East Coast run which ended in a sold out Boston date.

On top of opening for The Palmer Squares numerous times, he has also opened for A.F.R.O, Wax, Felly, Mickey Avalon, Lyrics Born, Sahtyre and Kosha Dillz. These shows include performances at Los Globos, The Airliner, Saint Rocke and The Winchester. He started CyherLyfe in 2014, which is an online cypher community which links rappers all across the world through YouTube cyphers. Their cyphers have racked hundreds of thousands of views including entries from artists such as Term K and A.F.R.O. Shlick has also done numerous collaborations with these artists, collecting thousands of views online.


Joule$ roots to music go back to when he was just a toddler, drumming on pans with strips of hoses his dad would cut so he could beat on the cold lifeless metal his family used to cook meals and having fun doing so. This is just one of numerous amounts of early memories of his to when he first experienced manifesting sound and what you would call primitive music. Even though he was just a child, still quite young and probably wasn’t doing much of anything, he still values his roots. “You got to remember where it all started, for me it didn’t start with this genre. This passion for my art started with music as a whole” – Joule$. “I’ve been in music settings my entire life, for as long as I can remember. I love this shit with a passion” – Joule$.

The artist Joule$ has been around music his entire life; his father Manuel, was and still is a music engineer and composer as well. With that being said, Joule$ has always been around a recording studio environment which fed even more inspiration into chase this dream. “I feel like I make a lot of my dreams come true, so its like I’m never really dreaming, just living life everyday.” – Joule$. The movement Joule$ created is a movement that surrounds itself around the idea of conscious creation, the laws of attraction, shamanistic practices & healthy living. It also promotes the idea that we all carry a bit of god or universe inside us. “I feel like we all carry this energy that connects us all in and out of this world, this energy lives amongst all of us. I don’t believe in a higher being, I believe we are the higher being and consciously functioning or coexisting as one” – Joule$. From what his music entails, the artist believes in a higher power that exists in every human soul.

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