UpperGantEnt rapper Sinthro debuts the money hungry sounds of “Check Check” from the upcoming album, “U Wasn’t Wit Me In The Gym”.

Sinthoro is from Brooklyn, NY. Started rapping as a kid with his brothers performing in multiple talent shows an won Apollo twice. The Cousin of elite boxer Zab Judah who formed a record label called Super Cartel. With the label, Sinthoro opened major boxing events with his performances across the Country. While flourishing in the music industry, he ran into a trouble with the law, did a state bid.

Once home, the New Yorker created a number of mixtapes including “SinCity”, “Guilty of Sin”, “All the Way Thoro” and “Now or Never” under the direction of his brother’s group, Diamonds In The Dirt. Unfortunately there was another run in with the law that slowed the progression of Sin but once again he bounced back an created a label called Upper Gang Ent. Now with “Check Check” out, Sinthoro is looking to make 2018 his year.

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