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The Starkillers are back! From 2077, with their single ‘Are You Thinking of Me?’



They are on the top of the charts in their own time, and have traveled a long way from the year 2077 to bring back their first hit single from the future, “Are You Thinking of Me?”, for the generations before their time to enjoy. Reminiscent of the songs created by early 21st century bands The Arctic Monkeys, Foster The People, and Walk the Moon, “Are You Thinking of Me” is an extraterrestrial tune with upbeat instrumental hooks, larger than life vocals, and lyrics that scream deep meaning of the hardships of a toxic relationship.

Having collaborated with engineers Matthew Tryba and Brian “Nox” Eisner, this track is a brilliant contradiction of cheery tone and hard-hitting lyrics, sung by frontman Jon Omen with a fervently-buoyant melancholy that is sure to relate to anyone who has been in or around a bad breakup. “Are You Thinking of Me” explores the feeling of being in a one-sided relationship, and the realization that it might not survive. If there’s one thing that remained the same over the passage of time, it is the woes of a troubled relationship.

This is the first song of nine on their upcoming album, which explores the cycles of a toxic relationship – mixing complicated, emotion-driven lyrics with alt-pop beats and catchy hooks, each song building off the last. Purposeful lyrics meet with infectious melodies and engaging arrangements, elevating the new yet committed indie quartet as they ultimately embrace the alternative pop domain and live stages of the US and beyond. “Are You Thinking of Me” expresses that difficult time when you knew something wasn’t going to work out in a relationship, and the frustration that comes with that self realization.

The Starkillers are a band of four, clad in cyber-tech and futuristic wares, that weave their music and image with neon lights and intense riffs. They are from a dystopian future, from a planet much like our own. Blending cyberpunk flavors and futuristic themes, sounds and visuals, their music and overall image showcases the culmination of years of artistic allure and fascination for the relentless unknown. Stylishly blending hypnotic soundscapes with contemporary rhythms and outright immersive escapism, The Starkillers hit the space with a dreamy twist of contemplation and faultless musicianship at the heart of their performances. Backed by the intensity and grit of an authentic live rock approach, layering organic guitars, bass, vocals and rhythms alongside skillfully unique production, the band promise a refreshing spin on the current sound of independent music.

They are beginning to play shows throughout our year of 2022, that are sure to be a stellar display of great performances and catchy music. They are currently preparing for their debut performance, set for September 22nd, as well as getting more of their songs ready for the time leap from the future to later this year and early 2023.






Marco Pavé Debuts “Lifted” With Hosting LaRussell At GU




Closing out September’s Self Improvement month, well-known speaker and recording artist Marco Pavé shares his debut song as he is announced as Georgetown University’s first residential hip hop artist. In a lecture powered by G.U.’s Lecture Fund & Critical Frequencies, the Memphis-based community leader hosted an intimate conversation with the Vallejo rap act at ICC Auditorium with indie star LaRussell. The two discussed a variety of topics like being independent, today’s Hip-Hop, social media, and the power of positive thinking.

“Since I was 22 years old, I have been speaking at colleges and universities about the power of Hip Hop,” says Pavé. “My residency at Georgetown is a natural progression for my brand. It is an incredible platform that allows me to continue my creative work while also providing a platform for me to showcase other artists in my network.”

Bringing on LaRussell as a special guest for the fire chat was to educate students on the ups and downs of being an independent artist in today’s music.

He further explained: “Case in point, me bringing LaRussell for a discussion about the climate of the culture and the pitfalls as well as joys of being an independent artist. To do that and then turn around and be able to put out a record of my own immediately after because I’m in complete control of my art is my version of living the dream. I originally made #Lifted as a reflection on my life. At 19 or 20, I had my forklift license because that was the best job you could have at the warehouse I was working at, and I was still broke and depressed because that’s not what I wanted for myself. It’s a song of remembrance, of the hard times but also a song of endearment to keep rising up from wherever you started.”

“Lifted” is a catchy debut that showcases Marco Pavé’s charismatic personality, undeniable star power and impressive lyrical abilities. It’s the perfect origin point for newfound fans.

“Lifted” is produced by Manté Carlo. For everything LaRussell, click here.

A brief background on Marco Pavé, born Tauheed Rahim II, he’s a two-time TEDx speaker who spoke on art patronage and entrepreneurship at the inaugural TEDx Memphis in 2015. As a recording artist, Marco has new music on the way, which includes a full-length project.

Hear the new song below, and afterward, follow Marco Pavé on social media.

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Meet Beezy Franchise! @Beezyfranchise



Meet upcoming artist, Beezy Franchise! Beezy Franchise personifies what quality music is all about. Being harnessed as “Tha Franchise,” he peaks in just about every area of the music game. Being an R&B vocal powerhouse, a witty and multi-dimensional Mc/lyricist, a phenomenal songwriter, and a top-notch producer distinguishes this title.

Hailing from South Bend Indiana, Beezy started singing at the age of 3 and hasn’t stopped. He and his family recognized his voice and ear for music was special early on, and he began to sing in his church’s adult choir at the age of 9. As time progressed, he was introduced to hip-hop and fell in love with it. At the age of 16 is when Beezy began producing music and fell in love with that as well. Some of his biggest and most proud accomplishments is to have produced a record for national R&B recording artist Vedo titled “No More,” as well as dropping his latest single featuring Empire R&B artist T-Rell titled “Hittin.”

Beezy has musical versatility like no other in the game. He has the ability to make you cry with a beautiful ballad, get you hyped and amped up with fiery lyricism, and produce and write for just about every genre of music. There is no limit to his musical capabilities. He does it all! And, he does it the best. Beezy Franchise has a superior and top-notch sound that is relevant and proves to be timeless in an ever-changing music game and he is much needed. Listen to Beezy Franchise:

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(Album) 38 Spesh – 7 Shots @iamspesh



New Project From 38 Spesh “7 shots”. Upstate New york has been making heavy noise in last few years with Griselda leading the way! 38 spesh been holding it down for Rochester NY and contiues to show the industry why he is one of one with the barz game! Now spesh Drops new Project “7 shots” with features from Freeway, Ransom and more! Check it out!

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