Underground Chronicles: Windy 2Da Indy’s ‘Killer Talk’ Defines Midwest Rap Authenticity



Venture into the heart of underground hip hop with Windy 2Da Indy, a duo deeply rooted in the streets of Chicago and Indianapolis. Their latest track, “Killer Talk,” is a testament to their dedication to preserving and defining authentic Midwest rap. Dezel and Peru Brigante, drawing from over 14 years of experience, craft a track that embodies the raw, unfiltered essence of the underground scene.

“Killer Talk” serves as a chronicle of Windy 2Da Indy’s commitment to staying true to their roots. The track’s lyrical prowess, coupled with its aggressive yet articulate delivery, captures the essence of the streets they call home. The duo’s ability to infuse a Midwest twist into every beat and verse offers a genuine, unadulterated experience of the underground hip hop culture. With each lyric, Windy 2Da Indy sets a new standard for authenticity, solidifying their place as torchbearers of Midwest rap in the underground chronicles of the genre.

The record is currently spinning exclusively on Power 107.6 The Truth & The Hype 87.3.

Stream the record for yourself on YouTube –



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