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Vocalist pays homage to Daniel Craig with latest single.



NYC vocalist TRAEDONYA! Aka ‘’ the Bride of new funk’’ pays homage to actor Daniel Craig with her latest release Naked Space. This is Mr. Craig’s last time as James Bond. The song will be used as part of a social media campaign to salute and hopefully cajole Mr. Craig to come back to the role one last time.

TRAEDONYA! is a jazz school dropout and music industry stalwart who created a song that is tailor made for a Bond movie. I love me some Daniel Craig. I will miss him for sure! I had this song and I said why not. I hope people hear and see the connection. Says TRAEDONYA!
The social media campaign is based on the #saluteDanielCraig and to create a movement to bring him back one more time as Bond. The song is very Bond like and projected to give this campaign a credible impulse. Check out the links below.

Please follow the artist on Spotify and add the song to your personal playlist.

Audio Video:

Please spread the hashtag #salutedanielcraig

You can follow TRAEDONYA! And say what’s up below:

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Faith Walker Self-Titled Album & Aint Ez Video



faith Walker-CD-cover-FINAL-min-min (1)

TAOT Recordings and R&B vocalist Faith Walker announce the release of her highly anticipated self-titled album. The 11-track project features her critically acclaimed single “Head in the Clouds” with Ray Robinson along with a selection of seasoned producers including Joebi-Wan, J. Forgione, Black Orchid, R. Brown, Cylla, A. Thomas, Neccoy and DJ Goffe of Audiotraxx, Marcus Kane, Nick Iden, and O. Tukai.

Watch the official video for “Head in the Clouds” here on YouTube

faith Walker-CD-cover BACK-c101-changes-min

The album encompasses the strength of Faith and invites listeners and fans into her personal journey as a survivor of cancer, toxic relationships, and most importantly her pillar of resilience. It’s Faith’s purpose to share this album throughout communities and embark on a mission to educate the youth on the importance of hope, standing up for what you believe in, as well as creative expression.  “While I aspire to inspire, this album is my proudest accomplishment.”

Stream ‘Faith Walker’ and watch the latest video of the album. In “Aint’ Ez” Faith brings her audience into a realm she knows far too well of hospital beds, grief-stricken loved ones, and sadness. But her heartfelt vocals and chilling melodies speak volumes on beating the odds even after only given two days to live…

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Rapper T-Divinci Gets Vulnerable With New Single “I Miss You”



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Meet T-Divinci — an upcoming rapper based in Inglewood, CA that you need to know. She just released a new single called “I Miss You,” which is an upbeat anthem that displays T-Divinci’s skills as a rapper who can really flow.

She’s not afraid to let her audience see her vulnerable side — staying authentically her throughout each project that she puts out. In her new track “I Miss You,” for example, T-Divinci raps about how she feels to a love interest. She also talks about her life as a former trap girl and what life in the streets was like.

“It’s just basically me being my cocky self and trying express how I how I feel to a love interest,” she said.

In one of her most impressive releases to date, “I Miss You,” serves as a great introduction to what she is capable of. Her flow is distinctive and can be described as a unique blend of Tupac and Kanye West meeting Lil Kim.

T-Divinci (who’s name is inspired by Leonardo Divinci), says that her main goal is to be the “greatest female rapper of all time.” She also wants to top the Billboard charts one day and successfully run her own record label. Her plans for becoming a staple in music history are large and she’s just getting started.

You can stay up to date with her at @tdivinci.

Check out her latest single “I Miss You” out now on all platforms.

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