1. Whats going on man let the people know who you are and where you from?

My name’ s Chulo, and I was raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was born in Manhattan New York and moved to North Carolina with my Mom and Sister when I was 3 years old. I come from a very artistic family

2. How long you been an artist?

I wrote my first rap at the age of 12. Because I’m such a private person writing raps became my outlet and gave me a voice to show the world who I am. I started to take my rap skills seriously around the age of 17, when I started doing local shows with a group I was in at the time called “D-Boyz”.

3. I see you got nice lil freestyle out with the visual do you have any more new material in store?

Yea I have a lot more in store. I’m really just spoon feeding the people to get them listening. And once I have their ear I’m going to open the flood gates. Be sure to check out www.chustory.com for more material

4. I see Dj Dave Dolla cosigning you is that your personal dj?

Dj Dave Dolla is a good friend of mines, who just wants to see me win. As of now we’ve just been conversing about music and where we see my career going in the future. We’ve discussed the idea of him being m

5. What kind of artist are you? Is it safe to say you fall in backpack rapper category?

To be honest I don’t put myself in any category, because when you do that it says you have limitations. I don’t feel there are any limits to what I can do with my music. It’s hard for people to really grasp what type of artist I am as of now because I’m so versatile, but as time goes by I think they’ll understand.

6. Whats next for chulo?

Next I plan on releasing my mixtape entitled “Attention Please”. It’s full of all original music, which took me some time to create. Judging from the response I get from everyone who’s heard it, it should be received well. In the mean time I am also releasing the pregame mixtape, which was a compilation of freestyles.

7.How would you say you progress since you first start recording to now?

My ear for creating music has evolved a great deal. I’ve gotten a lot better at telling which records to continue working on and which ones to leave unfinished. When I first started recording I didn’t really have direction on where I wanted my music to go. Now that I have a vision I believe I critique myself more than an

8.North Carolina HipHop scene how do you feel about it?

Regardless of where you are I feel like a movement is only as good as the people that support it. Even though the Hip Hop scene is growing, I don’t feel like we support our rising artists as much as we should. That is why our artists always have to go somewhere else to become popular first, which I think is crazy.

9. Do you think record executives want to invest heavy money in the artist from here?

Due to North Carolina’s reputation of not always creating the best quality music, I think record executives might look down on our artists, which is why we don’t get offers from any major labels. That fact is why the artists, myself included, have a responsibility to make the best music possible.

10. Do you think you can make it out of here? Or do you think you have to go the j Cole route and switch markets to get to that next level?

I think it’s always lucrative to venture out into other markets. As of now I can’t say which route is going to be best for me, I guess that book is still being written.

11. Moving forward how much are we going see from Chulo in the future?

I plan on everyone seeing as much of me as possible. I’m going to put out so much good music that even if people are skeptical at first, I’ll be so relevant that they’ll have to pay attention.

12. Let the people know your contacts how they can get in contact with you.

If you want to contact Chulo for features, shows, etc. You can contact J&T Management by emailing artistbooking@jandtmanagement.com , or calling 919.473-3797.

13. I see you doing your thing as young upcoming artist much success to you and stay in contact with us onthesceneny
I appreciate the love and you supporting my whole movement. Much love

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