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Carly Peeters – Stuck On A Feeling



Carly Peeters

Carly Peeters accomplishes more at age 17 than most
people three times her age

LOS ANGELES, CA – Prepare to be impressed by Carly Peeters. At only age 17, the young pop star and current reigning Miss Teen International has already acted in major television shows like “Grey’s Anatomy,” has created her own nonprofit organization raising tens of thousands of dollars to help underserved children in third world countries, and is now getting ready to take the music industry by storm with a new single that is going to give the likes of Ariana Grande and Katy Perry a run for their money.

The single is called “Stuck on a Feeling,” and is currently available on all digital distribution sites. It’s an upbeat pop track that will immediately hook the listener and is ready made for radio. The chorus is catchy and has a hook that can’t help but beg the listener to play it over and over again. And with relatable lyrics and a smile that goes a mile, Peeters’ new song is sure to be America’s next big hit.

“This song is super upbeat and it really reflects who I am as a person because I’m very happy outgoing,” Peeters said. “I am an optimist and tend to focus on the silver-lining of things. This song was inspired from when I was stuck on this high that you get from being in a with someone, even though everyone else in my life was telling me it was a terrible . Everyone has had that relationship that you’re so in love with the other person, audio, Featured Music Artist, hip-hop, Music Track, Music Video, Music Videos, new music, SoundCloud, Upcoming Artist, Video audio, Featured Music Artist, hip-hop, Music Track, Music Video, Music Videos, new music, SoundCloud, Upcoming Artist, Video even though you know it’s bad for you. This song talks about that in a super upbeat way with a audio, Featured Music Artist, hip-hop, Music Track, Music Video, Music Videos, new music, SoundCloud, Upcoming Artist, Video audio, Featured Music Artist, hip-hop, Music Track, Music Video, Music Videos, new music, SoundCloud, Upcoming Artist, Video really driving beat that leans toward an EDM feel.”

Originally from Hawaii, Peeters is an actress and singer with a passion for giving back to her community. She moved to Los Angeles for her music, but along the way made a detour into acting and pageantry. She’s been on “Grey’s Anatomy” and “A Cowgirl’s Story” with Chloe Lukasiak and Bailee Madison. Peeters is also the reigning Miss Teen International and created a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization called Literally Literacy, which promotes literacy and raises money to combat illiteracy in third-world countries. Recently returned from a trip to the Philippines, she worked with Yellow Boat of Hope to bring resources to disadvantaged children remote islands. And she’ll be leaving for Haiti in June to help build a school there.

I founded Literally Literacy because I believe literacy is the means to break the chains of poverty,” Peeters said. “Someone who is literate and hopefully more educated will understand the world around them better and make better choices for themselves and their families. I want to provide ways to help them get educated, like building a school. I’ve always loved volunteer work and being involved in my community. With all the acting and Instagram followers I’ve developed I know how important it is to truly be a positive role model. I have aplatform for different people and different cultures to look at me, and it’s important to me to use that platform to highlight a cause that I believe in and which will make the world a little better.”

So … are you impressed yet?

To listen to Carly Peeters’ music or to follow her on social media, please visit:
“Stuck on a Feeling”



VOICES Share New Doc & Soundtrack ‘Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom’




VOICES is a community that discusses, develops, and distributes resources by Black Christian content creators for communities of color. Today — in support of the brand’s new historic documentary — the brand shares the original motion picture soundtrack, titled Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom. A 13-song collection that echoes the truth and revelation of how the recently recognized federal holiday Juneteenth came to be. The project features previously released singles “Where Do We Go,” and “Black As Heaven,” and a-list features from hip hop’s biggest names such as Lecrae and Propaganda, who appear on a new posse cut “Black Reconstruction.”

The documentary’s synopsis is as followed:

Uncover the deep spiritual significance of America’s newest federal holiday with pastor Rasool Berry in “Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom,” a new documentary film presented by the Our Daily Bread Voices Collection and Our Daily Bread Media.

Learn how Scripture inspired the faith of enslaved people, travel to the church where America’s first Juneteenth celebration took place, and uncover why newly liberated men and women credited God for their freedom.

With special guests Ms. Opal Lee, Lecrae, and more, you’ll journey to Galveston, Texas to discover a faith stronger than suffering.

Take a look at the documentary below.

The doc paired up with popular music outlet Rapzilla to spread the film’s awareness, with curator Rasool Berry stating:

“The first celebration of what has become known as Juneteenth took place at a church in Galveston, and I discovered that people who were closest to it understood their emancipation on spiritual terms. To really understand that story, we need to grasp their perspective on their own emancipation. The church is where the story starts, but that’s not where the faith component ends. The role of the Black church in establishing communities was really vital, I discovered.”

Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom: A Documentary from @Our Daily Bread Voices Collection is directed by Ya’Ke Smith.

After the listen, feel free to check out more of VOICES via social media.
Check out the full project below.

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East Coast Rapper Helly Way Has “One Eye Open” In New Single



VA native by way of Smyrna, Delaware, Helly Way is one of the hottest rising rappers on the east coast. Coming from a long list of musicians, songwriters and singers, he is the grandson of legendary music copyist Samuel Herman who came up in a group with Quincy Jones. Determined to rebuild his family’s legacy that was lost, he began creating music at the tender age of 16 and never looked back.

Heavily influenced by Pharrell, Timbaland, DJ Premier, The Lox, Mobb Deep, Meek Mill Lil Wayne and Andre 3000, he began creating an original sound that cannot be duplicated. As he returns to the music scene with a hot new single titled “One Eye Open”, he is setting the streets ablaze with this release.

Wanting to give his fans something special to vibe out to all summer, “One Eye Open” serves as the first single off of his highly anticipated Scriptures EP. On this single you will hear Helly Way speaking his truth like never before, allowing listeners to get a more intimate look at the obstacles he has to overcome in order to achieve stardom. With grungy, original vocals, mixed with his raw truth telling, he is carving out his own lane in the music industry.

He is putting on for Virginia and Delaware in a way that the world will tap into very soon. Press play below to stream Helly Way’s “One Eye Open” single and give this rising rap star a chance.

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Corey Hales Shares New Visual “Cool It Down”




Massachusetts Corey Hales serenades guests at a backyard boogie by the pool in the new visual for his latest single “Cool It Down.” In the Caleb Edens-directed visual, Hales blends various genres with his soulful R&B vocals over classical instrumental and pop-folk vibe. As the days turn to night in the latest visual, Hales’ performance certifies him as an artist-to-watch as we wined down 2022.

Hales on the making of “Cool It Down”: “I bought a mustang and was living on my own for the first time in Charleston, but on a cruise home from my Monday gig I was left thinking about this girl I had just met at the show. I think we all have those moments in our head where we map out everything we wish we said to someone and that’s exactly when the record was born. It’s also the first song I had written as a newly single person after a 5 year relationship, so it’s my personal favorite because all of my memories associated with the song are still super fun and positive.”

“Cool It Down” prepares for the release fo the artist’s highly-anticipated upcoming album, coming soon. “Cool It Down” is available on all DSPs via CAH Music/Foundation Media. Stream it here. Want more Corey Hales? Follow the rising star on social media for up-to-the-minute news.

You may watch Corey Hales’ new video for “Cool It Down” below.

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