I Born x Junior Reid – Frontline



Influenced by hip hop and the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths at a young age, Mount Vernon native I Born began his journey to be one of the greats. Ignited with a vengeance to succeed, I Born caught his second wind and teamed up with reggae legend Junior Reid. Together, they have pieced a classical masterpiece of real hip-hop that’s been highly anticipated and is now ready for the world to hear. 

“The record with Junior Reid came about through Rsonist from the Heatmakerz,” I Born explains. “While at the studio, Rsonist was making the beat and I walked in on it and was like ‘yo what’s that!’, but he didn’t complete it so after recording Look What I’ve Become, I asked him if he ever finished the beat, so Rsonist played it and he said a Reggae artist would be fire on the song. I was a fan of Junior Reid and told Rsonist if could he link me with him, and a day later, he had a number. Junior Reid and I spoke, I sent him the beat and he sent the vocals back in 20 minutes. The rest is history.”

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