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[NEW MUSIC] INDIAN TRAP – “Loop Around” | @IndianTrap




Indian Trap is back with his new single Loop Around with Tyeler
Reign featuring Chris Scholar

Loop Around is a blend of traditional Indian and Punjabi sounds mixed with R&B, Hip-Hop, and Trap music to create an entirely new experience for listeners. Chris Scholar brings his signature R&B flavor, while Tyeler Reign, winner of Season 5 of LifetimeTV’s The Rap Game, brings her iconic flow.

In addition to the hot new track, Indian Trap is also launching the #LoopAroundChallenge, a global movement in collaboration with DanceOn. This company helped launch the “Whip/Nae Nae” dance craze.

“I wanted to create something to bring the whole world together. Music unites people of all cultures.” ~iNDIAN TRAP

Indian Trap, Chris Scholar and Tyeler Reign will be donating a portion of proceeds to the United Nations and their agencies to help make the world a better, more unified place. After the 7-week #LoopAroundChallenge, 20% of the proceeds will be donated to UN Women. They’re the global champion for gender equality, working to develop and uphold standards and create an environment in which every woman and girl can exercise her human rights and live up to her full potential.

You can be a part of the #LoopAroundChallenge by learning the hook step dance move and adding your own flair to the choreography.

Watch the official DanceOn class video here, choreographed by celebrity choreographer Kumari Suraj.











(Audio) IamkeyNotes – HFD @IAmKeyNotes



One of the most streamed and buzzworthy artists in the R&B/hip-hop landscape today, Portsmouth, VA native IAmKeyNotes. With more than a dozen releases, he’s adding another to the cascade of hits with his latest single, “HFD.”

The impressive track “HFD” is filled with rhythmic arrangements fused with Hip Hop production. The track is overflowing with IAmKeyNotes clever wordplay and undeniable charisma, ‘HFD’ is filled with melodic piano loops and enticing vocal performance from IAmKeyNotes that will leave fans hitting repeat over and over!

Enjoy the new track “HFD” available now on all your favorite streaming platforms! Stay tuned for more to come, because IAmKeyNotes is locked & loaded with content ready to be released!

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MarleyFrmDaBush – Take It Easy (Official Audio)



Let’s get it! Sauce Alert! You know I had to bring this to OTSY! Another hot new joint from New York’s very own MarleyFrmDaBush. It’s like this joint is 10x better since it came out! He really in his bag getting comfortable with his sauce! This is just what we needed, something for the females. Since his EP “Never Left”, he’s just been working & cooking up that sauce as always! The joints he be dropping letting us know, he can make music outside of just drill music. The rising Brooklyn artist Marley talk that talk when he jump on beats! His latest is a new joint “Take It Easy” which sampled DaniLeigh’s “Take It Easy” & he straight bent this! We don’t hear a lot of music for the ladies so you know we had to. We seeing him different light and how good he really is. Definitely not your ordinary New York artist. Marley don’t be in the mix unless it’s time for pressure. A very versatile artist right here, Just how he move on the beat sometimes, it’s like he running with it.

If you like drill beats, you definitely gonna love this. This joint will have you head rocking but you listening to him talk smooth as he effortlessly rides the beat. As a new artist, he’s definitely kicking some doors in. This so happens to be one of my favorite songs right now. That beat was too fire. It’s the summer & this joint definitely set the vibes for the night. Right now, you can tell Marley is in his own lane musically & with so much more in the stash makes me anxious how he about to come. I like artists who can just give you the real but also can give you straight sauce quick! You don’t know what he got next but you know it’s that sauce! This joint is definitely in the playlists. No cap in his rap & he is who he say he is! Stay tuned in with him!

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Big Moose – Rydaa (Shot by @Gwop Digital )



Sauce Alert! This energy right here is just different!. The emerging artist Big Moose really a 1 of 1 when it comes to this music stuff. He really just doing what he do & that’s straight smash everything! Emerging New Jersey artist Big Moose just elevating with every banger he drop. He been on his bully since the year came in. He just released some new visuals for his latest single “Rydaa”. Moose stepped on all on this completely. He sampled The Hip Hip Icon DMX’s “Ruff Ryder” anthem & went bananas on it. Making hot music is something he’s very good at. Almost every joint you get from him, is some pressure. This had to hit the blog & I’m late because It’s been on repeat since it dropped. His elevation, grind & work ethic really been something to watch since he jumped in the game. Moose really show up every time & handle business!

He’s just been showing us why he been that guy! Moose got Jersey on on his back right now when it comes to rising artists! He always giving us nothing but sauce, CONSISTENTLY! He been holding the culture down musically. With New Jersey in kind of a limbo for a sound, he always had his lane but can jump in any lane he want. Jersey on a drill club wave & that’s cool but the streets need Moose. This joint gone have you rocking like no other! You felt the energy watching or just hearing this. His catalog already dope & he just keeps adding to the sauce. He’s dropping some quality sauce right now. Not too many artists or rappers can talk like this & it’s REAL. Make sure you’re tuned in with him on social media (@BigMoose280). As I said before, it’s only getting better as he go. One of the hottest, LITERALLY! That Sauce as usual! You Know It’s in the playlist. His sauce just different! Once he turn up, IT’S OVER!

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