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Hip Hop Icon Warren G produces new hit “Modern Hyroglyphics” for rising star Dajon Michaels @DajonMichaels



(Long Beach, CA) – National recording artist Dajon Michaels is releasing his new single “Modern Hyroglyphics” produced by iconic west coast artist, Warren G. Warren G brings that classic G-Funk synth and bassline to Dajon’s confident delivery.

Hieroglyphics were a way ancient civilizations described what was going on around them and the same thing is happening in the hood with graffiti. “Modern Hyroglyphics” is about maneuvering through the city by reading the writings on the walls.

“To me the song means reality”, says Dajon. “I think the song is definitely a reality for so many of us and it’s something a lot of people will be able to relate to if they grew up in this type of environment.”

When asked about Warren G’s contribution to hip-hop, Dajon says, “Warren G means a lot to hip-hop. He was part of laying down the foundation to storytelling and keeping it authentic, especially for us in Long Beach. He’s definitely an OG & somebody well respected in the game.”

Dajon Michaels is a rising star on the west coast. He’s been recording new music and currently a Firefighter in Long Beach, California. Warren G, is an American rapper and record producer who, aiding the G-funk sound, assisted West Coast rap’s 1990s ascent. With seven Top 40 hits including the 1994 hit single “Regulate,” featuring the late Nate Dogg, Warren G solidified his status as a hip-hop icon.

Watch the Official lyric video below and Stream/Download “Modern Hyroglyphics” now via VIP Records/Empire distribution at

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I’m Good – R.O. Hutch ( @ROHutch919 )




I’M GOOD prod Loso Corleone


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T the Pharaoh Releases New Video For “In The Morning”




T the Pharaoh is what happens when you add melodies to any vibe and put them in the studio together. Though this year has been very tough for many, Pharaoh refuses to let it slow him down. Through the troubles of the corona saga, racial injustice, and environmental terror, T the Pharaoh has kept his eyes on the prize and used this time to focus even harder on his music. Born in Cameroon Africa, T has had a long history with music ever since elementary school. In his youth, T moved between instruments, exploring the sounds of the viola, clarinet and alto sax, but eventually rediscovered his passion for singing and performing when he joined choir.

“Music was always something that came naturally. I never really understood the rules or theories too much, I just needed to hear how something was supposed to sound and mimicked it in my own style” – T the Pharoah

T the Pharaoh (aka the Prince of the World, Tuunge, or T) fell in love with making music during his freshman year of college. He started out by making beats and slowly began engineering his own vocals. At only 22 years old and three years in the game, T the Pharaoh can already boast three successful projects and a brand new music video. His first being Pharaoh Files, which was released on August 22nd 2019. Within his first project was his song “indecisive” which made its way onto the Lyrical Lemonade playlist, a large music network based in Chicago that has worked with the likes of Juice Wrld and Ski Mask the Slump God. The song, as well as the entire project made it on the playlist for about a month. Since then, T the Pharaoh has also released a valentines day EP titled CounterHeart in 2020, and his most recent project “Pharaoh Files 2”, which was released an exact year after Pharaoh Files. With these three projects, “T” has been able to span 60+ countries and has had the opportunity to work with a few artists throughout the states. Some being from Madison, such as his group the young vets. And others from as far away as Florida, such as DirtyFace Harry; a Savannah GA born artist raised between Atlanta and savannah. This showcases his ability to network and truly work with anyone, despite still being a full time college student with hardly any blood family in his state. Come December he will be competing at the Arts International in Orlando FL.

All in all, T the Pharaoh is an artist with many capabilities and dreams that’s quickly climbing the charts. From working to become the face of Madison WI, to his goals of owning a global recording label fluid enough to work with all kinds of artists, T the Pharaoh is truly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Here’s his new record, “In The Morning” produced by Zeke, below:

Official Website:
Instagram – KingTuunge

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