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Japanese Stick – Mr. Red Carpet @MrRedCarpet_





Mr. Red Carpet ain’t waiting on no lines, he’s walking straight up to the front.

A native of Fayetteville, NC, Mr. Red Carpet came on the scene in 2020 and stole the show. His high energy performances have the streets buzzing, while he continues to grind and build up momentum, releasing the EP, “Stamped And Sealed” in 2020 and then thereafter the Single Smash Hit, “Japanese Stick.” The fans and promoters are taking notice.

Mr. Red Carpet’s Smash Hit Single, “Japanese Stick”, got the trenches going crazy saying “I ran up a bag in jail, they wanted me bad to fail. I had to run’em down with the stick, he ain’t have a chance to tell…When you talk to me, talk with respect. This Japanese Stick leave a mess….” Mr. Red Carpet is talking that talk, determined to prove his doubters wrong and get his weight up in the music game.

Most recently Mr. Red Carpet toured with Ugly Money Neichi after winning their Ugly Money Showcase. Soon after, Mr. Red Carpet won the Moss Fest in Tampa, Florida, the I Wanna Tour showcase in Fayetteville, NC and Memphis rap star, MoneyBagg Yo’s Breadgang Tour Talent Search beating out 500 other artists! Mr. Red Carpet just released the new EP entitled the same as his Smash Single Hit, “Japanese Stick” which can be found on all platforms.

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Xandi – “What’s the Move”




Today Houston newcomer Xandi delivers her new single, “What’s The Move,” accompanied by a sultry music video, directed by David Nguyen of Ox Pictures.

Adopting a flipped script from the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, Xandi and her counterpart enact the classic story set in the romantic and exotic Garden of Eden. 

But the fabled story has a twist on it. Adam, as opposed to Eve is the one eating the forbidden fruit in Xandi’s flirtatious version of this classic story.

“I love the 90’s and 2000’s music so What’s the Move is a throwback to that sound. This song reminds me of an innocent vibe like when I was younger and I would like a guy. Like it was that butterfly-puppy love. So it’s a song basically just saying it’s your move, the move is on you. I believe in chivalry and all that, but sometimes the guy really needs to step up and be like, ‘This is what we’re gonna do,’ or ‘I want to be with you.’”

Despite those sentiments, Xandi is proud to have a voice for women, as Xandi hopes that her music speaks to women from all walks of life and backgrounds, and that it comforts them in times of heartbreak. 

Says Xandi“My music is saying the things that we’re all thinking as women.  We don’t all have the same views or thoughts as women, but there’s some mutual ground somewhere within us and that’s what I really want to speak on. My music is about getting through things and actually speaking on getting out of love. There’s songs about love and being heartbroken, but there aren’t songs about getting to the other side of things.”

Singing and acting in this video comes second nature to Xandi as she has dreamed of a career in music since she was eight. First starting out acting in plays and theater Xandi ultimately decided she wanted to step in the recording booth and become a star as an artist, not an actress. 

“I’ve been singing my entire life, like since I was in preschool.  I have one of those stories, like I literally have been singing my entire life. Around maybe 8 I really got into theater. I was focused on acting, and that allowed me to be an actress at first and it helped me develop so many skills that I need to be successful as an artist,” Xandi explained  

“I was acting and doing musical theater, like doing little plays and musicals. And then when I was about 13, I realized I wanted to be a singer. Not like act and sing, being in just musicals, I wanted to be a star. I wanted to be a singer and so I actually started recording when I was 13.”

Born to a family that was in the entertainment and nightlife industry Xandi’s parents were club owners, so she was raised around people in music and the entertainment industry. 

“They opened their club I think it was about 2008 or 2010, so that’s another reason why I love being an entertainer and just being around people and music, because my parents were in the club business,” Xandi said. 

Beyond her aspirations to make good music, Xandi knows the huge role music plays and how it helps people during mental health crises and other situations. 

“Right now it’s more about me becoming who I feel like I want to be.  I feel like I am truly meant to be an artist. I feel like I’m supposed to create and help people through my music. I want my music to help them get along with life. I’m a big mental health advocate, so I want the music to be where people turn up and have fun. That’s part of healing, having fun and having a good time.”


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Lexisnothere – Passages (Official Music Video)



Chicago native, Lexisnothere, is constantly seeking to elevate and expand his musical capacity and abilities. With over 10 years of growth and commitment under his belt, the results speak for themselves. Having attained 700,000+ Spotify Streams, 100+ fm radio spins and a recent YouTube Partnership Acceptance it is clear that Lexisnothere is very much a force to be reckoned with.

Check out the stunning visuals for “Passages” courtesy of Kevin Kneeland, and with production from the talented Eargawd! The video perfectly compliments the record, with its smooth edits and seamless videography, you will be blown away by the quality, and should expect more of the same from this rising star! As he takes over the music scene in 2022!

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