Lil Simba’s “Horoscope” was created for you to relax and take a break to. Imagine after a stressful weekday you wake up to check your horoscope and it says you are going to have 10 blunts that day. Featuring S-Dot, the track lands a trippy video to back it.

Lil Simba is an artist that was born in San Antonio but currently is based in Austin, Texas. His live energy, always changing flows and obnoxious beats put him in a different category. His style can be free world like in his popular song “Horoscope” or can be destroy your speakers with his popular song, “O-Mart”. He recently has dropped a song featuring Project Youngin and is continually raising his buzz with a co-sign from popular Houston rapper Sauce Walka. His music can be found on all streaming platforms.

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