Mr Hyphen is an unstoppable, one of a kind hip hop artist from Bridgeport, Ct who’s passion for music truly separates him from other artist. His energy is infectious; his bilingual flow, fluently switching from English to Spanish has without a doubt elevated him from your everyday rapper into a rising star. He writes his lyrics in both Spanish and English, effortlessly maintaining an equal balance of creativity.

With the loss of his father to a severe illness in 2009, his life changed. So did his mindset. Bad decision after bad decision lead him to being incarcerated in a federal prison. During that time he rehabilitated himself in his music. You will find a lyrical story full of real life experiences and deep painful memories. Becoming able to express such art and pain through his music after his incarceration has uplifted and changed him, making his only dream to give his kids the life he never had. See more of Mr Hyphen at

Hyphen just released his highly anticipated mixtape called “Reality Check”. Flooding the Tri-State area the Just Right Records Street Team  was successful at outsourcing this great body of work. As an up and coming artist, this project is definitely what the game has been missing. With its extraordinary production by MojoBeatz and his raw lyrics “Reality Check” is ranking high on the Tri-State Mixtape circuit.

Reflecting on his life and his passion for music, he releases his first Music Video single off the “Reality Check” project called “Go Hard”. Directed by Amine Nourlil(Video Chemistry) featuring CT FOCUZ. CT Focuz is a well known and respected artist/lyricist born and raised in Spanish Harlem. Growing up in the Jefferson & East River Projects was not easy at all; making his personal life experiences the fuel for his drive. Music became his addiction. See more on CT Focuz at www.JustRightRecords.Com

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