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[New Music] Artist Apryll Aileen is a Fierce Wolf Who Fights for Her Craft



Canadian alternative pop-rock singer-songwriter, Apryll Aileen, is eager to announce the release of her newest single “Wild Wolvez” along with the official music video. Straying away from her familiar musical styling of pop and r&b, “Wild Wolvez” encompasses a dark electronic vibe; the first of her songs to have a big instrumental drop. The collaboration with Adam Royce (worked with Grammy-Award winner Daniel Caesar, multi JUNO-Award winner Tom Cochrane and three-time E! People’s Choice Awards winners The Tea Party) brought out the edgier electronic side, perfectly resonating with the narrative of the single: women reclaiming their power and owning their voice

“Wild Wolvez” is a song that is meant to open the doors for young women by empowering them to stand up for what they believe in and reassuring them that they are not alone in the world. The lyrical messaging within “Wild Wolvez” emphasizes how women can create and have freedom by learning to own and love their bodies and that women do not have to live in a world governed by misogynistic values. Filmed in New Brunswick, the music video reflects on women and how they are beautified in today’s society. Pop culture makes it difficult for young women to understand their bodies. The video symbolically
represents the stark nature of the misogyny driven landscape Western Culture currently operates in and how we can create a new, raw, unfiltered wilderness that we all feel safer in. The music video has symbolic messaging that we as women connect through our pain by sharing our stories. Apryll wanted the
music video to portray how all women, regardless of race and ethnicity, experience some form of sexual abuse and harassment. This is shown through the diverse cast of women, from Indigenous to Egyptian Canadian and French Canadian.

From performing in Halifax, Hollywood, New York, Toronto and more, Aileen is no stranger to the music world. Her band in Los Angeles includes Toshi Yanagi and Jimmy Earl (players for Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and she opened up in Venice Beach, California for a pair of Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famers Steve Ferrone
(Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers) and Al Jardine (The Beach Boys). Aileen has shared the stage with Grammy-nominated artist Carmen Vandenberg (from Bones UK), Billboard World Contest songwriting award winner Julia Othmer, Grammy-Award winner Yogi Lonich, and JUNO and CCMA Award winner Ken

“From watching the Brett Kavanaugh trials, it ignited a spark inside me that wanted to create a song to empower women,” said Apryll Aileen. “‘Wild Wolvez’ is a message for women to reclaim our bodies, our wild nature and our sexuality by choosing who we become through the stories that make us. Instead of hiding secrets, these wolves are ready to expose everything so that it can be healed. But you can’t start healing until you know where the pain is coming from and why.”

Apryll is currently working on her second studio album titled Rising Tides (produced by Grammy-nominated producer Daniel Lafrombe Evans, better known as his stage name LVR ), which will be released in early 2021. Rising Tides encompasses pop sounds with a mix of piano vibes but adds the elements of modern electronic drum beats and soulful melodies. Keep up to date with new music releases and upcoming performances by following Apryll on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Bronx born Naija boy Collins E. Phillips better known as King Chino has made his official entrance into the music world with his new single/ music video King Blu ft. Aura Blu. This Independent hot, new, artist makes his stamp on the scene with music that entrances your spirit, lyrics that force you to vibe and a constant message to embrace your higher self. With influences such as Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Usher, Biggie Smalls, 50 Cent and Nipsey
Hussle (R.I.P.); King Chino mixes the old school Hip Hop and R&B with the new Trap sound. As a young child King Chino’s mother sent him to Nigeria for a couple of years to visit his father. That cultural experience gave him a deep pride in his roots he hadn’t previously understood. Being hearing impaired gave his dancing and his sound a different meaning as well.

King Chino always says “While most people hear the music then move to it, I feel the music as it moves through me”. This is why his traumatic adult experience with police brutality that left him with a broken tibia and fibula was to say the least an eye opener. Not only did King Chino have to consider a possibility where he may never dance, let alone walk again. But this was his first personal experience with the injustices in this country. After overcoming that terrible ordeal. There was a brand new fervor that took hold. King Chino amassed his resources and put his all into his art. Dancing had a new meaning, his music had a more potent purpose and his clothing line Diamond Mind would be made to make us all feel like the Kings and Queens within. You can follow him on social media and be on the wait for more dope visuals and auditory sensations.

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Faith Walker Self-Titled Album & Aint Ez Video



faith Walker-CD-cover-FINAL-min-min (1)

TAOT Recordings and R&B vocalist Faith Walker announce the release of her highly anticipated self-titled album. The 11-track project features her critically acclaimed single “Head in the Clouds” with Ray Robinson along with a selection of seasoned producers including Joebi-Wan, J. Forgione, Black Orchid, R. Brown, Cylla, A. Thomas, Neccoy and DJ Goffe of Audiotraxx, Marcus Kane, Nick Iden, and O. Tukai.

Watch the official video for “Head in the Clouds” here on YouTube

faith Walker-CD-cover BACK-c101-changes-min

The album encompasses the strength of Faith and invites listeners and fans into her personal journey as a survivor of cancer, toxic relationships, and most importantly her pillar of resilience. It’s Faith’s purpose to share this album throughout communities and embark on a mission to educate the youth on the importance of hope, standing up for what you believe in, as well as creative expression.  “While I aspire to inspire, this album is my proudest accomplishment.”

Stream ‘Faith Walker’ and watch the latest video of the album. In “Aint’ Ez” Faith brings her audience into a realm she knows far too well of hospital beds, grief-stricken loved ones, and sadness. But her heartfelt vocals and chilling melodies speak volumes on beating the odds even after only given two days to live…

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