With their latest hip-hop anthem, “Vans”, NEWD4Y takes you on a lyrical walk down a road where anyone can feel part of something bigger than themselves. A true testament to freedom of expression, no matter one’s color, creed or sexual orientation; anyone from skateboarders to club-goers can rep “Vans” this summer, as long as they’re doing things their own way.

Between today’s hit music and tomorrows one hit wonders, NEWD4Y illuminates across a vast pool of creative talent. Originally forming from the quintessential birth of all great musicians, NEWD4Y’S origins began in their own stomping grounds of Brooklyn, New York.

Quickly recognizing the undeniable talent each member brought to the table. They began their excursion with a boutique production company, creating hit beats for notable industry leaders.

While developing a musical bond, Jovi and Tone successfully began creating their own sound, a unique hybrid of hip-hop, 80’s, Indie soul and pop.

With the addition of NEWD4Y’S talented musicians, Trendz and Kid the group works tirelessly to sculpt their own lane on the never ending changing map of the music world. Devoted fans and industry innovators took notice to NEWD4Y’S creative sides with the creation of NEWD4Y TUESDAY.

Youtube and Music blogs hosted not only new music but extraordinary visuals every Tuesday. In no time this humble band from Brooklyn views sky rocked into the thousands.

NEWD4Y showcases it’s multiple talents through in-house video production and producing. All their music visuals are created by the NEWD4Y team, truly making them the new face of talent for this generation.

With a simple beginning, unforgettable music, down to earth personas and across the board creative genius, they are on their way to making their statement heard across the world. Plans, Change, Revolution; all begin with a NEWD4Y.

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