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ZAIA Takes Us Into His Head In New Album, ‘American Psycho’



He made a name for himself with standout tracks “BMX” and “Demon On Tuck.” Now emerging sensation ZAIA capitalizes on the popularity with the release of his much-hyped new album, American Psycho. The follow-up to his breakout project, Very Alone, ZAIA’s latest, is the result of pain pushing passion into greatness.

Including the two recent hits (BMX, Demon On Tuck), ZAIA delivers a new 12-song collection that tackles themes of heartbreak, imposter syndrome, and self-awareness. The title, which is inspired by the cult classic film of the same title, displays the album’s concept, sound and dark tone. The project is introspective, intriguing, and, most of all, ZAIA’s best work yet.

American Psycho is the perfect introduction for any newfound fan of the emerging star set to accomplish big things in 2023. A next-up artist-to-watch, continue to follow ZAIA’s journey daily for new music, news, and more on social media.

American Psycho is available on all platforms on Delirium Records/AWAL.

Stream it here:



Skanks The Rap Martyr & GStats Hard Bars Take On ‘Martin & Malcolm’ In New Tribute Album



Skanks The Rap Martyr and GStats Hard Bars announce the release of their tribute album ‘Martin & Malcolm.’ The 13-track project is presented by Anarchy Records and Bankai Fam. It comes with an elite selection of features including Ruste Juxx a.k.a Nat Turner, Big A.V a.k.a Father Divine, Low Banga a.k.a Huey P & D-Strong a.k.a Che Guevara, Milez Grimez a.k.a JFK & Shatike a.k.a Marcus Garvey, Supreme J.A.H a.k.a Allah The Father, Kenyattah Black aka Noble Drew Ali, Bazzo The Great a.k.a H. Rap Brown & Sunez a.k.a Pedro Albizu Campos, Poison Pen a.k.a Bumpy Johnson & Tone Spliff a.k.a Sam Giancanna, and SMACCZ a.k.a Muhammad Ali.

All features take on aliases as past leaders while Skanks and GStats portray Martin and Malcolm. They show off a unique, unmatched lyrical wit sure to leave a lasting impression. Stream the project and connect below.

Skankstherapmartyr (

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Rawrrzone Picks – FaxoHxzrd Faded



photo courtesy of @faxohxzard on Instagram

It’s amazing to see how much progress has been made, not only in the world of music but also in terms of tolerance and acceptance of different genres worldwide. Reflecting on their childhood, many can relate to not being allowed to listen to certain types of music, let alone pursue a career in it.

Growing up in a Greek household, there were limitations, and pursuing a career in music seemed like a distant dream. In many families, the expectation was to follow a more conventional path, such as becoming a teacher or a doctor. Back then, familial support for artistic endeavors was rare. However, as we step into 2024, things have significantly changed.

Parents are now not only supportive but encouraging of their children pursuing their creative dreams. There’s a newfound appreciation for the creative arts, and families play a crucial role in nurturing and supporting their children’s aspirations. This shift marks a significant change in societal attitudes towards creativity and the arts.

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The 12-track project, heavily influenced by New York drill with elements from the Vermont music scene, offers a smooth listening experience. The album not only showcases Faxohzrd’s confidence but also his passion for music.

As someone once told us, there’s a difference between artists who create to connect with their audience and those who create solely for profit. Faxohzrd aims to move his crowd and make them experience his music fully.

For example, in “Kobe Bryant,” he displays his pen game and wordplay, cleverly referencing the late Kobe Bryant’s jersey number, 24. Faxohxzrd takes his shot and never misses.

“Lobotomy” is a straight pen track where he exhibits some of his best bars, blending boom-bap and drill beats, giving off takeover vibes as he talks about eliminating his competition as if performing a lobotomy.

“On Me” is a track dedicated to the ladies. Faxohxzrd acknowledges the women in his life, recognizing how they have always supported him and declaring his affection for his dream woman. The song gave me a taste of Mac Miller while listening to it.

Although these were our favorites from the project, without giving too much away, you need to check out the entire project for yourself.

Make sure you follow him on Instagram

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Reezie Roc Releases Epic Visuals To “What Playas Ride To” A New Song From His New Album “Dapper Season 2”



In the realm of hip-hop style, few can rival Reezie Roc—and his newest music video is a testament to his unmatched flair. From tailored suits to top-shelf wine and cigars, Reezie Roc’s aesthetic is in a league of its own, solidifying his status as a true trendsetter.

But Reezie Roc isn’t just about the looks; he’s also reshaping the very fabric of hip-hop itself. With his sophisticated appearance and refined approach, he’s offering a breath of fresh air amidst the mainstream noise.

His music goes beyond entertainment—it’s a movement. Through his tracks, Reezie Roc imparts wisdom and insight, drawing from his own life experiences to guide listeners on a journey of self-discovery.

As the demand for new sounds grows, so does the influence of the Dapper Rap movement—a movement spearheaded by none other than Reezie Roc.

Fresh off the release of his latest album, “Dapper Season 2,” Reezie Roc continues to push boundaries and redefine the genre. Featuring collaborations with top-tier artists like Daizy Hunter, Imani Fordham, Cory Stone, and more, the album is a testament to Reezie Roc’s vision and influence.

For those eager to explore the cutting edge of hip-hop, look no further than “Dapper Season 2.” listen here:


Dive into the visuals for “What Playas Ride To” and immerse yourself in the world of Reezie Roc. With his leadership, the possibilities are limitless in this exciting new era of hip-hop.


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