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Darkchild Introduces Alienz Alive Label



Super producer, rapper, and songwriter Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins joins the Black Music Month announcement conversation with the reveal of a new record label called Alienz Alive. As outlined in the mission statement found on their official website: AA is a collective of purpose driven creators alive in Christ that build community, develop artists, foster dialogue, and encourage storytelling that is honest, pursues truth, and glorifies God. Standing ten toes down on Romans 12:2, we are chosen to serve, challenged to grow, and destined for greatness. The premiere roster includes Jon Keith, GAWVI, IMRSQD Alex Jean, and TJ Carroll.

Speaking to Medium Creative Agency in an exclusive press statement, Jerkins reveals:

“When I first thought about launching a new company, I knew I had to do something that reflected my faith. What’s crazy, and people might not know this; I was rapping in church as a kid. I was also featured on Kirk Franklin’s Revolution so this is a full circle moment for me because now I’m doing something revolutionary by launching this label. Alienz Alive is a collaborative community of creatives that are Christ-centered where artist development is key. We encourage our artists to use their gifts to uplift and inspire. Sonically speaking the influences are Hip Hop, R&B, and Indie Rock. As long as it glorifies God and it’s dope, all are welcome.”

Alienz Alive is a label established in 2022 by Grammy-winning producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. Inspired by the transformative power of faith, Alienz Alive empowers artists who are “ten toes down” in their commitment to living a life renewed in Christ. Alienz Alive fosters the creation of music that connects, inspires and uplifts, all while elevating the honest stories of their artists. This isn’t just music, it’s a movement.

Stream/watch the most recent releases from Alienz Alive below and expect more signings to be announced in the near future.

Jon Keith -“Bags”

GAWVI – “Into The Atmostfear”

IMRSQD – “Don’t Do Molly”

Alex Jean – “I Need Faith”

TJ Carroll – “I Rather”

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Panessia Young, R&B Icon, Drops “Change” to Enhance Her Impressive 20-Year Catalog



Panessia Young, a native of Columbia, SC, has forged her path in the music industry with resilience and skill. Born into a military family, she grew up alongside her three siblings under the care of her dedicated mother, allowing her the opportunity to live abroad in places like Amburg, Germany. It was during her formative years there that Panessia discovered her passion for singing, often participating in talent shows alongside her family.

Her love for music deepened throughout high school, where she transitioned from local talent shows to recording sessions in a friend’s home studio and performing in various theatrical productions. After graduating, Panessia fully committed herself to music, embarking on a journey to establish herself as a respected artist. This dedication led her to Quantum Beats Studio in Columbia, SC, where in 2008 she recorded and released her debut album, “Panessia,” marking the beginning of her professional career.

Panessia’s commitment to her craft soon brought her significant opportunities, including sharing stages with renowned R&B figures like Lenny Williams and Calvin Richardson. Despite not making the final cut, her audition for “The Voice” in Los Angeles in 2011 fueled her determination to pursue broader recognition.

Drawing inspiration from icons such as Whitney Houston, Patty LaBelle, Alicia Keys, and Mary J. Blige, Panessia has honed a distinctive R&B sound characterized by soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Her independent spirit and musical prowess have earned her multiple awards, including the Southern Plug Music Awards’ Female R&B Artist of the Year in 2019 and 2022, and recognition from the Metro Music Awards as Vocalist and Female R&B Artist of the Year.

Today, Panessia Young continues to make waves as an independent force in the music industry, continually evolving her artistry through collaborations and creative ventures. Her latest release, “Change,” resonates with a powerful message of societal transformation for a better world. Released today, the track combines smooth beats with Panessia’s captivating vocals, offering a compelling musical experience that speaks directly to R&B enthusiasts and advocates of meaningful music alike.

As she continues to write, create, and perform across the United States, Panessia remains steadfast in her mission to elevate her music to new heights. With each new single and album, including “I Can Only Be Me” and “Stay In Your Lane,” she solidifies her reputation as an influential figure in the industry, poised to leave a lasting impact with her soul-stirring melodies and unwavering dedication to her craft.

Experience the transformative power of Panessia Young’s new single “Change” – available now on all major streaming platforms.


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K Carbon & YTB Fatt Link Up For “My Money” From ‘Diary of a Hustler’




Emerging Memphis-based artist K Carbon is poised to mesmerize audiences once more with her much-awaited project, Diary of a Hustler.

With a style that is a unique blend of Southern hip-hop elements and insightful storytelling, K Carbon is set to take her audience on a captivating journey through her new release, leaving them intrigued and curious.

Diary of a Hustler goes beyond being just an album; it’s a powerful journey into the heart and soul of urban life, offering an unfiltered look into a true hustler’s struggles, triumphs, and reflections. With tracks that echo raw honesty and authenticity, K Carbon fearlessly invites her audience to dive deep into the stories and experiences that have defined her journey as an artist and individual.

This album, featuring collaborations with YTB Fatt, Big 30, and Mello Buckzz and a special reunion with her girls Glorilla, Gloss Up, and Slimeroni on “Jealous A$$ Bitc#,” is an unapologetic portrayal of resilience and artistry.

When talking about Diary of a Hustler, K Carbon explained, “This project is all about my personal growth and the hustle mentality that drives my life and music. It’s about embracing the grind, being true to yourself, and never losing sight of the big picture.”

K Carbon’s album offers a wide range of tracks, demonstrating the artist’s versatility. From powerful anthems to soulful reflections, each is carefully created to deeply connect with listeners.

Blending classic Southern hip-hop aesthetics with modern production techniques, Diary of a Hustler will undoubtedly stand out as a significant addition to K Carbon’s discography.

Watch “My Money” above, than stream Diary of a Hustler below.

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Kazon’s “Lost They Mind”: A Vivid Exploration of Urban Struggle and Survival



From the heart of Southeast Washington, DC, where gunfire is a common sound and dreams often fade into shadows, comes a stark and powerful narrative: young men trapped in a relentless cycle of violence. This isn’t just a story of urban decay; it’s a raw portrayal of lives spiraling out of control, where every gunshot marks another soul lost in the chaos.

Kazon, a powerful voice from these streets, brings this reality to life with his latest track, “Lost They Mind.” His lyrics cut deep, exposing the harsh truths behind the headlines and statistics. Growing up amidst turmoil and uncertainty, Kazon understands the allure of the streets and the heavy price paid in blood.

Each verse of “Lost They Mind” is a testament to survival against overwhelming odds. Kazon speaks of friends turned enemies, brothers lost too soon to the merciless grip of violence. His perspective is grounded in personal experience, with scars that tell the story of nights filled with sirens and shattered glass.

This track is more than just a rap; it’s a call to action against complacency and ignorance. It’s a plea to break free from the cycle of self-destruction and reclaim lost potential. The chorus echoes like a mantra of despair and defiance: “N*ggas bustin’ shots like they lost they mind, like 25 to life never crossed they mind.” In Kazon’s world, redemption is not a distant dream but a gritty reality, fought for with every breath. He challenges listeners to face the uncomfortable truth: behind every statistic is a broken family, a grieving mother, and a community reeling from the impact of violence.

Check out the video here and support Kazon:


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