Los Angeles based artist Amber Ryann scoops out your guts with intuitive and conscientious lyricism. With the small coming success and release of her first EP, “Voice Memos”, Ryann plays off the reality of systemic truths and the world behind a looking glass. At a young age she found common ground within the creative arts, not only applying this to her music but to her contributions and dedication to quality visual content. With all hands on deck there is little opportunity in her career to be deemed uninvolved in her own process, she rectifies the definition of self-made and self-produced. Ryann continues to utilize her broad taste and appreciation of music by applying that to her sound, conceptualizing all of her influences as way to create something new with no restraints. Kicking off 2018 with her lasted heartfelt and visceral single “Bye Now”, Ryann shows promise as not only a song-writer but an artist that is unapologetically vulnerable to self expression and truth.

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