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Get To Know Emerging Lafayette Artist Luckwayy



In the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop, artists often emerge from the most unexpected corners of the world, wielding their unique backgrounds as a source of inspiration and authenticity. Luckwayy, hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, is a prime example of this phenomenon. His journey from Lafayette to the center stage of the music scene is a testament to both his talent and the profound influence of his hometown.

A Cajun Connection: Lafayette’s Imprint on Luckwayy’s Sound

Lafayette, Louisiana, is more than just a place on the map; it’s a culture, a lifestyle, and an identity. For Luckwayy, Lafayette’s essence is deeply intertwined with his music. He proudly carries the city’s vibrant culture in his lyrics, incorporating the nuances of Cajun and Creole slang that are unique to the region. In every beat, every verse, and every chorus, you can hear echoes of Lafayette’s soul. It’s the place where Mardi Gras isn’t just a festival; it’s a way of life, and where the local cuisine is a fusion of flavors that dance on your taste buds. Luckwayy’s music is a tribute to his roots, an unbreakable connection to Lafayette’s one-of-a-kind spirit.

The Church of Music: Luckwayy’s Journey into Hip-Hop

Luckwayy’s love affair with music ignited within the sacred walls of a church. As he attentively observed the church musicians, he felt an inexplicable connection to the melodies and rhythms that filled the air. This early exposure laid the foundation for his musical journey. In elementary school, he embarked on a path of musical exploration, learning to read music and mastering various instruments. Yet, it wasn’t just any school; it was a performing arts school, where creativity thrived, and music was the common language.

These formative experiences granted Luckwayy a profound understanding of music, allowing him to deconstruct songs played on the radio. His journey evolved from rewriting lyrics to crafting his own songs, all while maintaining popularity in his community through his athletic prowess in football. He skillfully leveraged his ability to connect with people, getting his songs played by the DJ at high school games. Today, his music resonates not just with his college peers but also with his college football team, who blast his tracks during practices and games. Even his coach recognized his talent, inviting him to perform in front of the team during fall camp. Luckwayy’s journey has transitioned from hometown hero to a rising star, poised to build a devoted fanbase through music promotion and live performances.

The Influences that Shape Luckwayy’s Unique Style

Behind every great artist are the muses that shape their style and voice. Luckwayy’s list of musical influences is as diverse as his music itself. From the lyrical prowess of Lil Wayne to the introspective storytelling of Kendrick Lamar, the eccentric melodies of Young Thug, and the infectious hooks of Future, he draws inspiration from an eclectic array of artists. The likes of Outkast, Ambre, Kofee, Lil Baby, MJ, T-Pain, and Tory Lanez have also left their indelible mark on his musical journey. Luckwayy is not merely a passive admirer; he delves deep into the artistry of these legends, learning and adding elements from their repertoires to his own.

The Birth of “Luckwayy”: A Name Steeped in Personal Meaning

A name is more than a label; it’s an identity. Luckwayy’s artist name is a testament to his personal journey. Born with the nickname “Lucky,” owing to the circumstances of his birth, the name holds profound significance. It’s a reminder of gratitude for the chance at life and a determination to defy any boundaries placed in his way. “Luckwayy” emerged during his junior year of high school, inspired by the Migos’ “Datway” movement. The name encapsulates his life’s essence, signifying not just luck but also the freedom to forge his own path.

Three Words to Define His Music: Fly, Catchy, Different

When asked to describe his music in three words, Luckwayy chose “Fly, Catchy, Different.” These words are not mere adjectives but a mission statement. His music isn’t just about beats and lyrics; it’s a catalyst for self-belief and resilience. Each track aims to transport listeners to a realm where the impossible becomes possible.

A Milestone Moment: Conquering the College Talent Show

One of the most memorable moments in Luckwayy’s career occurred at his college talent show. This marked his first foray into a competitive environment, and he didn’t just participate; he triumphed, claiming the top spot. What set this performance apart was the opportunity it provided for him to hone his crowd control skills, experiment with visuals, and introduce fresh music to his audience.

Crafting Music: Luckwayy’s Creative Process

Every masterpiece begins as a blank canvas, and for Luckwayy, that canvas is a beat. His creative process commences with freestyling, as he immerses himself in the melodies the beat offers. Often, these freestyle sessions yield compelling lyrics that form the foundation of his songs. As he freestyles, he instinctively discovers flows that seamlessly match the rhythm. Returning with a pen, he refines these initial thoughts into lyrics that resonate deeply. In the studio, Luckwayy collaborates closely with engineers, adding melodic vocals and making meticulous edits that amplify the song’s impact. With a clear vision of how the song should sound, he relies on his finely-tuned ear to guide the production process.

Dream Collaboration: Sharing the Mic with Drake

When posed the hypothetical question of collaborating with any artist, living or deceased, Luckwayy’s choice is clear: Drake. He envisions crafting a narrative that captivates audiences, leveraging Drake’s extraordinary range, spanning R&B, rap, and pop. Drake’s track record of complementing fellow artists in collaborative projects is a source of inspiration. Luckwayy recognizes the opportunity not only to create great music but also to learn from one of the industry’s most accomplished figures.

Inspirational Albums: Lil Wayne’s Dedication Series

Certain albums leave an indelible mark on an artist’s soul, influencing their craft in profound ways. For Luckwayy, Lil Wayne’s “Dedication Series’ ‘ holds a special place in his heart. The distinctive sound of a flicked lighter at the beginning of each track is a hallmark of these albums, and it’s an experience that resonated deeply. During an era when Lil Wayne’s presence dominated the airwaves, the Dedication Series showcased his ability to reinvent songs, breathing new life into them. Luckwayy draws inspiration from Wayne’s audacious departure from his mainstream music to conquer beats by other artists. It’s an enduring legacy that continually pushes him to create music that defies convention.

What Lies Ahead: “Clover” and Beyond

Luckwayy’s journey is an ongoing narrative, and the upcoming chapter is filled with promise. In approximately one month, he plans to release a six-song project titled “Clover.” This release isn’t just an introduction; it’s the cornerstone upon which his musical identity will be built. Despite the limited track count, “Clover” promises a rich tapestry of sounds, showcasing Luckway

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Poiison Enlists Styles P For Street Love Visual “Big Boys”




The LOX’s Styles P joins Poiison in the Boss Life Music Group presented music video for “Big Boys.” Serving as the commercial follow up to 2023’s “I Can’t Fall In Love” with Sha Money XL, which has already organically earned 100K+ streams since it’s debut in October, the Hip-Hop vocalist/songwriter finds herself trading bars with the decorated D-Block diplomat and fellow New York native about navigating romantic relationships without proper male guidance.

Hailing from Queens, Poiison passionately channels her life experiences into music, infusing pop and soul melodies with profound lyrical skill. Inspired by diverse artists like Madonna, Sade, Rick James, Lil Wayne, and Travis Scott she maintains a unique sound that captivates listeners; making their hearts and bodies move. As a multi-talented creative, Poiison actively oversees the details of her visuals, taking on the role of director to authentically deliver her perspective to the world with a fun and magnanimous spirit.

Her star quality and charisma are undeniably evident in her content. Parallel to her imagination, the release of her La Madrina mixtape series echoed creativity while showcasing her interpretation of well known industry records. Poiison’s development has led to performances alongside renowned artists such as 50 Cent, Ciara, and Robin Thicke. Poiison strives to create timeless music that conveys powerful messages rooted in real-life stories.

Press play on the Nimi Hendrix-directed visual for “Big Boys” as well as stream the official audio below via Roc Nation’s indie distribution company Equity.

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Interview: International Hip Hop Threat Rhyme Assassin Returns With M.O.P & Ruste Juxx For “Run Em Up (Told Ya)”



International/national Hip Hop threat Rhyme Assassin returns with a new single, and like his last hit, he’s bringing the legends. This time around he links with M.O.P and Ruste Juxx. The new single “Run Em Ep (Told Ya)” will be available April 19th everywhere music is sold. Check out the interview below for more on the single and its creation.

MJ: You’re back with brand new music, still sharing mics with legends of the game. This time around for your new single, dropping everywhere April 19th, you have M.O.P and Ruste Juxx in “Run Em Up (Told Ya)” with production by Arcitype. How did this link-up come into play?

Rhyme Assassin: Approximately 2 years ago I purchased a few beats from the Arcitype and when I heard the beat, I used for Run Em Up all I could hear on it was M.O.P crushing the instrumental so when I considered a feature it had to be M.O.P. It took me some time to get the feature in place but super excited it worked out.

MJ: From the cover, we can already assume there will be grittiness, tough bars, and even some intimidation. Without giving too much away before April 19th, talk about the concept of the record.

Rhyme Assassin: All I can say it’s grimy and gritty, with raw bars and metaphors at the same time. It will have your head nodding like crazy. A special shout out to Arcitype, I told him the direction I wanted to take with the song, and he didn’t take long to whip out his bag of sonic magic tricks. He sent a beat that matched the exact mood I was aiming at, exactly what the song needed. It’s gonna be crazy everybody gotta keep the 19th clear for “Run Em Up.”

MJ: Why M.O.P and Ruste Juxx for the features?

Rhyme Assassin: Well, I have been always a fan of M.O.P and they are legends in the game so it’s an honor to have them on the same track. That’s why the opening was “I am on a track with legends”. Like I explained earlier they bring the right energy that the beat needed, and they annihilated the track with punchlines and metaphors. Juxx is a veteran MC and I worked with him on a few tracks, and he poses great skills and energy that would complement M.O.P on the same track, so I felt he would be the perfect match.

MJ: Is this record leading fans and audiences into something forthcoming from you?

Rhyme Assassin: Rum ‘em Up (Told ya) is the second single from my forthcoming album ‘Dedicated to Self’ which will drop this year but currently no date has been set yet. I will potentially drop one more single and 2 videos and then drop the album.

MJ: Can we expect visuals? Again, without giving too much away, what is your vision for the video?

Rhyme Assassin: I am currently in discussion of the potential of getting a video done with M.O.P and Ruste Juxx for this single. I have hopes of making the video because I know fans are going to love this offering. As a fan of M.O.P it would be a personal accomplishment and achievement to have them on video. As for the concept I will discuss with the team if everyone is on the same page to get one done.

MJ: Let everyone know how they can connect with you and keep up to date with new music, videos, tours, etc.

Rhyme Assassin: Anyone can contact me on the following email – and Rhyme Assassin on all media platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

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LunchMoney Lewis Drops New Song “Rain Or Shine”




Still riding “High” off his recent collaboration with Dylan Chambers and ‘Best Melodic Rap Performance’ GRAMMY win for Lil Durk’s “All My Life” featuring J. Cole earlier this year, Miami musician LunchMoney Lewis delivers “Rain or Shine.” Co-produced by JulianBeatz & BRIANXWHITE, “Rain or Shine” is a record about believing things will get better even when everything feels hopeless. In current times where there is so much pain in the world, Lewis wrote the Hip-Hop / R&B-influenced track to help us overcome life’s hurdles with love.

“In light of everything going on in the world, I’ve been in a very tough place creatively about what I wanna write about. Seeing so many innocent lives taken pushed me to make something that gives people hope in some fashion, rain or shine. We will continue to push love and love only, even in the face of darkness,” states the talented triple threat about the inspiration behind his latest leak.

Best known for his work with Dr. Luke as a producer, LunchMoney Lewis first broke into wide recognition as a rapper after appearing on the song “Trini Dem Girls” from Nicki Minaj’s 2014 album ‘The Pinkprint.’ He also co-wrote Jessie J’s single “Burnin’ Up” from her album ‘Sweet Talker,’ and Fifth Harmony’s single “Bo$$” from the album ‘Reflection.’ In 2015, he released his debut single as a solo artist, “Bills”, which peaked at 79 on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number one on the ARIA Charts.

Stream “Rain or Shine” after the jump via Lunchbox Records and watch the official music video for “High” | HERE.

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