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Rawrrzone Preview – Cuban DVenci The Return



Cuban. Dvenci the return cover

2023 is the comeback year for Philadelphia’s own Cuban DVenci. After a long hiatus the MC is set to drop his latest project after 12 years entitled The Return on August 25th. The 7 track project includes the long awaited follow up to his latest single Real N****S Pt 2 coming back with his original traditional flow just in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop. The track leading the project had the most power in its cadence, his delivery was pristine and clean. The project will be distributed August. 25th under 6Belmont promotions.

What should we expect in The Return well, the depth of the storytelling is the jewel behind this project. In tracks such as Illegal Business Dvenci talks about running in the streets , how he ended up in certain compromising situations stating he sold his soul for the money and how he looks to make it right. The skits are the perfect transition between the tracks for Get up and Favorite Girl pt 2. While he did address the nitty gritty hip-hop he is known for he did talk to. the ladies in one of our favorite tracks, Favorite Girl Pt2.

The Return the title single from the project gives us major Wu-Tang / Method Man vibes. This song would definitely have you in your bag.

Get to know Cuban Dvenci

From Costerville PA right outside of Philadelphia, Former radio host , Emcee , and podcaster Cuban DVenci is the founder of 6 Belmont Production making strides as an independent artist. He dropped his debut album the DVenci Code in 2012 gaining major traction in the PA/NJ Areas After falling into some bad luck luck with the Judicial system at the height of his career in 2014. He has continued to persevere and continue to keep going to make a new future he can be proud of.

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Introducing “Boss Life” by Bz Bwai featuring Chef Sean: The Caribbean Vibes Continue in a Musical Extravaganza



The dynamic musical duo, Bz Bwai and Chef Sean, are back with an electrifying follow-up to their chart-topping hit single, “Runaway.” Prepare to immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms and irresistible melodies of “Boss Life,” a track that takes you on a Caribbean-inspired musical journey like never before.


Bz Bwai : @bz.bwai.official

The Chef Sean : @therealchefsean

“Boss Life” is the epitome of modern Caribbean music, blending elements of reggae, dancehall, and a touch of urban flair, to create a sound that’s undeniably infectious. This track captures the essence of the islands, transporting listeners to the sandy shores and sun-soaked vibes of the Caribbean, no matter where they are.

Bz Bwai and Chef Sean are no strangers to crafting musical magic together. Their previous collaboration, “Runaway,” received widespread acclaim, and “Boss Life” promises to be yet another masterpiece that continues their streak of musical excellence.

With lyrics that speak to the joy of living life to the fullest and embracing the ‘boss’ mentality, “Boss Life” is an anthem for those who know how to enjoy every moment. From the catchy hooks to the smooth vocal delivery, this song is poised to become a summer sensation and a timeless addition to any playlist.

“We wanted to create a song that embodies the spirit of the Caribbean, a song that makes you want to dance and celebrate life,” says Bz Bwai. “With ‘Boss Life,’ we’ve captured that feeling, and we can’t wait for our fans to groove to it.”

Chef Sean adds, “This song is about seizing the moment, enjoying the good times, and letting loose. ‘Boss Life’ is all about celebrating the everyday victories in life.”

“Boss Life” experience, where the rhythms are hot, the vibes are chill, and the music is guaranteed to get you moving. “Boss Life,” Out Now.

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The Mystical Trendsetter, Fijimacintosh Drops New Project ‘NOCTURNAL’ With Trippie Redd, Lil B, Lil Tracy, Dom Corleo & More




In the mystical realm of the music industry, there exists a rare creature, an enigmatic artist who transcends the ordinary, redefining the very essence of sound. Fijimacintosh, a name that resonates like an incantation in the corridors of modern music, has unveiled his latest masterpiece, “Nocturnal,” a magnum opus that defies categorization, and beckons the uninitiated to embark on a journey into the unknown.

“Nocturnal” is a cosmic symphony, a celestial journey through uncharted soundscapes that Fijimacintosh alone has charted. The production on this project is nothing short of alchemy, weaving together elements from diverse genres into a tapestry of beats, melodies, and emotions that defy gravity. Each track is a sonic odyssey, an out-of-this-world experience, adorned with lush textures, ethereal synths, and basslines that crash upon the listener like meteor showers.

But it’s not just about the production; it’s about the ineffable sound and tone that Fijimacintosh brings to life. His vocals are a haunting blend of vulnerability and bravado, shrouded in enigmatic lyrics that beg for interpretation. There’s an authenticity that courses through his music, an authenticity that is as rare as it is captivating.

Fijimacintosh’s mystical influence in the industry is undeniable. As the cousin of the acclaimed Trippie Redd, he stands as a catalyst for the very essence of the genre. Trippie Redd himself has acknowledged that Fijimacintosh is the reason he, along with countless others, entered the music scene. This endorsement speaks volumes about the talent and vision that Fijimacintosh embodies.

Yet, the respect for this enigmatic artist extends far beyond family ties. His work has garnered praise and cosigns from some of the industry’s titans, including the likes of Juice Wrld, PNB Rock, XXXTentacion, Lil Tracy, and many others. Such endorsements solidify his position as a mystic force in the ever-evolving landscape of music.

The tracklist of “Nocturnal” reads like a spellbook, with each track offering a unique incantation of sound. Featuring collaborations with the likes of Trippie Redd, Lil B, Lil Tracy, Dom Corleo, and more, this project is a testament to Fijimacintosh’s ability to summon musical forces from across the spectrum.

Notable singles like “Fentanyl” with Trippie Redd, “Last Longer” with Lil Tracy, and “Sushi & Wonton Soup” with Lil B are sonic conjurations that showcase Fiji’s ability to bridge genres effortlessly. Tracks like “Vetements,” “Gigabytes” with Dom Corleo, and “Microdosing,’ where Fijimacintosh stands alone, are mystical incantations that prove his command over his craft.

In the words of the enigmatic Fijimacintosh himself, “NOCTURNAL is a non-distinguishable body of work where I eclipse the ordinary.” Indeed, he has done just that. “Nocturnal” is not merely an album; it’s a transcendental experience, an invitation to explore uncharted musical realms where boundaries are shattered, and the ordinary is but a distant memory.

To those unacquainted with the name Fijimacintosh, heed this call: delve into his mystical soundscape, for he is a creature of rare musical magic, and “Nocturnal” is his spellbinding opus that beckons you to embrace the extraordinary.

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Idiot Jerk, DJ Scope & DJ Lazy K Link Up For New Album ‘No Leaks, No Spills’




Connecticut’s Idiot Jerk drops a new 15-track project, No Leaks, No Spills, on the heels of his electric 2023 run, including breakout singles, music videos, buzz, and so much more. Jerk teams with well-respected DJs DJ Scope and DJ Lazy K for the new release that capitalizes on the emerging star’s undeniable fanbase, momentum, and more as he embarks on the new mainstream landscape. For the new project, Jerk delivers full transparency while displaying his outstanding lyrical abilities, sound, and up next attitude that makes him an artist-to-watch.

Featuring Sonn of Sam, Jerk’s displays his best work on undeniable tracks like “A-Likes,” “War Scars,” and the previously released “Bring’Em Home.” Lazy K and Scope adds energetic ad-libs, rally cries, and attention on socials to the project’s excitement. Together, they exhibit the perfect fit for the rising star as he climbs the ladder to mainstream awareness.

Jerk, Scope, and Lazy K’s connection goes deeper then the new project. It originally originates before Jerk formed his label, Mr Hold Water Music Group, he explained:

“So before there was ever a Mr Hold Water Music Group there was Idiot Jerk from ShourSquad Entertainment which was a independent music label that was ran by platinum p who introduced me to DJ Lazy K and DJ Scope.”

Jerk has received a lot of support in anticipation for the release and he showed appreciation for the love on social media.

He wrote: “Shouts outs to everybody who been showing love!!! Also shouts out to all my day 1 Fans who been wanting to hear a real solid Project from me!!!! Just know this is only a start to a new beginning!!! I put a lot of Time, Money, and Energy into this project it took a long time to drop but bare with me as I continue to figure out the ‘Formula.’ ‘I’M A INDEPENDENT ARTIST WHO WORKS FOR NOBODY!!!!!!’ So my task and goals are different from your usual artist!!! Im from Hartford Ct and I came to Bogart the industry for my state to be respected all over the world!!! So it would be greatly appreciated if you go Download the project, Stream the project and MAKE A PURCHASE!!!! “I can’t lie I got real mouths to feed” so breaking bread is greatly Appreciated!!!!”

No Leaks, No Spills, available on Mr Hold Water Music Group, comes on the heels of Jerk’s lyrical tirade in recent singles “Men of Honor,” “Bring’em Home,” and “600 Bars.” As a spankin’ new artist beloved by today’s hip hop, Idiot Jerk prepares for a takeover with anticipated new music, music videos, and forthcoming album. The bright future is a rewarding for the new artist coming from where he’s coming from. For fans, the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon is right now.

Stream No Leaks, No Spills, below, and for more on Idiot Jerk, watch his music videos, here, and follow him on social media.

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