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UK Hip Hop Sensation Rhyme Assassin Prepares For “Rhyme Apostles” Release (Interview)



UK Hip Hop artist Rhyme Assassin prepares fans and audiences for a major single release on April 3rd, 2023. “Rhyme Apostles” features a diverse group of Hip Hop legacies including Crooked I, Craig G, Reks, Ruste Juxx, K Solo, Chino XL, Keith Murray, Chino XL, Canibus, AFRO, and Antlive Boombap. Production is provided by Deep Voice with an intro by Jadakiss. Rhyme Assassin shows off his knack for transcending listeners back to an era where Hip Hop culture, elements, and essence were present. He does this without sounding dated. In our interview below, Rhyme Assassin chops it up in depth about the single, his contributions to Hip Hop, the music scene in the UK, and more.

MJ: Before we jump into your upcoming release of “Rhyme Apostles” let everyone know who you are and where you’re from.

Rhyme Assassin: My name is Tichaona Brian Monera. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I migrated to the United Kingdom to explore opportunities for further education and personal development. An important part of that was pursuing a career in music. This is something that I have already been doing in Zimbabwe where I gained popularity with hip-hop in the early 90s. Freestyling with my homies after school, I was able to hone my craft to become a recognizable voice on the Zimbabwe music scene. These were formative moments in my music career. These encounters earned me the name Rhyme Assassin which has become my official MCEE name. The name Rhyme Assassin resonates with the skillful poetic lyrical expression of the music and the excellence of execution of my craft.

MJ: As a Hip Hop artist from the UK, tell us about the Hip Hop scene over there.

Rhyme Assassin: Hip-hop has always had a firm grip on the UK music scene with a lot of drill dominating. Hip-hop artists like Stormzy have become household names, generating a huge following worldwide. My estimation is that the UK is on the brink of becoming a hip-hop powerhouse globally. There are many upcoming hip-hop artists….

MJ: What led you to begin a career in rap and lead a lifestyle true to Hip Hop culture?

Rhyme Assassin: The greatest influencers that kickstarted my rap career are the likes of all-time greats such as KRS ONE, Run DMC & Big Daddy Kane, BIG, and 2 PAC. I grew up listening to their music on cassettes and vinyl. Because of my experiences and encounters with these hip-hop moguls, I embrace the hip-hop culture and started living out and expressing this in my lyrical content. My inspiration to write was primarily from Canibus and Krs One. I can even recall the first day I listened to Gangstarr – Moment of truth, Dead Prez – Let’s get free and DMX – It’s dark and hell is hot. Those were the early days when hip-hop was not playing much on Zimbabwe radio. Our exposure to hip-hop was mainly from folks coming from overseas and bringing cassette tapes back home. I would use my pocket money to rent out hip-hop tapes for a couple of days or more so that I can just listen to the latest hip-hop beats.

MJ: Ok, let’s jump into your new single which will be available for download and purchase on April 3rd, 2023. How were you able to link with all the powerhouses and legends? Talk about the thought process of “Rhyme Apostles” to hand-picking features, to the production, and to the final canvas.

Rhyme Assassin: The initial idea was for Rhyme Apostles to have 4 artists. Later, drawing inspiration from the Bible, the thought of the 12 apostles of Jesus dawned on my mind and this became the womb that gave birth to Rhyme Assassin’s 12 apostles on the track. The new single is based on an idea that had been in for quite a while. My vision was to bring together some of the greatest lyricists and recognizable names in hip-hop. Being on the same record with the likes of Crooked I Canibus, Craig G, Keith Murray and a host of other renowned hip-hop legends is an incredible personal triumph.

Achieving this was monumental. The journey was not a straightforward one. It was long and challenging, but an enjoyable one. The one thing that made it worthwhile is the caliber of people that I was targeting. These were real hip-hop heads, with a genuine love for true hip-hop culture. I was truly humbled by these guys’ acceptance and willingness to embrace me and work with me to bring my vision to fruition.
Every single one of them exhibited high levels of professionalism with such amazing humility. Each demonstrated a love and a passion to collaborate with emcees with roots in Africa. The emcees that made it on the record I those that reached out to and they were magnanimous enough to accept the invitation.

Shout out to those emcees who believed in me and were keen to be part of the project but could not make the financial commitment in time and were unable to be featured. There will always be scope to do collaborative projects with them in the near future. Another noteworthy artist who made an enormous contribution to this project is Deep Voice, a UK producer who created the best used in the debut single. He created the beat some seven years ago along with other beats that I subsequently used. This particular beat was archived until now and it is just the right beat for the project. The bear will be mixed and mastered by yet another creative, P2doah, a Zimbabwean-based producer. We are also currently working on the video for the song.

MJ: What are you hoping audiences take away from the single?

Rhyme Assassin: The single greatest desired outcome for this project is a greater realization but both artists and music lovers of the incredible power of collaborative music ventures across the industry. The single, Rhyme Apostles, is a clear and powerful demonstration of the synergy resulting from such collaboration. My wish for this single is that it will be timeless in its appeal and not just for a season.

MJ: It’s evident with the single, you are on a mission to conserve the authenticity of Hip Hop and push it to the forefront of music. Can you elaborate on that?

Rhyme Assassin: I am a firm believer in the need for the conservation of the truest essence of Hip hop culture expressed through lyricism. The caliber of emcees on the track have mastered this art and is an inspiration to me as I climb to my place of significance in the game.
My conviction is that hip-hop culture has a powerful potential to bring about societal and cultural cohesion globally. In that sense, the single has an apostolic assignment – to bring about a fresh crop of hip-hop artists whose focus is beyond their individual musical domains to champion a movement that will produce a generation of like-minded people. The talents and skill sets of the participating emcees are as diverse as their fingerprints are. It is this diversity that I value and celebrates the most in this project. The creative lyricism and different execution styles of the art make this project unequaled by any in hip-hop circles and that is what thrills me.

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Frisco Hardbody Sco & Onsight Deeda Go Crazy On Their New Hit Single “Take It Back”



Frisco Hardbody Sco made waves with “Play No Games” featuring Sada Baby in the final quarter of last year. Now, he’s back with another hit, teaming up with Cash Money Artist Onsight Deeda. Is Frisco Hardbody Sco paving the way for a remarkable 2024?

Frisco Hardbody Sco, representing The Hardbody Empire, and Onsight Deeda, signed with Cash Money Records under Birdman’s ownership, recently released “Take It Back,” a track that stands out among the rest.

The song starts with a suspenseful beat, leading into Frisco Hardbody Sco’s smooth chorus, followed by Onsight Deeda’s chilling verse. Frisco then delivers his own compelling verse, wrapping up with his captivating chorus over the mesmerizing beat.

Hailing from Peoria, Illinois, and Abbeville, Louisiana, respectively, Frisco Hardbody Sco and Onsight Deeda join forces for a fiery collaboration that sets the tone for the first quarter of 2024.

Listen to the song here:

What’s next for Frisco Hardbody Sco?

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Seymore Dough & Benny The Butcher Drops Must-Hear New Single, “Stand Still”




Seymore Dough, a Tri-State recording artist with crafty rhymes and a bright future, teams up with one of hip-hop’s best lyricists, Benny The Butcher, for the hard-hitting new single titled “Stand Still.”

Produced by Chillion Daviz, the new song showcases the new kid trades witty wordplay, undeniable hook, and knockout punchlines with Buffalo’s coldest emcee as the two talk about the haters, the grind, and purpose. Standing toe-to-toe with The Butcher proves that Seymore Dough is an artist to watch in 2024.

Along with The Butcher, rising Seymore has collaborated with New York’s finest rappers, such as Stove God Cooks and 38 Spesh. He also received a significant shoutout from Newark’s own Redman. “Stand Still” follows last year’s album, The MVP of Spliffer Bowl III.

Brief backstory on Seymore Dough: best known for last summer’s “Independence Day,” the rapper developed a fanbase with his dedication, resilience, and creativity. He is known for his ridiculous wordplay and is making waves in the Tri-State area. JC-rhymer’s raw and authentic lyricism and dedication make him a force to be reckoned with in Jersey City.

“Stand Still” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans of the new rap star. After “Stand Still,” feel free to continue following Seymore Dough on social media for daily updates and more. Benny The Butcher appears on the track courtesy of Def Jam Recordings.

Stream “Stand Still” below.

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Luclover Releases New Visual “Willy Wonka 2”




Ryan Mounfik, also known as Luclover, is a musical prodigy from Boston, raised in H-Town. He makes his mainstream introduction with his latest single “Willy Wonka 2.”

Luclover’s passion for music began at 13 when he teamed up with his best friend to create their own sound. Influenced by Juice WRLD, he values pure creativity and authenticity.

He started his musical journey in his friend’s home studio, where he created viral tracks on Soundcloud as a teenager. Since then, he has built a solid audience and explored various genres within pop culture, including hip-hop, rap, rock, and pop.

Luclover’s talent is evident in his popular singles “L$D” and “Benihana,” which have helped him gain widespread recognition. It is evident that he is dedicated to engaging with his followers across various social media platforms, where he interacts with thousands of people. Luclover hints at an upcoming album titled x((, while fans await his debut project.

Luclover’s authentic and positive musical vibe has steadily grown his fanbase, offering diverse options for music lovers to resonate with. “Willy Wonka 2” is a preview of what’s to come for the rising star.

Get familiar below.

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