Dj Iceman (Govt name Robert Anderson) has held many titles. Award winning dj, beat maker, blogger and now add author to that list. today he dropped 2 books via Amazon, Ownership Is Everything and The New Beat Makers Handbook. both books aim to help indie artists navigate the business side of the industry. “everybody who has gotten fucked in this business got fucked cause they didnt have control” these books go through the basics of PRO’s (Performers Rights Organisations) copyrights and trademarks, the importance of branding and the ups and downs of beat selling sites. “This is information a lot of artists don’t have starting out and i feel these are things artists should know. these are just basic blueprints on how to get started, have control of their content and be somewhat successful” and the best thing is the books are only$2.99 each. (click each pic for links)