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Why The Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Palette Sold Out Fast



champagne-collection-face-palette-1Photo: Sahily Perez/StyleBlazer


The last few months have been filled with mega beauty launches, with the newest Becca x Jaclyn Hill.

If you look back into the shimmer coated part of your brain, YouTuber Jaclyn Hill released a limited skin perfecter better known as Champagne Pop with Becca in September 2015. Just as quick as it launched, it sold out, leaving us glowminati members craving more. Then, after teasing us and toying with our emotions over the last few month, the beauty-duo launched a Champagne Pop collection!

We were able to get our hands on one of the most popular items in the collection —the Champagne Collection Face Palette!

This palette include two skin perfectors and three blushes, all of which have a buttery texture, pigmentation, and are beautiful in their own way. The only thing prettier is the white and gold packaging, complete with a burst of bubbly on the front.


champagne-collection-face-palette-2Photo: Sahily Perez/StyleBlazer


Let’s start by talking about the start of the show first: Prosecco Pop.

A close cousin of Champagne Pop, Prosecco Pop has a golden tone. We think Prosecco Pop may actually be the Champagne Pop for golden skin tones. It’s also a little softer, making it possible to tone down the glow.

If you’re still into shining bright like a diamond, then grab your sunnies and opt for  Champagne Pop instead. This peachy gold shimmering skin perfector will forever be cult-favorite and a gift from the glow gods themselves.

As for the blushes, these colors are ahhh-mazing! Each gorgeous shade has a different finish, so you can chose the texture that best suits your look and mood.

Let’s break them down individually…

Rose Spritzis a luminous blush with a peachy pink hue. If you’re own the fence between a matte and full blown shimmer, then this satin finish is for you. The blush reflects gold particles, making it ideal for warm skin tones.

Pamplemousse mineral blush is a warm coral pink blush that packs a punch of color. This one is our favorite because it’s so pigmented, yet buildable, while still being about to work on a wide range of skin tones.

Amaretto mineral blush is a warm brown shade with an almost matte finish. There is a tiny bit of golden reflecting particles in this one, making it a good choice to use as a bronzer. It’s ideal for light to medium skin tones and wears nice throughout the day.


champagne-collection-face-palette-3Photo: Sahily Perez/StyleBlazer


If we left you craving the Becca x Jaclyn Hill palette, we have a little bit of bad news —it’s sold out on the Sephora website. At this time their isn’t any word on restock date. On the bright side, Champagne Pop is available and completely worth adding to your beauty stash.

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UNITED MUSIC MAFIA Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why |@UNITEDMMAFIA



The C.E.O. of United Music Mafia Sean Whitlow prepares to take 2021 by Storm

TAMPA, FL – JANUARY 21, 2021 –Sean “OG Big Sean” Whitlow is a veteran of the game that realizes there is still much more work to do in his career. This isn’t to say that he hasn’t achieved great success and passed seemingly insurmountable obstacles with ease. OG Big Sean has established himself as a constant player in the game, providing a fresh take on the genre lyrically and providing a great landscape for budding artists to grow over the years.

United Music Mafia’s focus is on creating and giving exposure to new talent-artists, producers, or DJs. Their objective is to provide artists with marketing and promotional facilities. Artists that collaborate with their label can expect both professional terms and privileges.

“This campaign is very important for the company. My strategy is to build a buzz for the artists and United Music Mafia. The end state is when I go sit at the table with the majors, it’s not just me telling a story. I will show them that they will get more than just an artist and a label. They are getting a team of like-minded business people that can generate capital and success.~ Sean Whitlow

Mr. Sean Whitlow and his team are preparing to release a series of EPs and singles that feature the artists on the label throughout the 1st and 2nd quarters. The untitled projects that will be dropping are as follows:

February 8th – Pound, Jes-B

February 15th –Gunsmoke

February 22nd – Zee Bo

February 28th – Nulli Null

March 5th – Quepe

March 12th – FSO

March 19th – The Real 9 Shots

March 26th – Rich Kirk

April 5th – Souljah

April 12th -C-Dub Nigha

EPs releases are as follows: 

February 15th Florida Power and United Music Mafia

February 28th Corporate Street Hustlin

March 12th CV-19.

All dates are tentative. The public will have access to the compilations after the announcement on UMM’s social media accounts and website. Additionally, there will be a private session for deejays to log into their zoom(to be announced). All music is scheduled for release on all digital music platforms.

The music trend has changed a lot with time. UMM promises a whole lot of fun in the future with more and more concerts, parties, and showcases. Be sure to connect United Music Mafia and Sean Whitlow on all social media platforms and their website.










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DJ Bubba ft. Quinnfn & SSG Splurge – “Ditch Diggers”




In 2020, DJ Bubba, a red-hot Texas DJ and A&R, spawned newfound popularity with the addition of a recording artist to his resume after releasing new music. In the new year, Bubba prepares for his grand entrance with the release of the new single called “Ditch Diggers” featuring popular Texas artists Quinnfn and SSG Splurge. Bubba credits the new collaboration as working with the youngest and hottest stars in today’s music industry.

Written by Jeremy Lafayette Brown, “Ditch Diggers” is a much-need new song in today’s Dirty South Hip Hop. The boogie-influenced, bass-driven track showcases an overly aggressive Quinnfn and SSG Splurge who drops catchy but lethal verses, collectively. The chemistry from all three entities on the song is electrifying. A perfect origin point for newfound fans of any of the track’s respective artists. Another great lead-up to DJ Bubba’s promising new project.

“Ditch Diggers” is set to appear on the new star’s forthcoming album, I Gotta Find Bubba. The new collaboration is the follow up to the artist’s first look, titled, “4 for 4.” Along with Spurge and Quinnfn, the upcoming album will feature Tommy 2, Dirty Tay, Coldheartedsavage and so many more. I Gotta Find Bubba is scheduled for Winter 2021. Stream the new collaboration today via Circle Music Group.

For more on DJ Bubba, follow him on Instagram.

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