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New England MA’s MZ.TML Is Back With Season 4 Of Real Talk & Upnorth City Girlz



Esteemed CEO/Host MZ.TML returns with Season 4 of Real Talk and Upnorth City Girlz. The New England based podcast sheds light and opinions on music, entertainment, and more. Tap in for today’s hottest artist (indie and celebrity) and entrepreneur interviews, trending topics, and relationship topics.

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10PM central,REAL TALK with Mz TML
Nox Bond CEO of Next Level DJ Coalition
Tarjiarkee Marie Lewis Upnorth
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Featured in Street NOIZE Magazine
February 2024 by BoomzbeatzMultimedia – Issue

About MZ.TML
Mz.TML is originally from the Boston Ma area, She now resides in Worcester Ma. She is known in the New England Area for NightLife entertainment and promotions for over the past ten years, She also has worked in the theater and Music business since she was a young girl in the Boston Area. She has strong ties to many people in the New England region. She decided in 2014 along with her Upnorth Family to join forces and start a record label that would cater and develop and polish artists in the New England Area. She has worked with many artists in the industry, and has helped to develop many nightlife events. She is well respected in her skills and ability to grasp concepts and make them come to life. She is a leader and a team player at all cost. She is always willing to help and be a resource for her peers. WORCESTER – As a city at the almost literal center of Massachusetts, Worcester became an entertainment center in the late 1800’s as touring shows, bands and orchestras would travel from Boston to Springfield or vice versa with a stop over in Worcester. The 1920’s saw the rise of a bustling music and jazz scene in the city, exporting such famous people as pianist/composer Cole Porter, jazz drummer Frank Capp, and pianist/composer Jaki Bayrd. As the manufacturing industry attracted African Americans from the south, Worcester became a stopping point for blues, soul and R&B performers touring the northern leg of the Chitlin Circuit. The opening of the Worcester Centrum in the 1980’s made Worcester a stopping point for major concerts and tours, as promoters found the city more welcoming than arenas in Boston. Being in reachable proximity from Boston, Providence and Springfield, the venue steadily drew audiences from all three areas. With Worcester as a home to several live music venues of various sizes, and a homegrown audience of multi-genre music enthusiasts, it is of little surprise that Worcester has a growing reputation as a “Showcase” city; where music industry executives and concert promoters frequently come to scope out new talent. TM Lewis, Event Planner and A&R Consultant TM Lewis explains how she got her start as an A&R Consultant. “After a few years of promoting shows and events in Worcester, I came to know a lot of the folks from the industry,” explains TM Lewis, “I would sometimes give them leads on up and coming talent in the area and pretty soon I developed a reputation for having a good ear for talent.” Pretty soon, labels began contracting me to scope out a lead or a show that came to town.” This brought her to the attention of the UMG distributed hip-hop label, Up North Records, where Ms. Lewis became an A&R Director and eventually the Booking Agent for the label’s roster of artists. TM Lewis & Associates are proud to be based in Worcester, where they are helping to re-invigorate the soul music scene in the city, catering to the grown & sexy crowd. Ms. Lewis is particularly interested in creating a platform for New England based artists and companies to reach the larger regional and national markets. With a growing number of independent artists and record labels looking to expand their markets and looking to Worcester and a location to develop their sound and establish a fanbase; for the music industry and music fans alike, TM Lewis & Associates is the company to watch. TM Lewis & Associate CEO Wins Award From Women In Action, Inc TM Lewis, WIA Honoree and Award Recipient TM Lewis to be honored at the 6th Annual Small Business & Entrepreneurs Award Ceremony in Worcester. Women In Action, Inc. will be hosting it’s 6th Annual Small Business & Entrepreneurs Award Ceremony on January 20th, 2018 at the Worcester Public Library, 3 Salem Square, Worcester, MA. The ceremony begins at 11am. The Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Award Ceremony honors outstanding entrepreneurs in Massachusetts that show dedication, growth, and positive contribution to their communities. Among the honorees will be Ms Tarjiarkee M Lewis, CEO of TM Lewis & Associates, an entertainment consulting agency based in Worcester. An 18 year veteran of the music industry, whose clients include UpNorth Records, Liberation Multimedia, and Down Streeters as well as a host of independent recording and performing artists; Ms. Lewis has established an impressive portfolio in the entertainment industry.

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Paramount Pictures and Hollywood Confidential Celebrate Lupita Nyong’o at Exclusive ‘A Quiet Place: Day One’ Film Event



Paramount Pictures in partnership with Hollywood Confidential hosted a captivating evening at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, shining a spotlight on the illustrious career of Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and celebrating her latest triumph in the highly awaited film, “A Quiet Place: Day One.” Hollywood Confidential Founder, Steve Jones, led an intimate and illuminating one-on-one conversation with Nyong’o, diving deep into how she got her start in the industry, her acting career thus far, and her role as Sam, in the new thriller. This special event drew a large crowd of prominent industry professionals and influencers, including notable figures such as Amina Buddafly, content creator, Laron Hines, Karen Civil, Suekey Deniz, Inkmonstarr, Vic Brew and more.

During the hour-long conversation, Lupita opened up about her 2014 Oscar win. She recalled feeling dwarfed after the win and revealed the advice legendary actress, Emma Thompson, gave her about returning to theater after such a pivotal moment in her career. “Don’t listen to anybody, listen to your intuition – if you need to go back to the theater to hone your craft and believe in yourself, you do that. Because you are the only driver of your life. Carry on to charter your own path.”

When asked about the way Black Panther has shaped her life, the actress broke down into tears, stating, “I miss him.” Referencing the passing of her co-star, Chadwick Boseman.
She continued on by sharing how important it is for her to shift the paradigm around representation and what it means to be African. “It’s something I feel very deeply about. It’s my goal to be selective in the projects I work on and the characters I portray.”

N’yongo later disclosed that her experience shooting Black Panther and her speech at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood event inspired her to create her children’s book, Sulwe.

Later in the event, Paramount Pictures debuted two special clips from A Quiet Place Day One – allowing viewers to get a taste of Lupita’s #BlackGirlMagic in the upcoming film. “This film lends itself to a new cinematic experience. There’s something about this type of film that brings everyone closer, as you’re watching it. The sound design is so beautiful and is definitely something viewers will not know what to expect.”

“A Quiet Place: Day One” is an anticipated addition to the American cinematic landscape, representing the third installment in the “A Quiet Place” film series. This apocalyptic horror film, distinguished as both a prequel and a spin-off, is crafted under the direction of Michael Sarnoski, who also co-authored the narrative with John Krasinski. The film features an esteemed ensemble cast including Lupita Nyong’o, Joseph Quinn, and Alex Wolff, with Djimon Hounsou returning to reprise his role from “A Quiet Place Part II” (2020).

A Quiet Place: Day One’ will debut exclusively in theaters, Dolby Cinema, and IMAX on June 28, 2024.

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Ny Coulson & Waight Way Films Gear Up For The Fall Release Of Truth Be Told Thriller/Drama Movie



Ny Coulson, writer and director, along with Waight Way Films presents Truth Be Told, a drama/thriller movie coming this fall. Nyasia and Leo are lifelong lovers who find themselves entangled in madness with Big Hush. The film is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Read more below on Truth Be Told starring Lillie Mae.

In the chilling shadows of a story untold, “Truth Be Told,” the latest masterpiece by visionary writer and director Ny Coulson, beckons audiences into a labyrinth of suspense, danger, and undying love. Set against a backdrop that blurs the lines between reality and secrets, this cinematic journey is poised to captivate hearts and minds in the fall of 2024.

At the heart of this riveting narrative is Leo (Darrelle Brown) (played with a compelling depth), a man driven by an unyielding quest to save Nyasia (Lillie Mae Jones), his estranged co-star and the love he thought he lost. Their paths, intertwined by fate and a shared past, lead them on a treacherous journey where danger lurks at every turn, and the truth is more elusive than ever.

As Leo delves deeper into the abyss to pull Nyasia from the brink, he uncovers a shattering secret that she has guarded with her life—a secret that could either bind them forever or tear them apart in the blink of an eye. With every step, the stakes soar higher, pushing them into a corner where only trust and love can pave the way forward.

But their quest is far from a lonely battle. A constellation of characters, each with their own motives and shadows, weave into their lives, complicating their journey with intrigue, betrayal, and unforeseen alliances. These figures, magnificently brought to life by a stellar ensemble cast, add layers of complexity to a tale already rich with emotion and suspense.

As danger escalates and the past comes roaring back to life, Leo and Nyasia find themselves at the crossroads of their destinies. Forced to confront their deepest fears and the demons that have haunted them, their love rekindles, burning brighter with every challenge, a beacon in the darkest of nights.

“Truth Be Told” is not just a story of survival; it is a testament to the indomitable spirit of love, a thrilling exploration of the secrets we keep, and the truths that set us free. Ny Coulson has woven a tapestry so intricate and moving that it promises to leave audiences on the edge of their seats, breathless until the very last frame.

Prepare to be enthralled as “Truth Be Told” unravels its mysteries and reveals its secrets. This fall, witness a film that redefines the boundaries of suspense and romance, a journey that will linger in your heart and mind long after the credits roll. The truth, they say, will set you free. But are you ready for what “Truth Be Told” has to unveil?

Watch “A Wrap” video –

For more on Truth Be Told – 

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Darkchild Introduces Alienz Alive Label




Super producer, rapper, and songwriter Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins joins the Black Music Month announcement conversation with the reveal of a new record label called Alienz Alive. As outlined in the mission statement found on their official website: AA is a collective of purpose driven creators alive in Christ that build community, develop artists, foster dialogue, and encourage storytelling that is honest, pursues truth, and glorifies God. Standing ten toes down on Romans 12:2, we are chosen to serve, challenged to grow, and destined for greatness. The premiere roster includes Jon Keith, GAWVI, IMRSQD Alex Jean, and TJ Carroll.

Speaking to Medium Creative Agency in an exclusive press statement, Jerkins reveals:

“When I first thought about launching a new company, I knew I had to do something that reflected my faith. What’s crazy, and people might not know this; I was rapping in church as a kid. I was also featured on Kirk Franklin’s Revolution so this is a full circle moment for me because now I’m doing something revolutionary by launching this label. Alienz Alive is a collaborative community of creatives that are Christ-centered where artist development is key. We encourage our artists to use their gifts to uplift and inspire. Sonically speaking the influences are Hip Hop, R&B, and Indie Rock. As long as it glorifies God and it’s dope, all are welcome.”

Alienz Alive is a label established in 2022 by Grammy-winning producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. Inspired by the transformative power of faith, Alienz Alive empowers artists who are “ten toes down” in their commitment to living a life renewed in Christ. Alienz Alive fosters the creation of music that connects, inspires and uplifts, all while elevating the honest stories of their artists. This isn’t just music, it’s a movement.

Stream/watch the most recent releases from Alienz Alive below and expect more signings to be announced in the near future.

Jon Keith -“Bags”

GAWVI – “Into The Atmostfear”

IMRSQD – “Don’t Do Molly”

Alex Jean – “I Need Faith”

TJ Carroll – “I Rather”

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