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AjTheFlannelGOD Loves A “BeautifulLady” In New Visual



"AjTheFlannelGOD BeautifulLady Video"

Atlanta based rising rapper AjTheFlannelGOD is putting his musical career in full gear. Returning to the music scene with the official music video for his “BeautifulLady” single, he is preparing to have the most successful year of his career musically. With the backing of his independent label 93 Supreme based out of ATL, FlannelGOD serves up an impressive visual coming off the release of his most recent project Love Is War that is currently available on all major streaming platforms. The Detroit native, showcases his versatility as a recording artist and songwriter in “BeautifulLady”, letting the world know that the motor city has a new budding star on the way.

Since making his debut into the music industry in 2018 with his debut mixtape WTFISAFLANNELGOD, he has made it a point to drop music consistently. Influenced heavily by Tobi Lou, Childish Gambino, Kanye West and the late XXXTENTACION you will hear an infusion of all of these original sounds in FlannelGOD’s music. In the opening minutes of his new music video, you will see the up and coming emcee with some of his closest friends and music buddies having a disagreement before they ban together in unity. Showing the importance of sticking together, the 93 Supreme crew shows up in full force, rocking an all black attire.

Featured on the song and music video, is 93 Supreme co-founder and rapper Tron Sagas, who can be seen spitting his verses on stage following his partner in crime. Performing for an intimate crowd, the two have an electric chemistry that can be seen in this music video throughout. What makes this visual stand out is the raw creativity, creative director Moji Olayinka and videographer OGUncleSkipand were able to exude for AjTheflannelGOD. He is on a whole different level in the “BeautfiulLady”music video.

Watch AjTheFlannelGOD’s newest release below featuring Tron Sagas.



Arkansas artist Buddy Lo releases new music ‘Lost Hope’



Buddy Lo drops off his new single “Lost Hope” where he catches your ear with his unique style and raw and reality based flow stay tuned for more….

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Fredo Bang’s Artist Lit Yoshi Drops Tape & Interview From Behind Bars – “Life of an Ape”




Fredo Bang’s artist, Lit Yoshi, drops a brand new mixtape, LIfe of an Ape today. The incarcerated Baton Rouge rapper kept himself busy in the studio while on house arrest awaiting trial and today is unleashing 21 tracks of pure street fire.

Life of an Ape is light on features – Fredo Bang, Lil Loaded, Sevenhardawy, Big 30, Pooh Shiesty and his own artist, Hotboydue have the honors – but Yoshi has no trouble carrying this project alone. He is definitely not short on subject matter as he waits on decisions filed by his recently-hired new attorney.

Lit Yoshi rose to fame alongside Fredo Bang on the banger, Again, after signing to the former’s Bang Biz Ent label at only 19. Yoshi followed that hit with Straight Facts which garnered him his first 1M views on his own merit. 2021 saw Fredo and Yoshi arrested in Miami after the roommates were the subjects of a Federal search. Lit Yoshi currently resides at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

Yoshi’s manager was able to catch up with the rapper by phone recently to discuss his new project and how he’s holding up. You can read that interview below.

Lit Yoshi Interview

1)  Why did you name the project Life of an Ape? 

If you know me you know I represent those three letters TBG for those that don’t know what that means. That’s ‘top boy gorilla”  which my uncle IVY started. RIP IVY . However I got a song on the project called life of an ape that will give you a better insight on why I named the project life of an ape.

2)  Tell us about your features on the project?

Self-explanatory them my brothers and right now it’s all about family. Maybe later I can get into bigger features. But all we got is us right now. By the way go on YouTube and check out my 1st signed Artists on Head Youngin records Hotboydue.  We have a lot of entertainment and a lot of talent.

3)  Tell us how you came up with the 21 tracks on the project? 

I was on house arrest so the only thing to do was go to the studio and come back home so I spent a lot of my time in the studio.

4)  How do you feel about your headspace right now? 

I need them to know as a man I stand tall and I’m going to make it. Also keep me in your prayers. I have more court dates coming. I’m back in court to make things right. This has helped me open my eyes to see what is real and what is fake around me. All we got is us god and God

5)  What’s your favorite song on the project? 

Basically all of them but I’m gonna go with Head Youngin because it’s featuring the best upcoming rapper out of Baton Rouge Louisiana right now.

6). What does Head Youngin mean to you? 

Head Youngin is symbolic of me being on top young. Meaning my maturity level ain’t equal to the average person my age. I know some 40 to 50 year old kids. I also know some 18, 19 year old grown men.

7) What do you want people to know about from listening to your project? 

I want people to know who I am. I want people to know about me. I want people to know when they listen to me they’re listening to some real shit. I want them to know I am the real deal. I’m not a fake.

8) Tell me about your upbringing? 

My real name is Meyoshi Edwards. I grew up with both my mother and father. Middle child to two sisters. I grew up playing basketball in high school. But I always love going to be in the streets. I got expelled from two high schools. But lucky for me I was still able to get a real high school diploma and 2020.

9) What was your life after high school? 

I started rapping when I was 18 years old. I didn’t take rapping seriously, I did it for fun. My uncle IVY, the owner of TBG, put me in the label. On the label was Fredo Bang, Boulevard Quick and G Money. One day I noticed all three of them were in jail. And I was the only one left to represent the label. So I started rapping. But as soon as they came out I was back to being in the streets. But after being in jail two or three times. I decided to take wrapping seriously. The streets are no longer for me. I got with Fredo Bang . Did a couple songs with him. Saw my first million views on YouTube on my track Again ft Freddo. So I signed to Bang Biz as Fredo‘s first artist.

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RealLifeSteph – Manic Panic [Official Audio]



New Fire Alert! The emerging artist Steph still out here creating the vibes! The rising artist Steph's new joint "MANIC PANIC" audio is here on all streaming platforms with a lyric video on the way! Steph is showing his true artistry in his latest new music. Not your regular R&B artist, his style ranges from classic R&B to singer/songwriter vibes to pop rock with rap influences. You heard heard it all through the past few joints he's been giving us. So free spirited & with the a voice like his, it just takes you away and put you in another zone. His storytelling has gotten so much better as an artist. Since his last release, he's just constantly elevating the his sound.

Since Steph graduated with his public relations degree at West Virginia State University, he's been moving more like a brand than an artist making some power moves with his career. He's a fun artist & you feel him when he speaks. Steph is always giving out positive messages through his music. This year he's more focused on bringing attention to his music exposing his self to the masses. While putting together his next few releases which are coming pretty fast one after another but we definitely gonna enjoy them as they drop. Steph is ready to emerge as he looks to lead the new sound. The way he incorporates pop rock vibes with hip hop is just pure sauce. Rockstar vibes but smoother as he talking his truth on this joint. This joint is a straight vibe Make sure you tuned in. Get with him on social media @RealLifeSteph & stay for the ride!

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