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AjTheFlannelGOD Loves A “BeautifulLady” In New Visual



"AjTheFlannelGOD BeautifulLady Video"

Atlanta based rising rapper AjTheFlannelGOD is putting his musical career in full gear. Returning to the music scene with the official music video for his “BeautifulLady” single, he is preparing to have the most successful year of his career musically. With the backing of his independent label 93 Supreme based out of ATL, FlannelGOD serves up an impressive visual coming off the release of his most recent project Love Is War that is currently available on all major streaming platforms. The Detroit native, showcases his versatility as a recording artist and songwriter in “BeautifulLady”, letting the world know that the motor city has a new budding star on the way.

Since making his debut into the music industry in 2018 with his debut mixtape WTFISAFLANNELGOD, he has made it a point to drop music consistently. Influenced heavily by Tobi Lou, Childish Gambino, Kanye West and the late XXXTENTACION you will hear an infusion of all of these original sounds in FlannelGOD’s music. In the opening minutes of his new music video, you will see the up and coming emcee with some of his closest friends and music buddies having a disagreement before they ban together in unity. Showing the importance of sticking together, the 93 Supreme crew shows up in full force, rocking an all black attire.

Featured on the song and music video, is 93 Supreme co-founder and rapper Tron Sagas, who can be seen spitting his verses on stage following his partner in crime. Performing for an intimate crowd, the two have an electric chemistry that can be seen in this music video throughout. What makes this visual stand out is the raw creativity, creative director Moji Olayinka and videographer OGUncleSkipand were able to exude for AjTheflannelGOD. He is on a whole different level in the “BeautfiulLady”music video.

Watch AjTheFlannelGOD’s newest release below featuring Tron Sagas.


Ha$e Releases Debut Album “Sealab Radio” In Time For The Summer



Ha$e Releases Debut Album

As Atlanta is known for producing some of the hottest rap acts in the game including Lil baby, Young Thug, and Future, a new rapper by the name of Ha$e is ready to carry the torch. The Atlanta rapper has officially released his debut album titled Sealab Radio, just in time for the summer. As he is the first ever signee to independent label 93 Supreme under the direction of Frankie Smalls, he is what Baby Keem is to PgLang. A force to be reckoned with lyrically and sonically, Ha$e is looking forward to joining the ranks of the best to ever touch the mic.

Within 11 songs, Ha$e delivers an impressive full body of work for his fans and supporters to indulge in. Featuring artists such as label founder Tron Sagas, and labelmate Willie Mack, you will also hear Todd Casanova, Jai, and EhrickTheGemini accompanying Ha$e on this release. With grungy vocals, spit fiery lyrics and steadfast sound, this ATL rapper is looking forward to bringing his music to the forefront of the entertainment world. One song that stands out the most on Sealab Radio, is track 3 titled “Tequila Wolf” (Remix) featuring EhrickTheGemini. As it is the remix to his 2021 popular single “Tequila Wolf”, this version takes his original sound to new heights.

For this to be Ha$e’s debut album, it is clear that he has what it takes to make it big as a recording artist. He is determined to show the world how special his music is one release at a time. Tap in with Ha$e by streaming his new debut album Sealab Radio, and give this budding rapper a chance.

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New Jersey’s Very Own Apryl Releases New “It Was You” Single



New Jersey inspirational singer Apryl has an important and positive message that the world needs to hear. Finding healing and solace from past traumas, she has poured her heart and soul into her latest single “It Was You”. Reminding listeners that you are not defined by your past, she is showing the world how to take back your power from those that may have tried to break you mentaly, emotionally, and physically. By the end of the song, you will hear the Jersey-based singer triumphantly being vulnerable in order to achieve a level of mental freedom she has yearned for.

Growing up in a musical family in Dallas, Texas, Apryl, found success as a child alongside her siblings performing at a local weekly gospel show that aired on Access TV in the 80’s. By the time she entered college, she was opening up with rap groups in the Midwest for Mary J. Blige, setting her horizons on becoming a musical star. To learn more about the business side of music, this inspirational singer interned with Jive and BMG Records, sparking her passion for songwriting. But as she was involved with 9/11 she decided to shift gears to social work so she can have a more direct impact on the world and her children’s life. In the process she was inspired to embark on her own self healing journey, shedding light on traumas that have plagued her life since childhood. This led Apryl to writing “It Was You”, a release of inward emotions and turmoil that comes with sexual assault and molestation.

Having been violated since the age of 4, having a safe place where she can creatively express herself, took the form of music. “It Was You” is a reminder to take back your power in situations where you are deemed powerless. Gant prides herself on gaining clarity on God’s purpose for her life and the ways she can help others heal from their traumatic past. Feeling more empowered than ever, Apryl Gant is ready to provide a healing soundtrack for the world to indulge in.

Press play below to stream Apryl’s “It Was You” and indulge in some encouraging words.

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Rawrrzone Lifestyle : A look into B.A.L Cosmetics Co. & Their CEO Roberta Lampley aka Venomiss



  • The music industry let alone the hip-hop scene is a highly competitive place, since the rise of the genre in the 1970s women have had to work twice as hard to make a dynasty. We have seen Nikki Minaj, Meg The Stallion, Eve, Missy Elliot and more make contributions to the industry and produce amazing products. However, the media does not do enough to highlight females in the hip-hop industry. Allow us to re-introduce to you to Roberta Lampley aka Venomiss.

    We were introduced to Venomiss back in 2018 after the release of her project No Favors , No Regrets, No Apologies where we learned how deadly her pen really was. What we didn’t know was there was another side to the International performer. In the height of the pandemic, Lampley didn’t lay in wait for the world to open up to make a difference she started right away with a dream and a pallette. B.A.L Cosmetics was born within the first half of the pandemic with one goal in mind to amplify their mission “Women do not come in just 3 colors, shapes and sizes.” The brand was created for the modern women to empower them to turn off the responsibilities and turn on the fire inside them to work on their confidence and their love for themselves.

    With over 10,000 hits on their website and two years Lampley and B.A.L Cosmetics have become a household name creating an army of #BoldBabes . Bold Babes are the women who have been positively impacted by the brand and its mission. Women everywhere have been using the phrase #boldbabes in order to show off their glow and the positive feelings the brand has given to them. Some notable #Boldbabes include Dr. Casay Vaughn of Franchise TV and Radio , Jasmine Sanders, and more.

    But is it just the products that make the bold babe, or is it the motto?

    The magic behind this is the thought and dedication that Lampley has put into each product. With the motto there are more than three shapes and sizes the same with color. She has taken the time with her customers and developed lashes, foundation, palettes and lipsticks that compliment women of every color and size. Speaking from experience, we never seen a CEO that will take the time to help figure out what foundation will be right for the client, or even dedicate time and products to collaborate with other businesses. The magic of the brand is all Lampley, she has put the needs of her clients before her own. Even in her darkest she still continues to help empower other women. Not only that she continues to innovate the brand not only by making products that are safe for us to wear, but respect the values and restrictions and of course any allergies. The lip products are halal certified and vegan friendly. For those who do not know what that is A Halal certified product means that the product is permissible or acceptable in accordance with Islamic law. The lip products also contain vitamin E for lip conditioning and softening and their skin and body products contain natural ingredients giving the consumer the ultimate experience.

    With B.A.L Cosmetics Co. is reaching their two year Brandiversary it only is appropriate for us to give Roberta Aka Venomiss the roses she deserves. The industry needs more women like her to continue empowering women to love themselves instead of tearing it down.

    Here’s how you can support Bal Cosmetics

    Shop Products at

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