AjTheFlannelGOD Loves A “BeautifulLady” In New Visual



Atlanta based rising rapper AjTheFlannelGOD is putting his musical career in full gear. Returning to the music scene with the official music video for his “BeautifulLady” single, he is preparing to have the most successful year of his career musically. With the backing of his independent label 93 Supreme based out of ATL, FlannelGOD serves up an impressive visual coming off the release of his most recent project Love Is War that is currently available on all major streaming platforms. The Detroit native, showcases his versatility as a recording artist and songwriter in “BeautifulLady”, letting the world know that the motor city has a new budding star on the way.

Since making his debut into the music industry in 2018 with his debut mixtape WTFISAFLANNELGOD, he has made it a point to drop music consistently. Influenced heavily by Tobi Lou, Childish Gambino, Kanye West and the late XXXTENTACION you will hear an infusion of all of these original sounds in FlannelGOD’s music. In the opening minutes of his new music video, you will see the up and coming emcee with some of his closest friends and music buddies having a disagreement before they ban together in unity. Showing the importance of sticking together, the 93 Supreme crew shows up in full force, rocking an all black attire.

Featured on the song and music video, is 93 Supreme co-founder and rapper Tron Sagas, who can be seen spitting his verses on stage following his partner in crime. Performing for an intimate crowd, the two have an electric chemistry that can be seen in this music video throughout. What makes this visual stand out is the raw creativity, creative director Moji Olayinka and videographer OGUncleSkipand were able to exude for AjTheflannelGOD. He is on a whole different level in the “BeautfiulLady”music video.

Watch AjTheFlannelGOD’s newest release below featuring Tron Sagas.



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