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Ashthon Jones Pop Out (Official Video) @AshthonJones



Watch this brand new Ashthon Jones Pop Out Music Video!

Grammy Award-winning singer/ songwriter, Ashthon Jones is back with a brand new record entitled Pop Out. For her catchy new single, Ashthon teams up with a hit producer by the name of Tasha Catour. And the pair created an ultra-fun and seductive smash hit that’s the perfect vibe for the ladies to bump all year long. Never one to act shy, the talented songstress lets her playful and energetic personality shine bright. This new Ashthon Jones Pop Out record is super infectious and will have listeners singing along while tapping the repeat button.

With her single out now on all streaming platforms, Ashthon’s also sharing a visual treatment for her new record. The talented songstress worked with the director Georgia Kidd on her new music video. They came up with a dope concept to help bring the energetic and sensual vibes of the song to life. When it came time to shoot her new Pop Out music video, Ashthon jumped on a flight to Australia with her team of dancers to have a little fun while filming the visual. In her new visual, Ashthon shows off her amazing dance skills with some flirtatious choreography. It’s a fun music video to enjoy watching while vibing out to her catchy new single. Go ahead and press play so you can check out this latest music video from Ashthon for yourself! And don’t forget to save the record on your Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal playlists!

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West Coast Rapper Its H.I.M. is Bringing a Fresh New Sound to Music!



From Rags to Raps: Its H.I.M., Bay Area’s Finest, Representing the West Coast

Its H.I.M., a Bay Area native now based in San Diego, embodies the West Coast spirit, transcending from rags to raps. Unchanged from Cali to Washington, he delivers a unique blend of old school flow with a new age vibe, showcasing quality over quantity. A true jack of many trades, Its H.I.M. offers styles for every closet.

Hailing from the Bay Area and currently holding it down in San Diego, Its H.I.M. is the epitome of West Coast resilience and authenticity. His journey from humble beginnings, going “from rags to raps,” reflects in every lyric and record he creates. Unwavering in his commitment to quality music that’s true to himself, Its H.I.M. continues to uplift his roots from Cali.

What sets Its H.I.M. apart is not just his lyrical prowess but his dedication to quality over quantity. His music echoes the sentiment of a seasoned artist, blending an old school flow seamlessly with a contemporary vibe to keep his sound fresh and inclusive. Its H.I.M. doesn’t follow trends; he sets them!

A true polymath, Its H.I.M. is a jack of many trades, offering a diverse palette of styles for every musical closet. His versatility allows him to navigate through different sounds, making each track a distinct piece of art.

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Big Boosie Da Beat Bully Is Making An Impact on Hip-Hop Culture “One Forever ft. D.E.V.O.”



Explore the fascinating journey of Bryan Austin, aka Big Boosie Da Beat Bully, as he navigates the heart of Pelion, SC, rising from humble beginnings to become a notable figure in the music realm.

Dive deep into the multifaceted journey of Bryan Austin, uncovering the layers of his resilience and the mastery embedded within his musical creations. From the roots of Pelion to the zenith of the music industry, explore the symphony that is Big Boosie Da Beat Bully’s life.

Go beyond the beats and delve into the impactful message embedded in Big Boosie’s latest single, “One Forever ft. D.E.V.O.,” shaping a new narrative in Hip-Hop culture.



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