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Covert Operations Artist (I)deal Releases New Single “Crown” Featuring Benny The Butcher @idealmwh @GetBenny



(I)deal’s latest single and video “The Crown,” featuring Benny the Butcher and October London is a sonic and lyrical tour de force. “I’m the mind over-matter, rather, a rhyme-over rapper type,” explains (I)deal.

Over a neck-breaking Pooney-produced drum heavy beat, the two emcees trade boisterous rhymes and punchlines proclaiming their spot on top of the hiphop pantheon for the foreseeable future. Coupled with crooner October London’s emphatic radio-ready hook, the song speaks volumes about (I)deal’s intent and purpose moving forward toward the release of his first solo full-length album, “Scatterbrained,” set for an April release. With features from not only Benny the Butcher but Casual, Mick Jenkins, Palmer Squares, and the late great Gift of Gab, (I)deal looks to dominate 2023 hiphop charts and playlists worldwide. “Working with Benny Conway and WSG has been an honor. In my opinion these dudes saved hiphop,” says (I)deal.

Hailing from the same place on the map that brought the world Michael Jackson, (I)deal is a genre bending/blending troubadour of an emcee. Having spent the past decade as part of the independent Chicago-based band Midwest Hype, (I)deal has played over 500 shows across the country and Europe. In 2019, he went solo dropping his “WILDLIFE” EP which featured his uniquely lyrical flow over a beautiful backdrop of jazz-tinged hiphop/funk courtesy of musicians such as Tony Austin and Miles Mosley of Kamasi Washington’s touring band, among others. He then joined Conway the Machine opening for his LWGYK World Tour European leg and is currently on tour opening for Griselda’s very own Rome Streetz.

“2023 is my year. Waited my whole life for this shit. Now that I got my foot in the door I am going to kick it off the hinges,” exclaims (I)deal. Watch the “The Crown” now on Youtube or listen on Spotify.



How Keal K’s “Don’t Answer” Can Have Her Answering To “Banger Of The Year” Claims



In the vibrant tapestry of the Independent Rap scene, Keal K stands out as a luminary in her own right. Her latest release, “Don’t Answer,” serves not only as a testament to her prowess but also as a clarion call to all who dare to listen.

With “Don’t Answer,” Keal K masterfully weaves together sharp, incisive lyrics with an irresistible beat, creating a sonic landscape that demands attention. It’s a track that resonates with the pulse of the streets, destined to become an anthem for the bold and the fearless.

Yet, “Don’t Answer” is just the latest chapter in Keal K’s musical journey. From the introspective depth of “Lost Ones” to the fiery energy of “Fuego,” her catalog is a testament to her versatility and artistry. Each track is a window into her world, inviting listeners to explore the depths of her soul.

What truly sets Keal K apart, however, is her unapologetic authenticity. Whether she’s spitting fire on stage or pouring her heart out in the studio, she remains true to herself, unafraid to bare her soul for all to see.

As “Don’t Answer” continues to reverberate through the streets, it’s clear that Keal K is poised for greatness. With her unwavering dedication and undeniable talent, she’s ready to leave an indelible mark on the rap game. So keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on the horizon – because Keal K is just getting started, and the best is yet to come.

Listen to Keal K’s fire tracks here:

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GBaby A Million Unleashes Heat with “Da City” Featuring DJ Tree Gotti & OG HUSTLE



GBaby A Million showcases his versatility and lyrical prowess in his latest smash single, “Da City,” featured on the album “Concrete Rose.” Teaming up with DJ Tree Gotti and OG HUSTLE, GBaby delivers an energetic anthem that resonates with the spirit of city life.

“Da City” is more than just a rap song—it’s a vivid portrayal of the culture, struggles, and triumphs found within city streets. With dynamic verses and a catchy beat, GBaby A Million, OG HUSTLE, and DJ Tree Gotti paint a picture of unity, resilience, and pride, capturing the essence of those who hustle and grind in the concrete jungle.

Listeners will find themselves nodding along to the infectious rhythm while absorbing the raw honesty and authenticity of the lyrics. GBaby A Million proves once again why he’s a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop scene, leaving audiences eager for more.

Don’t miss out on the fire vibes of “Da City” and be sure to check out GBaby A Million for more electrifying tracks.


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Wynn Trip 2 Daygo ft. B-Rell (Official Video)



Check out this fire new single, Wynn Trip 2 Daygo feat. B-Rell!

Wynn Trip 2 Daygo
Up and coming West Coast hip hop artist Wynn invites you to come take a ride through his hometown, San Diego, with his latest release. As an independent artist on his grind, Wynn has definitely made a name for himself with his undeniable talent. This new record from Wynn, Trip 2 Daygo, is a hit collaboration that finds the young musician linking up with rap artist B-Rell. Trip 2 Daygo offers up a fun and chill vibe with an infectious hook that’s sure to have you singing right along with the lyrics. It’s the perfect kind of West Coast vibe to kick off spring with and then cruise all through summer to.

Shortly after releasing his new single, Wynn followed it up with unveiling the song’s official visual treatment. He called on the director JuiceBeTrippin to shoot the clean music video and help bring the song to life in a visual format. Go ahead and press play so you can take a Trip 2 Daygo in this new music video from Wynn down. You can also check out the single on Apple Music. And don’t forget to also follow him on Instagram, @d.wynn619 to stay caught up on his upcoming releases.

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