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Graffiti Fresh Drops New Album “Post Season”



A southern 808s influenced, born and bred in Greensboro, NC: enters Graffiti Fresh, the Founder and CEO of Money Hungry Music. A main assumption about Southern music is, it’s just trap. Trap is an arm to a much much bigger monster and that is what Graffiti represents. Heavy drums, deep cut melodies, stories about the good and bad during the struggles, and the lessons you get from the unfortunate losses. His debut project in 2016 ”Addiction to Progression” was a starting point to what he has become now. With that project he showed that not only is he deep rooted, but he’s hungry and waiting for that moment to prove himself. After the success of “Addiction To Progression”, he went on to allow the other artists of Money Hungry to drop over the years, totaling to 5 projects. Now Money Hungry is an entity with the members emerging as popular local artists. In partnering under an umbrella with big local designer brand, Haus Of Maccadü, Graffiti is eager to show the growth in his music. Although he dropped singles, features, had countless shows and appearances over the 4 year span, no one has heard Graffiti Fresh in Album Mode in years. Now is the time he shows everyone what’s been in the vault and he’s not planning on taking any breaks any time soon.

The postseason in sports is a big goal & aspirations for teams, players & the entire organization. It’s a “go hard or go home” environment when teams finally show what they’ve become after the long regular season. This album is that. Pure motivation for those in the “Post Season” of their life.


82 Games (prod. By. Gasky)✅ 

Jump Like Jordan ft Lang Lo (prod by Kill Bill)✅

Cruise Music ft Quilly Johnson (prod by Arethis)✅

S.B.X.S ft Lang Lo (prod. by KrissiO)✅

Watch (prod by nineteen94)

Winners Only (prod by Kill Bill)✅ 

10 Toes ft. Tuge x Baige O’Bannon (Bravestarr)✅

Maccadü Toast

Champagne ft Tatiana Carrion (prod by Kill Bill)✅

Cup Of You ft Quilly Johnson (prod by Beat Demon)✅

Love It ft. EATDABREAD (prod by KrissiO)✅

Game 7 (prod. by nineteen94)✅

Exit Interview(prod. by KrissiO)✅

SOCIALS: @GraffitiFresh (IG,Twitter,SC)


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Big Wave Pryce Talks Inspiration Behind New Track “I Could Never”



blog photo 2

Big Wave Pryce is a Bronx-based artist who is quickly on the rise. He just dropped a new single titled “I Could Never,” and it’s a song that reveals his talents and true potential as an artist. On the catchy track, Big Wave Pryce finds his rythym and confidently portrays himself as someone who’s getting to the money. He remains focused and dedicated throughout the song, maintaining an upbeat vibe overall while providing a powerful delivery.

The rising talent said in a recent interview that his passion for making music comes from his desire to want to make an impact. It’s clear to see in his music that his infectious energy and overall upbeat vibe can shift a mood or how someone feels towards his music.

With his unique sound and distinctive voice, he’s paving his own lane and letting his work ethic speak for itself. When asked about one reason why he’s passionate about making music, Big Wave Pryce responded, “My passion is to not die regular. I want to be impactful. I find myself listening to songs to help enhance a mood or to alter a mood. If I can be that for someone I’d die happy.”

“I Could Never” serves as a great introduction for just what the artist is truly capable of. The song has seen much success on YouTube over the last few days, and already has amassed over 15,000 streams on Spotify. His prior release “Can’t Swim” is also doing well and serves as another testament to Big Wave Pryce’s capabilities.
As far as what’s next for him, he’s planning on releasing more music and more videos. He also plans to release an EP that will drop next year! In the meantime, stay tuned with what he has going on and stream “I Could Never,” here. Also, follow him on social media!

IG: @bigwavepryce Twitter :@surfdontswim

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California Artist Peace Maker Drops New Album “Peace Be With You”




Jose Paz was born in Hayward, California and currently resides in the Bay Area. He’s been making music since 2018 and has dropped 2 albums. His biggest accomplishment to date was in 2019 he flew to NY to perform for Jadakiss. His most recent album “Peace Be With You” dropped 9/7/20 and he recorded it, mixed, and mastered it in his bedroom studio.

According to Peace Maker:
“So my last name is Paz, which is Spanish for peace. So it’s like I’m with you, the listeners. One key track is You’ll Never Know My Name. It’s my dads perspective growing up without his dad, going through life as a kid, teenager, young adult, to marrying my mom and having me. Another key track is Always on My Phone. How social media affects relationships, and self esteem. Another key track is Falling Star. How you can wish for someone but they end up burning you in the end.”

Listen now:

IG: @510PeaceMaker –
Twitter: @510PeaceMaker –

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