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I Luv U, But Nah: Sombeaux and Museigo’s Upcoming EP



In the vibrant heart of New Jersey, two musical pioneers are about to shatter the norms of sound. Sombeaux and Museigo, the dynamic duo, are gearing up to release their collaborative EP, “I Luv U, But Nah,” on September 29th. This blog will take you on a journey through their unique sonic experiment, shedding light on their musical fusion and the impact they’ve made.

Describing Sombeaux and Museigo is like capturing lightning in a bottle. Museigo, the male Brazilian and Portuguese Sexxy Red, delivers ruthless lyrics peppered with profound gems. Sombeaux is the sonic scientist, a modern Renaissance man known as the Director, the Business Man, the Professor, and the Father of sound exploration.

“I Luv U, But Nah” is a bold departure from the ordinary. It’s an exploration of new melodies and uncharted sounds—a celebration of pure sonic vibrations. This EP defies categorization, blending elements of hip-hop, R&B, and Jersey Club into an indescribable experience.

Sombeaux and Museigo’s two-year hiatus led them to form new partnerships and establish “The Kitchen,” a groundbreaking studio in Union, NJ. Here, they’ve welcomed fellow artists on a creative journey, hosting showcases that empower emerging talents.

Museigo’s recent performances, including Law’s WAWA Video Release Party at Sloppy Vinyl, have been turning heads. Sombeaux’s journey led him to open for heavyweights like Rico Nasty and Gunna at Montclair’s Slammin Spring Concert in 2021.

Their work, especially “Never Left,” has been met with high praise. Fans and critics alike are hailing it as “HAARD! Fire! Lit!” The EP is poised to make a significant impact in the music industry.

Sombeaux and Museigo’s music reflects their life experiences. They share tales of high-speed chases and hustling, with Som providing for his family and Mu navigating the streets, aiming to leave certain aspects behind.

At its core, “I Luv U, But Nah” represents unity. It’s about the come-up, a return with renewed vigor, and, above all, collaboration and support in the music industry.

In the words of Museigo, “If you think about it literally, we’re all just busted nuts.” And in Sombeaux’s own words, “My supporters already know what it is. Right back to it like I never left. Just glad I’m able to cook up with my brother, Mu, get inspired and drop music that people want and didn’t even know they needed.”

So, mark your calendars for September 29th, as Sombeaux and Museigo are about to drop a musical bombshell that will leave you craving more. Don’t miss out on the vibrations.

To stay updated on Sombeaux and Museigo’s journey and their EP release, follow them on their social media platforms:

Instagram: @sombeaux and @museigo_gt
Sombeaux on Spotify
Museigo on Spotify



Chinalizzle’s “Martes a Martes” is a Must-Have for Your Reggaeton Playlist



Chinalizzle, a rising artist hailing from Newark, New Jersey, has recently dropped her third Latin record, “Martes a Martes.” This release aims to give fans a deeper look into Chinalizzle’s identity within the reggaeton genre, showcasing more of her musical range.

Born and raised in Newark, Chinalizzle’s musical roots trace back to her Latin heritage. Growing up, she witnessed her dad playing the guitar and singing along to popular 2000s songs. Her love for both Spanish and English music became a driving force in her creative journey. Today, she finds inspiration in the way music videos were edited and conceptualized in the past.

Chinalizzle has hit notable milestones, including her first performance at Marbella Lounge in Newark and the success of her debut music video, “DM,” with over 4k views on YouTube. Despite having no promotion or marketing team, she has organically garnered over 2.2k streams in the current year.

Her musical style falls within urbano latino (Latin urban) and reggaeton. Chinalizzle draws from real-life events for her song ideas, often referencing old school and current reggaeton for inspiration. Her work has received positive feedback from DJ Drewski, the MVMT team, and NJ producer Cito on the beat.

As she looks forward to the release of “Martes a Martes” and future projects, Chinalizzle aims to represent Jersey in the Latin music scene. Follow her on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to stay tuned to her musical journey:

TikTok: @chinalizzle
Instagram: @chinalizzle
YouTube: Chinalizzle

In her own words, “Tu Chinita linda,” Chinalizzle invites you to explore her musical world, where authenticity takes center stage, and every beat tells a story.

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Big Boosie Da Beat Bully Is Making An Impact on Hip-Hop Culture “One Forever ft. D.E.V.O.”



Explore the fascinating journey of Bryan Austin, aka Big Boosie Da Beat Bully, as he navigates the heart of Pelion, SC, rising from humble beginnings to become a notable figure in the music realm.

Dive deep into the multifaceted journey of Bryan Austin, uncovering the layers of his resilience and the mastery embedded within his musical creations. From the roots of Pelion to the zenith of the music industry, explore the symphony that is Big Boosie Da Beat Bully’s life.

Go beyond the beats and delve into the impactful message embedded in Big Boosie’s latest single, “One Forever ft. D.E.V.O.,” shaping a new narrative in Hip-Hop culture.



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Take A Ride With Sugarhill Ddot If You “My Baby”




Slide through the city with a carefree mind. Sugarhill Ddot is back with an embracing single entitled My Baby. Over a balance of airy acoustic guitar and sizzling, hi-hats, Ddot adds a playful jingle and car metaphors within the chorus. Speaking straight from the heart, the lyrics hold nothing back when it comes to love. Aside from his music, Ddot spends time giving back to his hometown Harlem community by hosting a thanksgiving food drive in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem. On the horizon Ddot has upcoming tour dates with fellow drill teen DD Osama. Ddot is fast becoming one of the most exciting performers in New York’s burgeoning drill scene. Stay tuned for more from the Priority Records signee and follow Sugarhill Ddot on Instagram, Audiomack, TikTok, and YouTube. Stream your copy of the single here and enjoy the audio below.

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