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(Music) @l3x Oliv3r – “Ch1ps”




@l3x Oliv3r is no stranger to darkness. Growing up in the crime-ridden town of Macon, Georgia, about an hour outside of Atlanta, the most he saw anyone achieve was a life sentence in a dead-end job. That was never enough for @l3x, he was always dreaming of the world beyond.


One day in his youth, @l3x discovered the video for ‘My Band’ by D12. He was mesmerized by their hilarious antics, the bravado of the music, and of course, the girls. The possibility of creating a living by having fun, doing crazy things, and making music set him on fire. Artists seemed to have the ultimate freedom, and he knew he could have it too. He began breathing to the rhythm of Eminem, absorbing the genius production of Kanye West, and embodying the day-to-day sentiments of trials and tribulations from his favorite rock bands. He found constant inspiration in the rapper DZK, whose prolific underground catalog got millions of listens. DZK’s genre-bending aesthetic and devotion to the darker side of life mirrored @l3x’s and showed him how to carve his path.


@l3x moved to Atlanta for college right after high school and started hustling by playing dozens and dozens of shows and handing out his music to anyone that would listen. He networked tirelessly, joined student organizations, and even became a member of several music-oriented university organizations. He poured the contents of his soul into his music and built up a following. When the university’s event board was looking for opening acts for Rick Ross, @l3x mentioned his music and everyone immediately chose him for an opening slot. But Rick Ross suffered a stroke before the show and canceled. Shortly afterward, @l3x got the opportunity to open up for Big Boi during a festival and that show was rained out.


@l3x had been excited to play with these two icons and the disappointment shook him to his core. He felt like the universe itself was against him. Haters called his music evil, vile, and demonic. Other Atlanta rappers that he admired quit the game and his courses needed more attention. He couldn’t break through, so he decided to take a break.


After graduation, @l3x threw himself into a career in finance. He began working an intense schedule that started at 9 am and ended somewhere between 2 and 5 am. This grueling schedule continued for two and a half years until @l3x began missing how connected and free he felt when he was making music. He took an easier job and got to work on Faust I, a tape he’s wrapping and plans to release in the coming months.


Whatever your mood is, @l3x will amplify it and be with you through it all. He combines the complex lyrical maneuvers of Tech N9ne with an intoxicating flow that’s reminiscent of Migos. The production style is dark, diverse, and futuristic and reminds one of the stylings of Kid Cudi or Travis Scott, but @l3x tackles subjects that aren’t typically explored in rap. Sure, he drinks too much, engages with too many promiscuous women, and smokes more hookah than any mortal should, but in the next breath, he’s quoting H.H. Holmes and digging into ideas of depression, insecurity, self-loathing, and abandonment. @l3x is unabashedly pessimistic. He weaves a loner’s narrative through enchanting choruses, a multi-syllabic rhyming style, and witty punchlines. His music is hot, smoky, and reckless. @l3x turns off the lights and invites you to sit in the dark with him and makes you want to.


Welcome to the next enigma of Hip-Hop music. Get ready to go so deep into hell that you’ll forget to care about heaven, and to get so high that you’ll forget hell ever existed. His music is hot, smoky, and reckless. It’s a quick overindulgence with someone you can’t keep your eyes off of. His rhymes are written on the small of your back, and they leave scars. It’s not for the timid, but for those that have smelled the devil’s breath and lived to tell the tale, it’s nothing short of magic. Be sure to connect with Alex Oliver on his website, social media, and digital music platforms.




(Video) Calboy feat. Skilla Baby – “Gang Time” @147Calboy



Chicago rapper Calboy has returned with the song and accompanying video for “Gang Time,” featuring Skilla Baby via his new independent imprint Loyalty & Co. “Gang Time” is available everywhere now, watch the video HERE.

In the visual, we see Calboy and Skilla Baby iced out, flaunting stacks of cash, as they rap back-to-back. “Gang time, I’m on the e-way with this bitch, she throwing up gang signs / Oh this your bitch, she gave me brain, she got a great mind / I’m drippy, drippy, fly as fuck, bitch I got hang time,” Calboy raps.

The Chevy Music-produced “Gang Time” follows Calboy’s last single “On My Own.” His recent music marks his exit from RCA Records and the launch of his independent music career, where he’s carving out his own path with imprint Loyalty N Co.

And he shows no signs of slowing down: in addition to his new album, he’s also working on a TV series. Along the way, he’s collaborated with some of the biggest names in the game, including Lil Wayne and T-Pain, and continues to deliver hit records that resonate with fans around the world.

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(Album) Nems – Rise of the Sliverbacks @NEMS_FYL



Coney Island’s Mayor Nems drops his first Album after getting his deal! The Brooklyn artist who has been grinding for Years has broken through the cracks! Nems who started out battle rapping early on in his career has consistently been working and making a name for himself. IN 2021 Nems caught viral success on his phrase “Bing Bong”. Shortly after that Nems would catch on fire through the industry and social media platforms. This past summer Nems sign a deal with Paul Rosenberg Goliath Records which did a deal with virgin Records. Now The Rise of the Silverbacks is here!!! produced by Scram Jones! Check it out

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Artist, Community Leader and Mental Health Advocate Mr. HUBB & Hip Hop Legend CL Smooth Release New Single “Grown Man Business” Off The Upcoming “Assassin” Soundtrack




“Mr. HUBB is a man on the New Jersey scene that is making it happen.” – HipHop-Vibe

New Jersey based community leader, mental health advocate and artist Mr HUBB aka Al-Tariq Best and Hip-Hop legend CL Smooth have come together to release their latest single “Grown Man Business” today, which will be featured on the upcoming soundtrack for Bruce Willis’ final film “Assassin” released earlier this year from Saban Films. This single follows Mr. HUBB’s most recently released single “Legacy” featuring fellow ThatHUBBLIFE ENT artist Penelope that premiered with Straight Official Magazine, which followed the success of his 2022 hit single “Grown Man Ishhh” that premiered exclusively with HipHop-Vibe and HipHopSince1987 . In addition, to his music career, Mr. HUBB is a well-known leader and mental health advocate in his community of Newark, NJ. Mr. HUBB is also the CEO and Founder of The HUBB Arts & Trauma Center, a facility that helps at-risk youth & high-risk deal with mental health issues and trauma they have faced through therapeutic arts.

Recently Mr. HUBB launched his latest venture ThatHubbLife ENT, a socially responsible entertainment company where not only Mr. HUBB but other artists can release their music. Unlike many other entertainment companies or record labels ThatHubbLife ENT will not only help these artists release their music but will also work as a support system for them unlike many mainstream labels that tend to just focus on the immediate financial return of their artists. ThatHubbLife ENT is focused on the long-term mental health, safety and success of their artists. This opportunity to be featured on the ‘Assassin’ soundtrack is not only special for Mr. HUBB but also for fellow ThatHubbLife ENT artist Penelope who recently released her single “Body Keeps The Score” off the soundtrack, bringing more attention to the great work being done by ThatHubbLife ENT and The HUBB Arts & Trauma Centre as a whole.

When asked about the opportunity to get ThatHubbLife ENT artists featured on the “Assassin”” soundtrack ThatHubbLife ENT. CEO and Donald Richardson said “Having placed two songs on the soundtrack for the movie “Assassin” starring Bruce Willis “Body Keeps The Score’ by Penelope and “Grown Man Business” by Mr. HUBB and the legendary CL Smooth called ‘Grown Man Business’ brings my contribution to soundtrack full circle. After securing CL Smooth to be on the Wayne-O produced smash, it was inevitable to see that collectively we created a socially impactful and important record. I hope the world enjoys them both. Working with my business partner and friend music industry heavy weight “Knobody” has made it all worthwhile being a part of the project.”

When asked about the meaning behind his new single and what he wants people to take away from it Mr. HUBB said, “Writing the ‘Grown Man Business’ verse began with me wanting to challenge men to step up and handle their business but morphed into me doing “My Work” to heal from childhood trauma and to use a moment of vulnerability for a bigger purpose. It’s now also another teaching tool to support other men to scale up from little boy shit to handling Grown Man Business!”

Growing up in Newark, NJ, Mr. HUBB aka Al-Tariq led a far from semi-charmed life. The middle child of three sons in a single parent household, Al-Tariq witnessed his mother being abused under several domestic violence situations. He later endured his fair share of trauma, being physically and emotionally abused by other trusted so-called friends and relatives. “I didn’t understand my own trauma until recently,” he admits. “Now that I’m a grown man, I’m a Certified Victim Advocate, though it took a lot for me to recognize that I was also a victim at one point.” That realization led to self-awareness in understanding his own triggers, but also the reasons for some of the decisions that he made in his younger years. From the age of nine, Al-Tariq was making music and became the leader of a local Hip-Hop crew. “Music saved my life,” he explains. “I was smart and artistic, but I blended in with the dudes who were up to no good, because I found solace in them.” A life-altering event happened at the age 17, right before his first son was born, when he was pulled over by the police and dehumanized for driving while Black. “Something changed in me,” he said, “because right up the block there were drug dealers doing real damage, and I was being humiliated and my rights being violated.” Al-Tariq traded in his music career and pointed more towards social reform. He formed FP YouthOutCry Foundation, (Not-for-Profit 501c3) today legally doing business as The HUBB Arts & Trauma Center in Newark, NJ. H.U.B.B. stands for “Help Us Become Better.” While his 9000 square foot, Mayor-Appointed “Center of Hope” focuses on arts & trauma recovery, Al-Tariq, known now as Mr. HUBB to Newark and surrounding cities’ youth, utilizes the arts to save the lives of others the way music saved his. His latest venture ThatHUBBLife ENT, LLC is a socially responsible Entertainment, Networking and Therapeutic company that will introduce a roster of new talent, releasing their music, but also making sure that they’re prepared for the road ahead in an otherwise unforgiving music industry. Stay tuned to Mr. HUBB and ThatHUBBLife’s social media handles below for updates on future releases from Mr. HUBB as well as other artists signed to the label, concerts, and violence intervention tours.


About ThatHUBBLife ENT:

ThatHUBBLife ENT, LLC is a socially responsible Entertainment, Networking and Therapeutic company that will introduce a roster of new talent, releasing their music, but also making sure that they’re prepared for the road ahead in an otherwise unforgiving music industry. ThatHUBBLife ENT, LLC will include some of the tenets that Al-Tariq has applied to his previous missions, including intentional focuses on understanding the Entertainment business, the art of Networking and arts Therapy for self-empowerment. We plan to raise the bar with having artists reach their proverbial next level so, when they do release music, they can understand, replicate and teach the process to others and maintain sustainability.


For More Info on Mr. HUBB and ThatHUBBLife:





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