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(Music) Thurgo Kush – “Obama Runtz” | @thurgohmmg




Thurgo Kush Unveils Electrifying Single “Obama Runtz” as the Follow-Up Release to Hit Track “Live it Up”
Veteran hip-hop artist Thurgo Kush is back with an exhilarating new single, “Obama Runtz,” serving as a captivating follow-up to his previous hit, “Live it Up.” This track is the second single from his highly anticipated EP, “Juug Star 3,” set to release this summer.
Continuing his successful collaboration with renowned producer Mercury, “Obama Runtz” showcases Thurgo Kush’s dynamic artistry and lyrical prowess. Mercury’s production prowess shines through, having worked on every song off the upcoming EP. It’s a fitting alignment, as Thurgo Kush, a Gemini, recognizes the synchronicity of the EP being fully produced by Mercury, the ruling planet for Geminis.
“Obama Runtz” is an enthralling experience for listeners, featuring hard-hitting beats and mind-bending bars. Thurgo Kush’s wordplay creates an immersive journey that unravels with each subsequent listen. The song showcases Thurgo Kush’s versatility as an artist and leaves an indelible impression on fans of his unique style.
As a dedicated artist with a growing following, Thurgo Kush invites fans to connect and follow him on social media. Find him on Instagram at @thurgo_hmmg and on Twitter at @thurgohmmg for exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and more.
The title “Obama Runtz” pays homage to Thurgo Kush’s favorite strain of marijuana, reflecting his passion and connection to the culture. Known by the monikers Thurgo or Thurgo Kush, this rising artist continues to push boundaries and deliver music that resonates with listeners on a deeper level.
“Obama Runtz” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated EP, “Juug Star 3,” dropping this summer, which promises to showcase Thurgo Kush’s evolution as an artist and solidify his position in the rap game.



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Darkchild Introduces Alienz Alive Label




Super producer, rapper, and songwriter Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins joins the Black Music Month announcement conversation with the reveal of a new record label called Alienz Alive. As outlined in the mission statement found on their official website: AA is a collective of purpose driven creators alive in Christ that build community, develop artists, foster dialogue, and encourage storytelling that is honest, pursues truth, and glorifies God. Standing ten toes down on Romans 12:2, we are chosen to serve, challenged to grow, and destined for greatness. The premiere roster includes Jon Keith, GAWVI, IMRSQD Alex Jean, and TJ Carroll.

Speaking to Medium Creative Agency in an exclusive press statement, Jerkins reveals:

“When I first thought about launching a new company, I knew I had to do something that reflected my faith. What’s crazy, and people might not know this; I was rapping in church as a kid. I was also featured on Kirk Franklin’s Revolution so this is a full circle moment for me because now I’m doing something revolutionary by launching this label. Alienz Alive is a collaborative community of creatives that are Christ-centered where artist development is key. We encourage our artists to use their gifts to uplift and inspire. Sonically speaking the influences are Hip Hop, R&B, and Indie Rock. As long as it glorifies God and it’s dope, all are welcome.”

Alienz Alive is a label established in 2022 by Grammy-winning producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. Inspired by the transformative power of faith, Alienz Alive empowers artists who are “ten toes down” in their commitment to living a life renewed in Christ. Alienz Alive fosters the creation of music that connects, inspires and uplifts, all while elevating the honest stories of their artists. This isn’t just music, it’s a movement.

Stream/watch the most recent releases from Alienz Alive below and expect more signings to be announced in the near future.

Jon Keith -“Bags”

GAWVI – “Into The Atmostfear”

IMRSQD – “Don’t Do Molly”

Alex Jean – “I Need Faith”

TJ Carroll – “I Rather”

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Dutch Drummer & Producer d’Z Releases New “Freedom” Single Featuring Sandra St. Victor



d'Z and Sandra St. Victor

Dutch songwriter, drummer and producer d’Z, returns to the music scene with his 10th studio single titled “Freedom”. Featuring Grammy Nominated soul singer Sandra St. Victor, the pair have created yet again another timeless record. As they first found music harmony in 2018 with their joint single “Connected” , this single reminds listeners of how unique St. Victor’s vocals are, paired with d’Z impeccable production, arrangement and drumming. This release could not have come at a better time, as it reignites the influence jazz, soul and funk music has on the world.

On “Freedom” you hear a live instrumentation led by d’Z giving this single an orchestra-like sound. With the help of St. Victor’s sultry, soulful vocals, listeners are immediately propelled into a state of musical bliss from beginning to end. You will hear the songbird saying things such as “I think there’s something you should know, there’s something deep inside of me, take back your picture in a frame, just hope you understand” . With the blaring horn section adding a dramatic and lively effect, it is clear why d’Z hand picked Sandra St. Victor as his lead vocalist for this single.

To ensure the success of “Freedom”, d’Z accompanied his new body of work with a music video showcasing not only he and St. Victor’s musical chemistry, but also to showcase the other musicians who took part in this record. You will see Sandra St. Victor singing, d’Z playing drums, vibraphone, and keys, Hananja Olthuis on bass, Jasper Mellema on keys, Chris Korzec on guitar, Raoul Soentken on percussion, Hans van Wingerden & David Mast on trumpets, David Wilschut on saxophone, and Jos van den Heuvel on trombone.

When asked about her experience in working with d’Z again St. Victor stated “This is special, a love thang we do, musically.”

Press play below to stream d’Z and Sandra St. Victor’s new “Freedom” single.

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Reezie Roc Releases Epic Visuals To “What Playas Ride To” A New Song From His New Album “Dapper Season 2”



In the realm of hip-hop style, few can rival Reezie Roc—and his newest music video is a testament to his unmatched flair. From tailored suits to top-shelf wine and cigars, Reezie Roc’s aesthetic is in a league of its own, solidifying his status as a true trendsetter.

But Reezie Roc isn’t just about the looks; he’s also reshaping the very fabric of hip-hop itself. With his sophisticated appearance and refined approach, he’s offering a breath of fresh air amidst the mainstream noise.

His music goes beyond entertainment—it’s a movement. Through his tracks, Reezie Roc imparts wisdom and insight, drawing from his own life experiences to guide listeners on a journey of self-discovery.

As the demand for new sounds grows, so does the influence of the Dapper Rap movement—a movement spearheaded by none other than Reezie Roc.

Fresh off the release of his latest album, “Dapper Season 2,” Reezie Roc continues to push boundaries and redefine the genre. Featuring collaborations with top-tier artists like Daizy Hunter, Imani Fordham, Cory Stone, and more, the album is a testament to Reezie Roc’s vision and influence.

For those eager to explore the cutting edge of hip-hop, look no further than “Dapper Season 2.” listen here:


Dive into the visuals for “What Playas Ride To” and immerse yourself in the world of Reezie Roc. With his leadership, the possibilities are limitless in this exciting new era of hip-hop.


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