Minnesota rapper Neko Deshawn has released a new personal record titled “Bitter“. Sometimes in relationships, one can become bitter quickly when things take a turn for the worst. What happens when a passed lover just cannot let go? Deshawn tells a story of how your passed can haunt your future.

You will hear this MC flowing about how a female he use to be involved with is causing problems in his current relationship. For example, he says “talking down on my woman, got you sounding bad cause your a thing in the past”. Sonically, “Bitter” is completely different than what we are use to hearing from the Minnesota native. The soft melody mixed with honest lyrics makes this release a must listen.

As an artist who prides himself on creativity and vulnerability, Neko Deshawn nailed it on this song. Anyone who has gone through a messy breakup will appreciate this record.

Click here to stream the newest single from a budding rapper with a bright future.

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