New Jerzey Devil is the transformation of being a human being saving souls. The mentality of living and experiencing death at the same searches to help others through music from depression and inner soul searching for peace and freedom. Collaborating heavy metal, goth, hip hop into one genre, taking people places where they can find themselves. His sounds of diversity to unite souls together for the future. NJD is the voice and the diary for crying souls of secrets and pain of those fighting for change, prosperity, love, inner peace and acceptance. All is welcome to enter the Black Castle where we live and die as one to heal each other.

“Black Castle” features Smrtdeath and is a song of lost souls searching for freedom and inner peace escaping this crazy world of shattered dreams, depression, drug overdose, suicide and broken hearts. They feel the pain and shed tears for the sense of love that we all crave within ourselves from many reasons. “Black” Castle is the place of comfort of healing lost souls and freeing people from the bondage of broken dreams. It’s a dedication to NJD’s friend, Lil Peep, and many more who suffered the lost of a friend, family, or their own death thoughts.

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