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Roger Mooking Cooks Up a Musical Feast with ‘Soundbites’



Today Juno-award winning Toronto rapper, globally recognized celebrity chef, restaurateur, author and star of popular Food Network and Cooking Channel shows Man Fire Food, Everyday Exotic and Heat Seekers ROGER MOOKING releases his sixth rap album titled “SOUNDBITES” along with his new visual from the project “I Can’t Stand.”

Roger Mooking, a globally renowned celebrity chef, has built a culinary empire that stretches across North America, encompassing restaurants, television appearances, and bestselling books. However, his journey as a multi-talented artist began in the realm of groundbreaking rap, where he left an indelible mark on Canada’s contemporary Hip Hop scene. Roger was not only a solo artist but also a founding member of groups such as Maximum Definitive and Bass is Base. Born in Trinidad and raised in Canada, this Hip Hop lyricist has an impressive discography, including five albums and the distinction of winning a Juno award along with receiving Juno award nominations.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop, Roger has unveiled his latest masterpiece, “SOUNDBITES,” his sixth studio album. This musical creation draws inspiration from the astonishing fact that the average human attention span is a mere 8.25 seconds. “SOUNDBITES” serves as a lyrical opus, featuring fleeting tracks that celebrate the essence of music, community, creativity, chaos, and delve into how time influences and defines our world, particularly from the perspective of the Black community. The album is structured into three distinct parts, mirroring the phases of life: the Learning, the Living, and the Leaving. Moreover, “SOUNDBITES” serves as the captivating soundtrack to Roger’s upcoming book, “Curious Sounds: A Dialogue in Three Movements,” scheduled for release on Tuesday, October 24th.

Listen to Soundbites:


01 Blank

02 Aquatic Inferno

03 Its My Birthday

04 Im An Adult

05 Francescas Reading Room

06 Pretty Penny

07 Listen To Granny

08 Practice Daily

09 The Other Guy Returns

10 Stuck On Stoopid

11 The City 2.0

12 I Cant Stand It

13 Screwface Capital (feat Mastermind)

14 Played Out

15 Fearless

16 When Words Fail

17 Imagine That

18 Twice A Child (feat francesca ekwuyasi)

19 Black Death (feat Jully Black & francesca ekwuyasi)


Roger Mooking is well known as a celebrity chef and the host of such television shows as the Cooking Channel’s Man Fire Food and Everyday Exotic; he is also a Juno-Award winning recording artist with five albums to his credit and a visual artist who creates immersive experiences that merge the visual, sonic, and culinary arts.



Get to know Missouri artist, Strange Smoke



At just 20 years old, Strange Smoke from Joplin, Missouri, is crafting a musical journey that transcends genres and defies expectations. His engagement to a lovely fiancée sets the stage for a promising future, both personally and artistically, as they prepare to exchange vows on May 4, 2024. However, it’s Smoke’s musical prowess and the impactful track titled “Dark Knight” that truly stand out in his evolving narrative.

Fueling his passion for music since the tender age of 5, Smoke faced the challenge of limited resources when it came to pursuing his love for drumming. Undeterred, he improvised by seizing a microphone and diving into the world of Pro Tools, marking the inception of a unique musical trajectory.

The heart of Smoke’s artistic expression lies in the song “Dark Knight,” a composition that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of genres. This track serves as a canvas where Smoke blends elements of many styles of music, showcasing his diverse musical palette. The versatility in his taste not only speaks to his eclectic influences but also adds layers of complexity to his creative output.

Crucial to Smoke’s journey is the presence of DoolietheDemon, a close friend and collaborator who played a pivotal role in helping Smoke discover his true potential. Beyond the technical aspects of music production, DoolietheDemon contributed to Smoke’s personal growth, instilling confidence and encouraging him to embrace his authentic self.

“Dark Knight” becomes a symbol of Smoke’s resilience and determination to pursue his musical dreams against the odds. It is a testament to the power of creativity and the ability to transcend limitations, both in terms of resources and societal expectations.

As Smoke and his friends continue on this musical odyssey, “Dark Knight” stands as a beacon of self-discovery and artistic exploration. Strange Smoke’s story is one of overcoming challenges, embracing one’s true identity, and forging a path that is uniquely his own—a path that resonates not just with his experiences but with the universal journey of finding oneself through the transformative power of music.

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New Music: Deezy Brazy – “Moving Fast”




Deezy Brazy born in Kenya Africa moved to the states at a young age from Dallas to Kansas City and landed in Minnesota where he was raised the majority of his life. Deezy Brazy found trouble at the age of 16 charged as an adult for first degree attempted murder and home invasion. That’s when Deezy turned to music to cope with the lifestyle he was living.

In 2012 he survived an assassination attempt on his life while  performing at a concert. Deezy knew he had to do better for his parents that sacrificed everything to give him and his siblings a better life in America. In 2015 he went to prison  during that time he lost his brother that he was very close with. He decided he had to go all in with the music and that would be his way to repay his parents for everything they did to make sure they had a better life. He used to download beats off JPay and make a song every single day of his incarceration. When he seen the reactions that he was gettin from his new music he knew he could take it somewhere.

In July of 2023 he dropped a snippet to his song SS  (South Sudan) Anthem which went viral on TIK TOK  the same day and still catching traction. Most recently Deezy Brazy landed a Distribution deal with BAG TALK EMPIRE for his TOP SUDO label. His first release on the label is “Moving Fast” Available Now on all DSP’s Brazy has most recently been networking getting records done with TAY SAVAGE, BABY STONE GUERILLAS, BOSS TOP from O Block & More.

Stay tuned for more from Deezy Brazy & his TOP SUDO label 2024, colab projects, singles and more viral TIK TOK videos.

Follow On Social Media @DeezyBrazy

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J MACC and King Moore Collaborate on Powerful Anti-Bullying Anthem



Dallas-based rising star J MACC has teamed up with the talented King Moore for a new release titled “Big Bad Bully 2,” released on October 28, 2023, under the Billy Goat Entertainment LLC label. Motivated by the harsh realities of bullying he witnessed at school, J MACC found inspiration in a tragic incident that shook him to the core—the story of Diego Stolz, a victim of bullying who lost his life. The track serves as a powerful message to bullies worldwide, urging them to reconsider the impact of their actions.

The heartfelt lyrics convey J MACC’s commitment to standing against bullying and commemorating Diego Stolz’s memory. The collaboration with King Moore, a fellow young artist, adds an extra layer of significance to the project. J MACC expresses his respect for Diego and acknowledges that while he didn’t know him personally, the tragedy struck a chord with him. The song not only addresses the issue but also calls for societal awareness and action against bullying, especially in the wake of Diego Stolz’s untimely death.

J MACC’s favorite lines from “Big Bad Bully 2” reflect the song’s core message, denouncing bullying and paying tribute to Diego Stolz. The lyrics underscore the devastating consequences of bullying and emphasize the need for a united stand against it. Beyond his musical pursuits, J MACC has proven himself as a multifaceted talent with achievements in acting. Having secured multiple awards at the International Presentation of Performers (IPOP) in California, he is making waves in both the rap and acting realms. With dreams of surpassing J Cole’s lyrical prowess and achieving commercial success akin to Snoop Dogg, J MACC is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

For those interested in booking J MACC for entertainment-related opportunities, his management can be reached at or through his Instagram @theofficialjmacc. His dedication to using his platform for positive change and addressing societal issues like bullying makes him a promising artist to watch. 


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