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The K.i.D is set to release ‘Overdose’ on October 15th



Overdose is a two single release from The K.i.D. (King In Distress). It’s a suave groove record that talks about living it up, but not trying to lose yourself in the process. The remix features an indie upcoming rapper Skylar Kaminski. Release date is 10/15/21

Produced by: Abdallah “Unlucky” Badr

Pre-Release Link:

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“I’m young and and I make mistakes. I’m not perfect, but I hope these songs are”

~~ The K.i.D. (King In Distress)

The K.i.D. (King In Distress); otherwise known as The K.i.D., or The King; is an upcoming Pop-R&B artist based in the USA. Born as Titus Prince Jasper, on October 29th, 2000 in Charlotte, NC; but due to family ties and the nature of his childhood, he claims Jersey City, NJ & Queens, NY as home. The K.i.D., grew up most of his life heavily influenced by ’90’s and ’00’s Pop & RNB artists like, Aaliyah, TLC, Prince, Michael Jackson, *NSYNC, Jagged Edge, Ginuwine, etc. His main influences creatively for music are Tory Lanez, Chris Brown, Kehlani, and The Weeknd respectively. “I’m quietly carving out my path in the industry”, The K.i.D. says.

This is definitely true, for the very underground approach The K.i.D. has had to go in order to get noticed. On December 20th, 2019; he released his first ever song on all major platforms (Apple, Spotify, etc), and amassed over 50,000 streams. Small buzz arose online, and The K.i.D. kept releasing more underground hits. Such as Dragon, and the long taken down song; #SKARYHOURS. It wasn’t until The K.i.D. relocated to Minnesota and dropped Morningstar EP on June 25th, 2020 that we actually got to see what The K.i.D. can do! DIP was a major record & success and still is, bringing in well over 12k views on youtube, 50,000 streams on Apple Music, and over 300,000 streams (AND counting) on Spotify alone! A beautiful sounding record, with awesome tenor vocals, great production, and a wonderful sample of “You” by Lloyd helped put DIP in a mainstream lane all of its own! The K.i.D. in his words wants his own Chixtape story to be told. “These sampled-based songs are just the tip of the iceberg”, he says. In other words, The K.i.D. wants to take over the industry on his own terms. Filtering and blurring the lines of R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop through an ambitious widescreen lens.



I Luv U, But Nah: Sombeaux and Museigo’s Upcoming EP



In the vibrant heart of New Jersey, two musical pioneers are about to shatter the norms of sound. Sombeaux and Museigo, the dynamic duo, are gearing up to release their collaborative EP, “I Luv U, But Nah,” on September 29th. This blog will take you on a journey through their unique sonic experiment, shedding light on their musical fusion and the impact they’ve made.

Describing Sombeaux and Museigo is like capturing lightning in a bottle. Museigo, the male Brazilian and Portuguese Sexxy Red, delivers ruthless lyrics peppered with profound gems. Sombeaux is the sonic scientist, a modern Renaissance man known as the Director, the Business Man, the Professor, and the Father of sound exploration.

“I Luv U, But Nah” is a bold departure from the ordinary. It’s an exploration of new melodies and uncharted sounds—a celebration of pure sonic vibrations. This EP defies categorization, blending elements of hip-hop, R&B, and Jersey Club into an indescribable experience.

Sombeaux and Museigo’s two-year hiatus led them to form new partnerships and establish “The Kitchen,” a groundbreaking studio in Union, NJ. Here, they’ve welcomed fellow artists on a creative journey, hosting showcases that empower emerging talents.

Museigo’s recent performances, including Law’s WAWA Video Release Party at Sloppy Vinyl, have been turning heads. Sombeaux’s journey led him to open for heavyweights like Rico Nasty and Gunna at Montclair’s Slammin Spring Concert in 2021.

Their work, especially “Never Left,” has been met with high praise. Fans and critics alike are hailing it as “HAARD! Fire! Lit!” The EP is poised to make a significant impact in the music industry.

Sombeaux and Museigo’s music reflects their life experiences. They share tales of high-speed chases and hustling, with Som providing for his family and Mu navigating the streets, aiming to leave certain aspects behind.

At its core, “I Luv U, But Nah” represents unity. It’s about the come-up, a return with renewed vigor, and, above all, collaboration and support in the music industry.

In the words of Museigo, “If you think about it literally, we’re all just busted nuts.” And in Sombeaux’s own words, “My supporters already know what it is. Right back to it like I never left. Just glad I’m able to cook up with my brother, Mu, get inspired and drop music that people want and didn’t even know they needed.”

So, mark your calendars for September 29th, as Sombeaux and Museigo are about to drop a musical bombshell that will leave you craving more. Don’t miss out on the vibrations.

To stay updated on Sombeaux and Museigo’s journey and their EP release, follow them on their social media platforms:

Instagram: @sombeaux and @museigo_gt
Sombeaux on Spotify
Museigo on Spotify

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Trio AKA PROFIT Takes You on a Visual Journey with ‘Gunz & Butta’



Prepare to dive headfirst into the electrifying world of Trio aka PROFIT as he unveils his latest masterpiece, “Gunz & Butta.” This track is a pulsating surge of raw energy, delivering a gripping narrative that explores ambition, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of success. Get ready for a musical journey that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

A Musical Narrative of Hustle and Ambition

“Gunz & Butta” isn’t just another track; it’s a lyrical and sonic adventure. Trio AKA PROFIT takes listeners on a journey through the gritty streets of ambition, where dreams are pursued relentlessly, and success is the ultimate prize. The track’s pulsating beats and powerful lyrics serve as a testament to the artist’s dedication to his craft.

Watch the Visual Experience

Be sure to watch the captivating video for “Gunz & Butta” performed by #GladiatorMuzik artist Trio AKA PROFIT on YouTube. Get ready to witness the fusion of music and storytelling like never before.

Connect with Trio AKA PROFIT

To stay updated with Trio AKA PROFIT and his musical endeavors, make sure to follow him on social media:

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Introducing “Boss Life” by Bz Bwai featuring Chef Sean: The Caribbean Vibes Continue in a Musical Extravaganza



The dynamic musical duo, Bz Bwai and Chef Sean, are back with an electrifying follow-up to their chart-topping hit single, “Runaway.” Prepare to immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms and irresistible melodies of “Boss Life,” a track that takes you on a Caribbean-inspired musical journey like never before.


Bz Bwai : @bz.bwai.official

The Chef Sean : @therealchefsean

“Boss Life” is the epitome of modern Caribbean music, blending elements of reggae, dancehall, and a touch of urban flair, to create a sound that’s undeniably infectious. This track captures the essence of the islands, transporting listeners to the sandy shores and sun-soaked vibes of the Caribbean, no matter where they are.

Bz Bwai and Chef Sean are no strangers to crafting musical magic together. Their previous collaboration, “Runaway,” received widespread acclaim, and “Boss Life” promises to be yet another masterpiece that continues their streak of musical excellence.

With lyrics that speak to the joy of living life to the fullest and embracing the ‘boss’ mentality, “Boss Life” is an anthem for those who know how to enjoy every moment. From the catchy hooks to the smooth vocal delivery, this song is poised to become a summer sensation and a timeless addition to any playlist.

“We wanted to create a song that embodies the spirit of the Caribbean, a song that makes you want to dance and celebrate life,” says Bz Bwai. “With ‘Boss Life,’ we’ve captured that feeling, and we can’t wait for our fans to groove to it.”

Chef Sean adds, “This song is about seizing the moment, enjoying the good times, and letting loose. ‘Boss Life’ is all about celebrating the everyday victories in life.”

“Boss Life” experience, where the rhythms are hot, the vibes are chill, and the music is guaranteed to get you moving. “Boss Life,” Out Now.

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