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@TheMadisonJay Presents “These Carolina Nights” Album



Turn down the ac, and turn up some Madison Jay this summer. North Carolina’s most reliable talent Madison returns with his thematic brand new album entitled These Carolina Nights. Setting the tone of the album with the fiery self title track opener, this 10 track laced project is set around a typical Carolina evening for Madison going through back roads and streets of his state. You can catch amazing collaborations from neighboring mc’s like Madrique, Rome Jeterr, Streetiebaby, Truth Da G.O.D.H, J DaVon Harris, Real Dynomite and Chris Millz. The album features songs such as the smooth Scoop You Up, Talking To ‘Em, Break It Down and the scathing posse cut Post Meridiem, giving the project a well rounded feel both lyrically and sonically. After dropping the #TITN3 mixtape in May, Madison finally gives us the follow up to the critically acclaimed Wake County’s Finest project from 2021. Vibe out to some snippets below and get your own copy of the project here. Keep up with @TheMadisonJay on all social media platforms.

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Ny Coulson & Waight Way Films Gear Up For The Fall Release Of Truth Be Told Thriller/Drama Movie



Ny Coulson, writer and director, along with Waight Way Films presents Truth Be Told, a drama/thriller movie coming this fall. Nyasia and Leo are lifelong lovers who find themselves entangled in madness with Big Hush. The film is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Read more below on Truth Be Told starring Lillie Mae.

In the chilling shadows of a story untold, “Truth Be Told,” the latest masterpiece by visionary writer and director Ny Coulson, beckons audiences into a labyrinth of suspense, danger, and undying love. Set against a backdrop that blurs the lines between reality and secrets, this cinematic journey is poised to captivate hearts and minds in the fall of 2024.

At the heart of this riveting narrative is Leo (Darrelle Brown) (played with a compelling depth), a man driven by an unyielding quest to save Nyasia (Lillie Mae Jones), his estranged co-star and the love he thought he lost. Their paths, intertwined by fate and a shared past, lead them on a treacherous journey where danger lurks at every turn, and the truth is more elusive than ever.

As Leo delves deeper into the abyss to pull Nyasia from the brink, he uncovers a shattering secret that she has guarded with her life—a secret that could either bind them forever or tear them apart in the blink of an eye. With every step, the stakes soar higher, pushing them into a corner where only trust and love can pave the way forward.

But their quest is far from a lonely battle. A constellation of characters, each with their own motives and shadows, weave into their lives, complicating their journey with intrigue, betrayal, and unforeseen alliances. These figures, magnificently brought to life by a stellar ensemble cast, add layers of complexity to a tale already rich with emotion and suspense.

As danger escalates and the past comes roaring back to life, Leo and Nyasia find themselves at the crossroads of their destinies. Forced to confront their deepest fears and the demons that have haunted them, their love rekindles, burning brighter with every challenge, a beacon in the darkest of nights.

“Truth Be Told” is not just a story of survival; it is a testament to the indomitable spirit of love, a thrilling exploration of the secrets we keep, and the truths that set us free. Ny Coulson has woven a tapestry so intricate and moving that it promises to leave audiences on the edge of their seats, breathless until the very last frame.

Prepare to be enthralled as “Truth Be Told” unravels its mysteries and reveals its secrets. This fall, witness a film that redefines the boundaries of suspense and romance, a journey that will linger in your heart and mind long after the credits roll. The truth, they say, will set you free. But are you ready for what “Truth Be Told” has to unveil?

Watch “A Wrap” video –

For more on Truth Be Told – 

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Black Forbes Entertainment CEO Saint Soprano Is The Pot Whisperer In “What’s That Aroma” Video (With Award Voting)



Black Forbes Entertainment CEO Saint Soprano is the Pot Whisperer in his new single/video “What’s That Aroma.” Produced by DJ Cash (EPMD Manager), the record is taken from Soprano’s upcoming album ‘Don’t Forget To Hustle.’ The Buffalo-based emcee is also up for multiple nominations for this year’s 716 Music Awards, see voting below.

As the Black Connoisseur, Soprano adds his signature blend of slick metaphors and gritty storytelling to depict his role as chef. Whether he’s serving addicts on the stove or fans in the lab, he only delivers Grade A product. This dose of pure, uncut Hip Hop hits hard with one MC, one mic, and no zero gimmicks. Watch “What’s That Aroma” and vote below for Soprano’s multiple nominations.


716 Music Awards are July 27th, 2024
Nomination categories:
1.) Male Artist Of The Year
2.) Hustler of The Year
3.) Album Of The Year (Saint Soprano & Dorian J “Can’t Sit With Us“)

4.) Best Track Of The Year (Saint Soprano & Dorian J “Big Steppa”)

5.) Lyricist of the Year
6.) Record Label Of The Year (Black Forbes List Entertainment )
7.) Dance Song of The year (Saint Soprano ft. k Pistol & Boelyfe Jaine “Designer Dance”)
8.) Mic’d Up Of The Year 2x (Saint Soprano ft. Yung LA “Petty”) –
9.) Group Of The Year (Black Forbes List)


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amillionsons & Taka Boom Talk New Single “Misti Blu Two”



UK based band amillionsons has returned to the music scene with a boom. After a lengthy hiatus, the trio have reemerged with an updated version of their hit single “Mist Blu” featuring Taka Boom (The Undisputed Truth, Prince, George Clinton), with 10 time Grammy Award Winning singer and Rock n Roll Hall of Famer Chaka Khan and their brother Mark Stevens. For “Misti Blu Two” the band has reinvented a Bob Montgomery classic record in harmonious fashion elevating their original sound like never before.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Andy Kulesza from amillionsons and Taka Boom for a candid conversation about the origins of Misti Blu Two, working with Chaka Khan and Mark Stevens (Taka’s siblings) and the importance of putting out good music that resonates with people. Check out the full conversation below.

Taka Boom & amillionsons Interview

How did this record come about and why did you guys decide to recreate Bob Montgomery’s classic?

Andy: My band mate Matt Shelton really loved the Dorothy More version of “Misty Blue” after hearing the song on the radio in the UK back in the 80’s. One day back in early 2001 he brought the record to our studio in Nottingham, UK and suggested we do our own version. We released a bootleg version on whitelabel which was picked up by DJ Mancuso and played at the Loft in NY. After that, the song got a lot of attention and was quickly picked up by industry aficionados Steve Lamacq, Mary Anne Hobbs and Pete Tong.

This led to us getting signed by Pete to FFRR which then became London Records/WMG but we still needed some original vocals as we couldn’t just use Dorothy’s. So our manager at the time introduced us to Mark Bell who is an incredible musician and former bass player of UK band “M People”, who was a friend of our then manager. He then connected us to Taka. Taka & Mark are really good friends and she was living in the UK at the time so Taka agreed to record the song with us. We released it in 2002. We released an album in 2005 called “The First One’s Free” and a bunch of other records but in 2010 the band decided to take a hiatus.

Taka: Yes I completely shut down musically due to personal reasons. We’ve stayed in touch on and off over the years but in 2021 I reached out to the guys after seeing our original music video for Misti Blu on youtube. The guys shared their idea with me and I jumped right on board. I think this new version is something we all needed.

Andy: Yes, Matt joked to Taka about bringing Chaka, and Mark to sing backgrounds for “Misti Blu” and sure enough that is what happened. The song is really unique as not only do we have all 3 siblings singing on this but Taka is lead vocalist with Chaka and Mark doing impeccable background vocals throughout the entire single. They are arguably one of the most talented vocal families in the music business. Together, we created something really special that we hope everyone enjoys and connects with.

Can you guys talk about your relationship between the band and Taka?

Andy: Taka is like family to us. We have always been good friends and it’s amazing that to this day, we are still working together 22 years later.

How did you know Taka Boom was the perfect vocalist to lead “Misti Blu Two”?

Andy: Have you heard her sing? It was a no brainer. She is one of the best female vocalists we have had the pleasure of working with. Her talent is unmatched and overall she is just a great person. It was an honor to have Taka as our lead vocalist for this single.

How did it feel being able to do this record with your siblings?

Taka: Any time you get a chance to work with your family members, it is always exciting. It was a life changing experience for me. It also helped to install and reinstate our relationships as we are all very close. Recording Misti Blu Two was very healing and spiritual.

As you all collaborated with FOMO in 2016, what made this collaboration different?

Taka: For me to write a song that my siblings enjoyed as much as I do was truly special. The fact that we were all able to be in the studio together and shoot a music video together was nothing short of amazing. You can see our joy and excitement and quite frankly this is a part of our family legacy. I am so proud to have the same DNA as my brother and sister.

When it comes to “House of Love” versus “Misti Blu Two”, one is upbeat and the other is more like a blues record. They have two completely different tempos and melodies. So far, the amillionsons version is my favorite as it is the most precious recording I have had the pleasure of being a part of.

You went from working with George Clinton and Parliament, to becoming the lead singer in Undisputed Truth to writing for Prince. Out of all of your musical experiences what would you say is the most meaningful?

Taka: I would definitely say working with FOMO was the most meaningful musical experience I have had in my life because I got to share this experience with my family. Chaka, Mark and I have all been musically inclined since we were kids but it’s not often that we get a chance to record together and have so much fun doing it. Working with my siblings again for the amillionsons collaboration is literally a dream come true.

As you are reigniting your music career what has been the most exciting part of this musical journey for you?

Taka: The most exciting part about this journey is the opportunity for me to record new music, connect more with fans, and a new audience. What I know how to do is sing, and I think I do that pretty well. I have never even had a vocal lesson but I know I have a gift and I am truly excited to keep sharing it with the world.

I believe I saw Chaka say you will be performing at Chaka Khan’s Meltdown festival with her in London? Can we expect to hear you performing Misti Blu Two?

Taka: Yes! I will most definitely be performing at the Meltdown Festival, amillionsons & Mark Bell will be joining me too! My sister, Chaka is due to join us for Misti Blu Two but we’ll have to see what happens on the day. Meltdown will take place in London from June 15th-24th and I am truly excited to be a part of the line up.

What is up next for Taka Boom?

Taka: What is up next for me is the Meltdown Festival!

What is up next for amillionsons?

Andy: Along with the release of “Misti Blu Two” we will be releasing five remixes of the song including a Chicago House mix by Mark Bell aka Blakkat. Outside of that, we are currently working with a stellar line up of super talented artists that we are excited to put music out with and hopefully we will be doing some more with Taka in the future!

Press play below to stream amillionsons highly anticipated single “Misti Blu Two” Featuring Taka Boom with Chaka Khan and Mark Stevens.

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