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Three Songs You Need To Listen To Now On WTL RADIO



Amidst the ever-evolving music scene, WTL Radio maintains its steadfast commitment to uncovering the most recent auditory treasures for your listening pleasure. Our dedication to delivering excellence in Hip-Hop and R&B remains unwavering. Today, we are elated to introduce you to three dope tracks that are currently making waves within the music scene.

“Jersey Luv” by Groovy Ju and B.Jacks: A Serenade to Jersey’s Artistic Spirit

Upon the initial listening, “Jersey Luv” by Groovy Ju and B.Jacks presents a soul-stirring experience that beckons to be explored and reimagined. This track signifies a significant milestone in GROOVY’s musical journey, a trajectory unquestionably headed in the right direction. The potent energy, accompanied by a mellifluous synth and an entrancing melody, takes an unforeseen twist with a rhythmic transformation, transitioning from an R&B groove to a full-fledged Jersey Club beat.

However, “Jersey Luv” transcends the realm of mere music; it serves as a heartfelt missive, not only to the state of New Jersey but also to the wellspring of creativity that resides within its denizens. New Jersey resident GROOVY spearheads the charge of this R&B dance groove alongside rapper B. Jack$. What elevates this track to an even higher echelon of significance is that the entire video production, filming, and editing were undertaken by So-Called, a production collective dedicated to championing the creative talent of Jersey. The “luv” embedded in “jersey luv” extends far beyond the confines of tranquil soulful tunes; it stands as a sonic testament to growing in harmony with one’s city.

“Touchin'” by HoneyBxby: A Chronicle of Nocturnal Passion

Emerging luminary Honey Bxby, hailing from the heart of New Jersey, unveils her latest single, “Touchin’,” accompanied by a captivating visual narrative. The genesis of this song emerged organically, with Honey engaging in freestyle lyrical exploration within the recording booth. It unfolds a tale of a passionate one-night rendezvous set against the backdrop of a nightclub, where desire takes center stage. Following the success of her prior release, “Trouble,” which garnered an impressive 100K views, “Touchin'” continues to illuminate Honey Bxby’s multifaceted talent and versatility.

“Buss It Down” Law feat 5Star: TikTok Icons Converge for Chart-Topping Mastery

Prepare to groove as TikTok luminaries LAW and 5Star unite their talents to deliver the electrifying masterpiece, “Buss It Down.” This dynamic single, produced by Quota Beats, Kyleyoumadethat, and ItsRichZ, has swiftly conquered Sloppy Vinyl’s YouTube Channel with an astounding 100K views and asserted dominance on Audiomack’s charts, peaking at the #2 position on the R&B charts.

LAW, renowned for her empowering anthems, boasts a dedicated TikTok fanbase affectionately known as the “Besties.” Her soulful vocals and profound lyrics strike a resonant chord, and when blended with 5Star’s dynamic Jersey Club sound, it results in a fusion that defies expectations. The meteoric ascent of “Buss It Down” on Audiomack’s trending charts stands as a testament to the infectious allure and undeniable synergy between LAW and 5Star.

These three singles provide merely a glimpse into the vibrant world of Hip-Hop and R&B. Keep your ears attuned to WTL Radio as we persist in delivering the most scintillating sounds, ensuring your playlists remain perpetually replenished with the latest auditory treasures.

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Interview: International Hip Hop Threat Rhyme Assassin Returns With M.O.P & Ruste Juxx For “Run Em Up (Told Ya)”



International/national Hip Hop threat Rhyme Assassin returns with a new single, and like his last hit, he’s bringing the legends. This time around he links with M.O.P and Ruste Juxx. The new single “Run Em Ep (Told Ya)” will be available April 19th everywhere music is sold. Check out the interview below for more on the single and its creation.

MJ: You’re back with brand new music, still sharing mics with legends of the game. This time around for your new single, dropping everywhere April 19th, you have M.O.P and Ruste Juxx in “Run Em Up (Told Ya)” with production by Arcitype. How did this link-up come into play?

Rhyme Assassin: Approximately 2 years ago I purchased a few beats from the Arcitype and when I heard the beat, I used for Run Em Up all I could hear on it was M.O.P crushing the instrumental so when I considered a feature it had to be M.O.P. It took me some time to get the feature in place but super excited it worked out.

MJ: From the cover, we can already assume there will be grittiness, tough bars, and even some intimidation. Without giving too much away before April 19th, talk about the concept of the record.

Rhyme Assassin: All I can say it’s grimy and gritty, with raw bars and metaphors at the same time. It will have your head nodding like crazy. A special shout out to Arcitype, I told him the direction I wanted to take with the song, and he didn’t take long to whip out his bag of sonic magic tricks. He sent a beat that matched the exact mood I was aiming at, exactly what the song needed. It’s gonna be crazy everybody gotta keep the 19th clear for “Run Em Up.”

MJ: Why M.O.P and Ruste Juxx for the features?

Rhyme Assassin: Well, I have been always a fan of M.O.P and they are legends in the game so it’s an honor to have them on the same track. That’s why the opening was “I am on a track with legends”. Like I explained earlier they bring the right energy that the beat needed, and they annihilated the track with punchlines and metaphors. Juxx is a veteran MC and I worked with him on a few tracks, and he poses great skills and energy that would complement M.O.P on the same track, so I felt he would be the perfect match.

MJ: Is this record leading fans and audiences into something forthcoming from you?

Rhyme Assassin: Rum ‘em Up (Told ya) is the second single from my forthcoming album ‘Dedicated to Self’ which will drop this year but currently no date has been set yet. I will potentially drop one more single and 2 videos and then drop the album.

MJ: Can we expect visuals? Again, without giving too much away, what is your vision for the video?

Rhyme Assassin: I am currently in discussion of the potential of getting a video done with M.O.P and Ruste Juxx for this single. I have hopes of making the video because I know fans are going to love this offering. As a fan of M.O.P it would be a personal accomplishment and achievement to have them on video. As for the concept I will discuss with the team if everyone is on the same page to get one done.

MJ: Let everyone know how they can connect with you and keep up to date with new music, videos, tours, etc.

Rhyme Assassin: Anyone can contact me on the following email – and Rhyme Assassin on all media platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Hazel Santana Delivers Bold Bars In “Intoxicated” (Video)



Indie rapper Hazel Santana delivers bold bars in her new single/video “Intoxicated.” Shot by Shotbytrigg, audiences will be drawn to Hazel’s deliverance that’s weaved with vivid storytelling. There are no gimmicks or distractions, just Hazel and the mic; no hook needed. Watch “Intoxicated” and connect below.

Connect with Hazel Santana

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@AliciaKeys Debuts “Kaleidoscope” From The Brand New Broadway Musical “Hell’s Kitchen”




There’s a place where the rhythm of the city is music, where every corner has a story, and every window is a kaleidoscope. Where a girl can step out of her apartment and find the world. That’s Hell’s Kitchen, a new musical from 16-time Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys that’s about to make Broadway feel brand new! AKW Productions is thrilled to announce the release of the original new song Kaleidoscope produced by Breyan Isaac and Keys, and co-produced by Adam Blackstone. The feel good provoking single features vocals by Keys, Maleah Joi Moon and the Brodway Company. The music team of Hell’s Kitchen includes orchestrations by Tom Kitt and music direction by Lily Ling. Tickets for the Aaron Lustbader executive produce musical are available at and Tickets can also be purchased at the Shubert Theatre box office. “Kaleidoscope” will have its world premiere performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight, March 22 at 11:35/10:35c on NBC. Until then stream your copy of the track here and watch the official lyrical video below.

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