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P.M. Brings Back Real Hip Hop




Before there was Drake, there was P.M. Dawn. Singing and flowing are two things this iconic duo has protected. In 2018 they are back, and better than ever!

Known for their number 1 hit record “Set A Drift On Memory Bliss” this duo consists of original member Doc G, and newest addition K-R.O.K. Not only did they pioneer an entire genre of music, they are using their platform to tell their truths in only a way legends could.

In their most recent interview with DJ Thoro of This is 50, PM Dawn discusses personal stories, adding a new member to group and how they plan to continue to influence the music world.

Press play below to see what P.M. Dawn has been up to folks them on social media @pmdawn .



Kamos Shares Emotionally-Driven New EP, ‘828: Vol. 3’




Kamos delivers the third installment in his 828 EP series. Following the release of Volume 1 and 2, Volume 3 proves to be the BX emcee’s most introspective body of work to date. Touching on the topics of losing a loved one, economic woes, marriage, fatherhood, and work-life balance, the 3-track collection of songs features additional production from Beatsmith, Mike Lakes, Affy Avenue, and Reece Benjamin.

Detailing the significance of his latest drop in a press statement, the NYC lyricist shares:

“V3 is the first project where I speak candidly about the passing of my daughter, financial hardships, and get super vulnerable with my emotions.”

Hailing from The Bronx borough of New York City, C.K Reid, bka rapper/producer Kamos, is a self-taught musician who began his journey in the arts at the age of three. Always infatuated with the soulful sounds that come from music, his dad saw his passion for Hip-Hop as a youth and installed FL Studio on their family computer when he was nine. Shortly after he became familiar with the production software, Kamos’ father helped him transform his bedroom into a home studio.

In 2014, Kamos generated internet buzz with his nostalgic record “MYFB.” He shortly followed with “Own Supply,” a twist to Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ten Crack Commandments,” and then “Better Doe.” Kamos continued to build and perfect his sound, working with local talent as a producer for their records. Now focused fully on being a recording artist, in 2022 he released Volume 1 of his EP series 828. Volume 2 was released earlier this year in January.

Listen to 828:Volume 3 on your DSP of choice below via Kamos Music-DistroKid, and expect more content to be released from Kamos soon.

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Rising Sensation @NOBYTheTruest Releases Audio For “It’s Never That Deep”




NOBY says his album is on the way! The Motown Records artist debuts his raw and unfiltered single It’s Never That Deep. Hailing from Alabama, the rising alt-R&B artist has already amassed a devoted fan base. He has boundary-pushing lyrics and haunting melodies which are two qualities that are very much on display on his latest single. NOBY says:

“It’s Never That Deep” speaks to the contradiction of having high expectations for a lover without being able to fully commit. It encapsulates the realities of an unbalanced love affair that is never fully reciprocated.

Over his self-produced bouncy synths, booming handclaps, and sturdy bassline, NOBY gives himself room to let his vocals shine. Noby shows how effortlessly he can blend heartbreak and humor. It’s a thrilling look at what’s to come from the next R&B breakout. Check out an unusually adult approach to modern love below and stream your copy of the single here.

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Heart Of JOB ft. King Thunda – ICED VEINS (Official Music Video)



New Music :

Official music video for Heart Of JOB ft. King Thunda “Iced Veins” off the new album ‘Highway To Heaven’ (Pre Save)

The ice in my veins is undeniable. I can feel it in my bones, muscles, and soul. I can take on any challenge, no matter how daunting, and come out the other side victorious.
I can feel its strength coursing through my veins, a river of courage and determination that can never be stopped. I am unstoppable.

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