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Jersey’s Own Inf Grizzy Keeps It Real In “Take My Time” Video & Interview



Jersey Shore indie rapper Inf Grizzy announces the release of his new single/video “Take My Time.” Minutes of unfiltered lyricism transcend audiences to a time in Grizzy’s life that was run by streets, jail, fake friends and fake love. An empowered hook offers hope while the visuals show Grizzy rising from his past. Tap into the interview below for more on the video and to grasp Grizzy’s journey on and off the mic.

MJ: For those that might be unfamiliar, introduce yourself to the world of music and Hip Hop.

Inf Grizzy: I go by the name of “Inf Grizzy from ” Jersey Shore and I’m an American Hip Hop Artist born in Lakewood, NJ, but fully raised in South Toms River, NJ.

MJ: You represent Toms River, a town on the Jersey Shore and in the middle of Philly and NY but also a town with a limited Hip Hop presence and scene. Has that created any challenges for you, or does it motivate you more?

Inf Grizzy:
It was a big challenge, I had to figure out my formula to get people to know who I am and for them to rock with me. What motivated me was back in the day freestyling at the movie theaters in front of a crowd of people. That made me who I am today stronger, wiser, and presentable.

MJ: Talk a little about your journey to becoming a recording artist.

Inf Grizzy: To be honest, it was a long ride. Throughout the years I was doing music with a lot of artists that let their egos get the best of them, and thinking they were better than everybody. I had to push myself away from that. Till this day I never gave up, I kept pushing no matter what. The other artists failed because they didn’t continue their grind and just fizzled out. For me, I can’t see myself doing that, so I grind everyday even when I’m tired…I still made things happen. I thank the man upstairs for giving me another chance at this.

MJ: Before we jump into your two hit singles, I want to take a moment to acknowledge that as an artist you move and live life true to the culture. That is rare these days when we talk about the evolution and artists who see rap as Hip Hop, forgetting that rap is only one element of Hip Hop. Take this time to share about giving back to communities and your philanthropic efforts.

Inf Grizzy: As far as me being an Artist, I been doing this for a long time. My mission besides being an artist is helping people get on their feet and guide them through life. I was the one out on the streets helping the homeless everyday nonstop. My plan was to talk to the community board and see how we can help the ones that can’t help themselves, even kids that are hanging with the wrong people getting into trouble.

MJ: After listening to your latest singles “Take My Time” and “Drip Remix” it’s fair to say you show up and show out. You display an uncanny ability not to be caged or boxed in. What is your recipe for creating both conscious records and club bangers? Talk about the importance of crossing genres as an artist?

Inf Grizzy: “Take My Time” is a record that’s about my life, what I’ve been going through for the last 2 years. This song has a meaning to it, be careful who you associate with and watch your surroundings at all times because even a loved one will turn their back on you…”Drip Remix” is a cross record mixed with real Hip Hop artists twisting it similar to drill in a way, but in our own way. Real artists like me and others get overlooked because we’re not on the radar, yet… But we are real Hip Hop and we’re going to continue to be Hip Hop. “Drip” is a club record that’ll have the clubs lit fo sho and the DJs will love this one.

MJ: What’s next for Inf Grizzy. Can you give us a little inside scoop on upcoming releases, performances, etc.?

Inf Grizzy: What’s next is I’m working on new singles that are coming out soon. I’m locking in performances and expanding my music catalog for tours.

MJ: Let everyone know where to connect and follow you.

Inf Grizzy: You can connect and follow me everywhere…

Instagram: @Theofficialinfgrizzy
TikTok: @Infgrizzy35



Fase 1 Releases “Lil Rydah” Tribute Video



Fase 1 along with Money and Dreamz Entertainment announce the release of the official video for “Lil Rydah.” The tribute song to the late Lil Rydah comes with a special appearance from Westcoast OG Mitchy Slick. The video is a moving tribute and invites audiences to pour something out for those who have passed on. “The Clover on the Hat, match the Shirt & the Socks, you gone live through us Rydah if we Thuggin or Not,” hits heavy throughout the video. Press play and connect with Fase 1 below.

Connect with Fase 1 on Instagram @fase1_3000

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Wisconsin Artist T the Pharaoh Releases New Single “Cyber Chase”



We all know the music business is hard. We know that. But don’t tell that to Wisconsin artist T the Pharaoh.

His path to music has been one of the toughest in the Madison independent scene. Now we aren’t saying this because of his life, upbringings, or past. Take the personal out if and look at it from the business side. This kid has worked so hard to the point of going to
college, working a job, interning, and signing to Midwest distribution house Local Traffic Only, only to have to take a break from being an artist and his dreams so that he could earn his degree. There are few artists in rap that we can say especially independently that have taken their desire to be in the music business to the college level.

His new single “Cyber Chase” showcases what he’s been learning and passion to be an artist on a high level. Blasting 808’s come screaming in the beginning of the track, then his smooth melodic voice comes in with the hook. It’s a reminder of Calboy. The song is about getting what you want. About the thrill of chasing your dreams and this song is very reminiscent of what T the Pharaoh has been working on his whole life to create what he’s building now. It’s exciting to see where T the Pharaoh will end up with this but his work ethic and his sound only can elude that we will see him doing major moves in the near future.



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Madison Jay Say He’ll “Scoop You Up” Feat. MaDrique




Whether he’s flying through the city nights or space on jet fuel, performing at cookouts or major city events, Madison Jay is becoming his own greatest attraction in the North Carolina area. It’s only right that members of his H Gang Society and rising artists and producers keep trying to link up. However, if you are his music business Beyonce’ hop in the front seat for the brand new single Scoop You Up. Getting groovy over the pianos of producer Millie Vaughn, the song gets a complimentary chorus from the confidant MaDrique. The new album These Carolina Nights is available on streaming services now and has a lot of variety for all types of fans. Be on the lookout for the official video as Madison just released a teaser online. Listen to the official audio below and follow @TheMadisonJay on all social platforms.

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