moskino boss

Moskino Boss is one of the more popular performers on the Big Apple’s independent scene.  Well respected for her stage presence, Moskino’s releases “Bossd Up” and “You Remind Me” feat The Silent Celeb are buzzing and the growth of her fan base is allowing for her to hit the radar of major influencers. On the performance side Moskino Boss has hit the stage at The Military Grind Concert Series, City Rok Radio Concerts, The VDay Mix Pop Up, iSpitNYC, Drop On Top Ent concerts to name a few. Her music is in rotation on respected stations the likes of DSN, DTF Radio, and FLO Empire with more placements in the works.  Moskino Boss is authentic as they come, utilizing experience to bolster her craftsmanship.  The plan for Moskino Boss is to get her foot in the door, then open up more doors all while staying Stay Solid , Stay Loyal, Stay Original. Zappdlyfe.


Watch her official video for Boss’d Up


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