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Meet James Williams: The Multifaceted Creative Shaking Up Houston



Influencer and model James Williams comes from humble beginnings, growing up in Houston, Texas. Raised to always be a strong man of God with morals and values, his mother showed him the importance of hard work at an early age. Falling in love with dance, he competed in many zydeco dance contests that ultimately changed his life forever. He became so good at dancing that he joined a dance company called “Dance Force” that introduced him to the world of performing.

But by the age of 15 he decided to go down a different path working for his mother who was the owner of a daycare center. By the age of 21 he worked his way up to assistant director, which eventually led to him becoming a police officer. As he climbed the ranks, he started to understand the role he could play as an influential person and leader in his profession. He began making a difference training and developing officers giving back to my community and making sure that everyone around him stayed on the right path. 

But his passion for entertaining never left. In 2013 Williams was casted in Beyoncé’s Blow video as a skater and extra. This opportunity reignited the fire inside of him that he felt as a little boy dancing for a professional dance company. Having found success as a social media influencer and model, after several of his videos went viral, Williams realized he was a natural born entertainer. 

Currently James Williams is working on generating more influence on the world that will lead to him becoming one of the most sought after persons in entertainment.

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Blaxicana Fest 2024 Invaded Downtown Los Angeles



"Blaxicana Fest 2024"

Models: Kobe J Banks, Modi3st, Arianna, & Megan Spence

The 2024 BLAXICANA FEST invaded downtown Los Angeles in high fashion and style. Hosted at ZAYA DTLA this year’s festivities brought out an intimate crowd who truly understood how diverse and rich Los Angeles culture is. As the Blaxicana brand prides itself on being an upscale fashion and music festival, they showcased live art, music and fashion at the highest form of creativity.

Founder, CEO and showrunner Alece Plasencia got a chance to witness her dream play out in real time for the second year in a row. As her goal is to bridge Hispanic and African American culture and art, she did an excellent job of showcasing her vision as a fashion trailblazer and appreciation for both cultures.

To start the show Olivia Hynes curated a live art show wowing onlookers, as they indulged in food and drink ahead of the fashion show. DJ Blaserk, whose mix was electric, got the party going early with a high energy set that blended both Mexican and Black hit songs. Participants were seen taking photos at the photo booth while models and performers hit the red carpet.

Hosted by Grammy Award Winning artist SEPTIMIUS THE GREAT, he encouraged attendees to visit the pop up show as the music portion of the festival was underway. “It is an honor and pleasure to be here as this is the spring showing of Blaxiana. I love the fact that this brand mixes black and mexican culture with music and fashion for everyone. Talk about community, talk about fashion, talk about inclusivity, no matter who you are it is all about one person. That is what Blaxicana Fest is all about.”

Rising artist Steven Charles set the tone early followed by songstress MXKA who serenaded her audience. Grammy artist SEPTIMIUS THE GREAT rounded out the performers amping up everyone’s excitement for the fashion show. What made the fashion show so unique was that luxury handbags were displayed live on the runway further embodying the “Blaxicana” vision. Once the models hit the runway, everyone became immersed immediately. From the vivid colors, to the inspiring artwork displayed on each article of clothing, it was truly an unforgettable experience.

Malik Versatility who coordinated the models looks, walks, and outfit choices shared with me that he was very honored to be there as this was his first event with Blaxicana. “Working behind the scene as a model coordinator is a blessing in disguise because you get to really network with a bunch of different nationalities and get to see how beautiful Blaxicana is from a different perspective especially in reference to unity. We have issues with unity and this really expresses the energy of what Blaxicana really is.”

To close out the show, DJ STARRZA delivered a sick set as guests mixed and mingled for the rest of the event. You will not want to miss out on the next one. Follow @blaxicana to see more coverage on this amazing event.

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50 Years of Hip Hop Celebrated and Respected in Fashion



In the summer of 2023, a unique fashion show took place, thanks to the combined efforts of GoodGirlPR, HipHopCloset, AllHipHop, and The Oracle Media. This distinctive event celebrated half a century of hip-hop fashion, capturing the attention of hip-hop aficionados and fashion enthusiasts alike.

“The event finally came to fruition as a truly unique and special occasion, celebrating both the rich history of hip-hop and the fashion that has evolved alongside it,” describes Nickie Robinson, Founder of GoodGirlPR.

The vibrant city of Brooklyn, New York, known for being the birthplace of many hip-hop legends and a central hub for hip-hop culture, hosted the event. Its location added genuine authenticity and relevance to the occasion. The luxury car brand PORSCHE was the chosen partner for the event, adding a glamorous and chic touch to the atmosphere.

Video courtesy of The Oracle Media

Chuck Creekmur, the founder of the iconic hip-hop website, stated, “Hip-hop and fashion are intrinsically linked, and it was a joy to celebrate the culture and the remarkable style that has emerged over the past 50 years.”

Hip-hop legends like Pete Rock and Tek of Smif-N-Wessun (Cocoa Brovaz) graced the event, reminding attendees of the profound connection between hip-hop and fashion. Their presence combined with the participation of fashion influencers and bloggers along the runway emphasized the significant influence of hip-hop on global fashion trends.

DJ T. Boogie ignited the evening with a diverse blend of music, maintaining high energy levels and a vibrant atmosphere throughout the show. Attendees savored the elegance of Bartenura cocktails while admiring models styled by Khalilah Clark on behalf of HipHopCloset.

The event also celebrated the 25th anniversaries of HipHopCloset and AllHipHop, marking a significant milestone in their respective journeys within the hip-hop industry. This alone demonstrated their ongoing influence and contributions to the hip-hop world.

Kyiesha Kelly, the owner of HipHopCloset, reflects, “This year, we are marking 25 years of business and five decades of hip-hop. This fashion show was our tribute to the culture and the iconic moments we’ve shared over the years. It was crucial for us to present the clothing in a genuine and relatable manner, highlighting the luxury aspect of hip-hop fashion.”

In summary, the event was a harmonious blend of music, fashion, and celebration. It brought together hip-hop enthusiasts, fashion fans, and industry insiders to commemorate hip-hop’s rich legacy and its influential role in shaping global fashion and creativity trends as we approach the year’s end.

Hip-hop artist Cruch Calhoun

HipHopCloset model

Photo credit:
Erwin Kersellius/Cent One Studios
Oclw Productions

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Brunch with Sherls – A Night in Havana



Brunch with Sherls – A Night in Havana

“Brunch with Sherls. A Night in Havana” was a fantastic event with a captivating atmosphere and lineup. Sherls’ vision to create a diverse and memorable experience seems to have resonated well with attendees. The anticipation built around the secret location and the focus on visual appeal and talented DJs adds to the allure of the event. Sherls’ dedication to fostering a sense of community and providing an unforgettable experience shines through her hard work and attention to detail.

“I have spent so much time planning this event and look forward to seeing all of my hard work and vision captured in the event photos. It will be a day to remember. I will make sure of that,” exclaims Sherls.

Founded in 2019 by Sherls, the inspiration behind creating Brunch with Sherls was to establish a lifestyle brand that would bring people of diverse cultures together where individuals could connect, network, and make lasting memories while enjoying an elevated brunch experience. This is achieved by focusing on creating an atmosphere that is visually stunning, with carefully curated design and decor. Showcasing some of the most talented DJs in her community, Sherls provides her guests with an unforgettable musical experience. The goal is to create a space where people can come together, have fun, and relish the company of others in a unique and memorable way. As an event curator, Sherls has always been inspired by incredible experiences and plans well-executed events that foster a sense of community among its guests, who the brand affectionately refer to as “Brunchers.” These individuals are the lifeblood of Brunch with Sherls, bringing their unique personalities and energy to every brunch.

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