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The Next Wave Of Beauty Boxes Will Be DIY Themed




There’s a beauty box for just about every type of makeup, skin and hair concern, so where do we go from here? According to the natural beauty industry, it looks like DIY-themed packages are on the rise.

Although the idea of someone delivering ingredients sort of defeats the whole purpose of “do it yourself,” we’ve grown accustomed to the instant gratification of these beauty services. After all, if this is one of the quickest ways to convince more women that reading labels are important, we’re willing to surf the new wave. Today marks the launch of “CurlMix,” a beauty subscription service for those with textured hair.

According to an exclusive with Refinery 29, co-founder Kim Lewis is filling a surprising void within the natural hair realm:

“As a seasoned naturalista and entrepreneur in the curly hair industry, I thought we didn’t need any more beauty subscription boxes,” she explains. “But my thoughts quickly changed… after I spent one hour researching, two hours shopping, and another hour mixing. I also spent over $300 on ingredients alone, no containers, or utensils.”

The $30/month box comes with 5-7 ingredients for a hair recipe that is not only curated by a beauty vlogger, but guaranteed to last 4-6 uses. Obviously, eco-friendly enthusiasts probably shouldn’t spend their money on this, but we’re anxious to see if it gains traction this fall.


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For those who want something more all encompassing, there’s also LOLI, another organic beauty box that delivers farm grown ingredients straight to your door. SBs, let us know if you’re ready for more or want it all to stop. 

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TheOAOProject Drops “Get “As Real as it Gets”




Released on June 5th, “As Real as it Gets” by TheOAOProject, hailing from the vibrant New Orleans area in southeast Louisiana, is a must-hear rap/hip-hop track that captures the essence of authenticity and raw energy. With its compelling lyrics, infectious beats, and a distinctly Southern flair, this song promises to resonate with listeners and leave them craving more. Dive into the sounds of TheOAOProject and experience a fresh wave of musical talent straight from the heart of Louisiana’s rich cultural tapestry.

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IG: @theoaoproject

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Husky Comes Hard With GCO Freestyle! The Philly Rapper Can Spit!




Philly rapper Husky drops a new freestyle showing how much weight his bars hold in the city of brotherly love. Flowing over 50 Cent’s “Gunz Come Out” beat from The Massacre album, Husky goes pound for pound in “GCO” as he rumbles on the block and fans watch him spar on the mic.

Husky promises that there will be videos in the very near future to accompany his forthcoming full-length project TIH2 (The Incredible Husky 2), expected to drop later this year via Weight Room Music.



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Ny Coulson & Waight Way Films Gear Up For The Fall Release Of Truth Be Told Thriller/Drama Movie



Ny Coulson, writer and director, along with Waight Way Films presents Truth Be Told, a drama/thriller movie coming this fall. Nyasia and Leo are lifelong lovers who find themselves entangled in madness with Big Hush. The film is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Read more below on Truth Be Told starring Lillie Mae.

In the chilling shadows of a story untold, “Truth Be Told,” the latest masterpiece by visionary writer and director Ny Coulson, beckons audiences into a labyrinth of suspense, danger, and undying love. Set against a backdrop that blurs the lines between reality and secrets, this cinematic journey is poised to captivate hearts and minds in the fall of 2024.

At the heart of this riveting narrative is Leo (Darrelle Brown) (played with a compelling depth), a man driven by an unyielding quest to save Nyasia (Lillie Mae Jones), his estranged co-star and the love he thought he lost. Their paths, intertwined by fate and a shared past, lead them on a treacherous journey where danger lurks at every turn, and the truth is more elusive than ever.

As Leo delves deeper into the abyss to pull Nyasia from the brink, he uncovers a shattering secret that she has guarded with her life—a secret that could either bind them forever or tear them apart in the blink of an eye. With every step, the stakes soar higher, pushing them into a corner where only trust and love can pave the way forward.

But their quest is far from a lonely battle. A constellation of characters, each with their own motives and shadows, weave into their lives, complicating their journey with intrigue, betrayal, and unforeseen alliances. These figures, magnificently brought to life by a stellar ensemble cast, add layers of complexity to a tale already rich with emotion and suspense.

As danger escalates and the past comes roaring back to life, Leo and Nyasia find themselves at the crossroads of their destinies. Forced to confront their deepest fears and the demons that have haunted them, their love rekindles, burning brighter with every challenge, a beacon in the darkest of nights.

“Truth Be Told” is not just a story of survival; it is a testament to the indomitable spirit of love, a thrilling exploration of the secrets we keep, and the truths that set us free. Ny Coulson has woven a tapestry so intricate and moving that it promises to leave audiences on the edge of their seats, breathless until the very last frame.

Prepare to be enthralled as “Truth Be Told” unravels its mysteries and reveals its secrets. This fall, witness a film that redefines the boundaries of suspense and romance, a journey that will linger in your heart and mind long after the credits roll. The truth, they say, will set you free. But are you ready for what “Truth Be Told” has to unveil?

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