Nigeria based recording artist Jizzyyah uses confident, unapologetic flows over bumpy, distorted beats to create a sound that has potential. Watch his latest flick for the gassed up “Nebu Kiniza”, produced my M@c10

Justin Prekebena Mazino Jituboh (born March 11th, 1998) is a Nigerian/American rapper, songwriter and record producer known professionally as Jizzyyah. Born in Lagos and raised in Abuja, Nigeria, Justin first developed a passion and interest for music in his childhood and has not looked back since. Now based in Lubbock, Texas, his rise to prominence began after his hit single “I’m Sorry” garnered public attention. His debut album, “Trap Station”, was released in December 2017. Jizzyyah is known for his “jiggy” and melodic tunes. Critics have called him “a rapper to watch out for and a talent not to overlook”. He cites Playboi Carti and Migos as his main musical influences. He describes his musical style as “head-bopping trap”.

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