“Big Bad Wolf” is definitely different and creates a whole new wave. All of the song lyrics are written by me. This song has a lot of hype energy through the beat and through the flow and lyrics. North Pole and myself made the whole song from scratch, with his amazing talent around beats and my catchy flow and texts.

Since I was a kid, I was fascinated by the story of the “Big Bad Wolf”. So I created a story connecting me to the mythical legend into a trap/hip-hop song. I named the song “Big Bad Wolf”. Later on, I decided to release an EP (Vol.1) with three songs, including “Big Bad Wolf”, “Half Moon” and “Demon Thoughts”. These three songs are so different from each other but definitely give the same vibes as each other. All of the songs are great in their own way, but “Big Bad Wolf” is definitely the standout single.

CASHADOX is a young and dedicated artist from a small town in Norway called Strømmen. He has always been interested in music from a young age, he used to write song texts almost everyday and anywhere. He always had a different and unique flow from any other artist. He never got a chance to record his music until he met his closest friend and musical partner, “North Pole” who produces beats. Ever since he started making music back in march 2018, his goal was to create music from the heart and gain a strong fanbase.

CASH spends at least 6 hours everyday working on music because it has become his life now. When you listen to CASH’s music, you’ll most likely get surprised by how it sounds, people get surprised when they find out that he is from Norway. They always think that CASH is an american artist. All of the music is produced in North Pole’s bedroom, CASH has never been in a professional recording studio. Which gives the music a more raw and real sound. “North Pole” has produced all of his songs. They started from the bottom together and are now both working very hard to make a name for themselves.

CASHADOX has no limits to where his music can take him. CASH creates original and catchy songs that definitely deserves way more attention than what it gets.

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