“Running Home” is a song that concludes a relationship between two difficult but deep lovers. concern’s melodically flows over a bouncy trap guitar instrumental and talks about how his former flame has left him to be on her own. Unsure of the exact reason for separation, concern decides to not drown in the fact that she is gone, but chooses to rise above the heartbreak and show her that he isn’t the one who took the loss.

concern is a 19 year old Korean producer and artist from Virginia. he’s only been making his own music for about 10 months but his current sound revolves around melodies and bouncy flows. he is not a “rapper” by the conventional sense, but his cadence and style resembles that of the current wave of hip-hop and pop. he often uses his voice as another layer of melody to a song rather than fully blowing over the beat, evident in his smooth yet stern delivery. concern is still in his first year of making music, so sound experimentation is to be expected, and he just wants to show off his versatility.

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