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I believe that music is a ministry. I feel that it is the responsibility of the artist to create music that their generation can learn from, relate to, grow, and vibe with. I do not use gimmicks, I am not trying to replace anyone who’s come before me, I am not experimental. This is simply my testimony. What I think my generation needs more than anything else right now is a collection of feel good music that reflects what is going on around them. I didn’t just pull things together, these are melodies and lyrics I invented while I was sitting alone with GOD. Some came through meditation (SKIN), some came from crying and hurting from heartbreak (More Than I Could), one came from being tispy (Mine). I hand picked each instrumentalist, I only chose composers I was immediately drawn to —I didn’t seek out clout, I felt vibes. I am very proud of this work and I hope that one day I can turn around and see more people striving to be the inspiration, loving their skin (whether it’s dark or light), choosing to see similarities before differences in others, investing in SISTAHOOD and walking away from abusive relationships at the first sight of it.

It was executively produced by 16 time Billboard Award Winner, and Grammy nominated, Platinum producer D-Moet.
The album artwork was created by the power team Island Boi Photography and Makeup Artist/Creative Director Moshoodat
Graphic Design is by Sahlence, an amazing independent artist and jack of all trades.

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